Cheated Myself

Chapter Twenty Five – Fifteen Years Later

Cullen Residence – Northern Maine

It's been fifteen years since Edward changed me, thirteen since we've been married. The moment I opened my eyes, I knew this was meant to be. Me, a vampire. The thirst was the worse of it; I killed a couple three weeks after the change. Edward tried to comfort me, but I nearly destroyed his bedroom when I realized what I had done. That was the only time I had ever tasted human blood. But that was a long time ago and much has changed.

Like the fact we not long live in Forks, WA. The Cullen's and I left soon after my change. And if you are wondering about Charlie, no he never went looking for me. He gave up hope you could say. There wasn't a big search for the Chiefs daughter. But it wasn't surprising; Charlie had given up on me a long time ago. So to him, that fact that I went missing, wasn't surprising. But Alice kept me updated at times. Even though Charlie and I had a falling out and a rough end, but he was my father, and I loved him.

Two years after my change, the family packed and headed towards Alaska to stay with the Denali clan. It was there Edward and I had a small family wedding in the snow, it was great to be standing bare foot in the snow, and it not effect me. Alice planned the whole thing, and she made it look like something out of a Disney movie. My dress was white, naturally, and had white lace detailing. A small fabric train followed me as I walked down the aisle; everything was white, matching my dress and the snow perfectly.

Edward and I took a trip to France for the honeymoon, everything was perfect. We spent about three months away from the family, just spending time with each other in the French countryside. It was there Edward helped me with the control of my thirst and how to hunt. After the three months were up, we returned here, to Northern Maine. It was like Forks, in a way, except we had more sunlight days her.

Esme was amazing; she created the home our family lives in how. The bottom floor is for the family, with the living room, kitchen and library. The second floor left wing is Carlisle and Esme's, while the right wing was Rosalie and Emmett's. When it came to the third and final floor, Alice and Jasper had the left, while Edward and I had the right. Even after fifteen years, everything feels new to me.


Edward's voice rang out as he stepped onto the third floor landing. Getting up from the couch, I reached for the remote and turned down the music, as he stepped through the door of our bedroom.

"How was the hunt?"

A smile graced my lips as I rushed towards him and wrapped my arms around him. Edward kissed my lips softly, before pulling away,

"It was good; Emmett got himself a large deer. Feels pretty good about himself."

"I'm sure," I moved around and sat back on the couch in our room, before patting the next to me. "Come and sit with me, it's been three days and I've missed you, also…I've been practicing."

It was discovered, by accident, that I had a gift. Seeing as Alice and Jasper were the only ones to truly use their gifts on me, Carlisle thought that I had a gift, that none of us knew about. But one afternoon – about three years ago, some how, Edward was able to read my mind.

Edward and I were alone on the third floor, Alice and Rosalie were downstairs watching a movie, while everyone else was on a hunt. The two of us were lying in our bed as the TV was on as background music. My head lay on Edward's chest and lightly traced patterns on his bare chest. It still boggled my mind on how he didn't feel cold to me anymore, in fact, he was warm.

"What was that?" Edward spoke, looking down towards me.


"Did…did you say something?" I shook my head with confusion. "You didn't say anything about me being warm?"

I jumped back from him once what he said settled in. He heard what I was thinking. His eyes widened and looked up towards me in shock, shit. He just did it again.

"Bella," He looked towards me warily "Think something again love."

What the hell was I supposed to think? Right now him in shock.

"You're in shock? I'm in fucking shock."

"Y-You…" I gasped and cupped my hand over my mouth "Edward,"

"I can read your thoughts, Bella."

I jumped towards him and nearly tackled him down to the ground. I kissed him passionately, and we made love right there on the floor, and Edward enjoyed the fact that he could read my mind, and I reaped in the benefits. We made love for hours until the family came home, totally forgetting Alice and Rosalie were only two floors below us.

Only twelve hours after reading my thoughts, it went away. My "block" was up once more. Ever since then, Carlisle has tried and figured out what it was, which meant I spent most of my time with him and trying to figure out what exactly it was. Its mostly been trail and error, but I liked the thought of Edward being able to read my thoughts, and truly knowing what it was that I was gifted with as a vampire.

"You're still trying?" Edward smirked

"Am I ever one known to give up?"

"No," He chuckled, and sat down beside me.

I smiled "Give me your hand,"

Edward placed his hand in mine, and I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I tried to do what Carlisle told me repeatedly. Image it like a window, and all you have to do it open it up. So that is what I did, I imagined a window, and I just had to open the fucker up. Along with that, I remembered everything. From the moment I met Edward, till now. I opened the window for Edward to read into my thoughts. I pushed and pushed and tried to get it to him, and when I heard him gasp loudly, I knew that I had done it. Opening my eyes, I looked and saw him looking down towards me with so much love and amazement, that it would've knocked me off my feet if I wasn't sitting.


"Bella," He grasped my face and lightly caressed my cheeks "I knew you loved me, but…seeing that…it's the most beautiful thing ever."

"You…I did it!?" I gasped

Edward nodded his head "You did it love,"

Just like the first time he read my mind, I launched myself towards him, and hugged him tightly. Edward wrapped his arms around my small frame and kissed my temple softly, before pulling back and kissing me on the lips.

"I love you, so much, Isabella." Edward kissed me once more.

"I love you too,"

I'm sure that if I could, I'd be crying. We sat there in each others arms, kissing each other, holding each other, loving each other. Edward was my forever, and that was something I wanted the moment I knew that he was mine, and I was his. And now, we can start on our forever.

-The End-

Charlie's Note: So, I suck at endings, so I'm really really sorry if this wasn't enough for you. I just, I don't know, I wanted to end it sort of like Breaking Dawn. Where Edward is finally able to read Bella's thoughts and the what not. Bella's gift is now different, she is a shield. Not changing anything. I hope you all enjoyed it, thank you so much for all the reviews and the support. I take it all deeply to heart.

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