Charles continuesly knawed on the end of his pencil until it was literally a ridged edge. He had come down with the worst case of writer's block.

The six of us were in a circle on the carpet of their cabin. Me and Joe were nudged up against each other like penguins, even though it was 90 degree weather out. He had his arm awkwardly laying upon my shoulder. Cary was esctatic that his new fireworks had come in, so he was on his back just staring at their beauty. Martin had popped a lens out of his glasses from falling out of a tree; so he was looking around the room trying to test out if he could see clearly by squinting his left eye. And Preston, well he was Preston. He just sat there; slowly his eyes drooped into the land of sleep.

"Come on!" Charles roared, "This film will never work out, if you guys don't pitch some ideas!"

They woke up with a startle. Joe's arm had contracted back to his side. And my cheeks turned a bright pink. We all mumbled our "sorry"'s and grabbed a script. It was entitled:

Jane Ear

Directed & Produced by Charles Kaznyk

I looked up to see 4 confused boys giving each other looks. Preston cleared his throat and raised a hand.

"Um," He waved over Charles to get his attention. "There's a typo on the script."
He scratched his fluffy dog-like hair and pointed to the title. Charles leaned over and started in a laughing fit. I was totally lost at that point. Joe and I exchanged looks and glanced back at the crazy director.

"No, see I didn't get to explain it yet." He looked at us. The anticipation built up. Hours (not really) flew by and he randomly threw a finger at me. I pointed at my chest and mouthed "me?". I turned around to see if I was missing something.

"You're the lead, Alice. You've gotta do this, ya hear?" He motioned his hands as if he had his camera rolling. "Production value! I see it all in my head; it's all spaced out perfectly."

"I'm really not the main character type of person." I shook my head and try to reel in some pity for me. I peered out at Joe who was staring right at me, and so were all of the other guys. They looked like puppies that never got adopted. What am I getting myself into?

I nodded my head and looked over the script. I sighed dramatically.

Charles threw a big smile and started foaming because he was so excited to spill his new deets.

"So this film will be a play on words kind of thing, ya see? Then yes Preston, It's spelled like an ear instead of Jane Eyre originally. This is where Alice comes in, " He glanced at me. "She will be a proper and posh kind of woman in the theater with her husband waiting for a romantic picture to start. And BAM, her uncle comes back from the dead to haunt her. And yes, then he rips her ear off and kills her." The room was silent at that moment. His forehead started to crease with worry.

Cary cleared his throat and said, "Sounds like a date." He grinned and put his dynamite down to punch Charles in the arm.

"Oh and Martin will be the crazy dead uncle by the way. And Joe, " He pointed to him. "Will be Alice's husband."

I smiled cheesily and gave the thumbs up sign.

He continued, "Cary you're going to play crazy Bertha, who used to be Alice's husband's wife. And Preston will be the theater's ticket taker."

"Wait, wait hold up." Cary put up a finger. "Last time I checked, Bertha is a girl's name."

Preston was the first to crack; we all started to die with laughter. Charles nodded his head trying not to pee his pants.

"Quick, grab me that concealer." Joe said, pointing to his backpack.

Preston scurried along, unzippering every compartment. I saw sweat form just above his brow as he anxiously dumped out the whole bag. Charles rolled his eyes as he witnessed the unorganized boy. Martin was practicing his lines; which consisted of tons of groans and blood sucking noises.

I looked over at Cary who was playing with the fake blood and accidently splattered it on his tiered lace dress. An oops slipped out of his mouth. He caught me looking and smiled his bracey smile.

We were in a big rush, because any second, we were going to raid an empty theater. I looked through the window to see if it was vacant and luckily the next showing was in an hour. While the six of us stood right out by the ticket booth, I kept pacing back and forth holding the skirt of my dress. I bit the inside of my cheek; I could admit, I was nervous. I wasn't very good at doing things under pressure.

"A-alice? Are you sure you want to do this?" Joe said walking over to me. "You see, um well, nervous." By then, he was looking down and his feet which were kicking a lone rock.

"I'm fine, really." I shot my best smile and linked arms with him. "Let's go Mr. Rochester, we've got a film to catch." I winked and started to skip over to the entry way of the theater.