I wake up groggy and tired. I look at my alarm clock and see it is 6:00am."oh crap I'm going to be late'' I say as I shuffle out of bed. I quickly get dressed and walk out the door. Now, let me catch you up. my best friend lizzy is a mod for transformice and she wanted to have me check out this new technology than lets you "go" in the game, probably something lame like a simulation or something. Now back to the present, I finally get to her house at 6:30am. She is waiting on her doorstep as I get there and drags me inside. I see in the living room a HUGE computer and multiple screens. I also see on the floor a disc looking thing wide enough for a person to stand on. I look around and say "what do I do now?" "you go on that disk looking thing and meet me in room 8000 ok?" " Um… ok" I reply and go on the disk. Then she pressed a yellow button and suddenly I felt dizzy and in her eyes she saw me fade away.