I slowly wake up and realize I'm in a bed that's my favorite color. I look up and see these words above me DRAWNANGEL and LITTLE MOUSE that seem to hang above my head. Then I realize its says mouse and I wonder wtf? And I stay there dumfounded until I see a little thing that's squirming behind my back. Soon I try to chase after it and seem to fail. Suddenly I look at my hands and I see paws instead, I see a mirror to my left and scream at the top of my lungs when I see my reflection. " AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM A MOUSE WHAT HAPPENED'' a wile later I calm down and see my surroundings, I see a mirror to my left, a chute to my right that says CHEESE on it and in the front of the room there's a little opening to squeeze through. I also see a poster on the back wall that posts my stats and titles etc. I sigh and get out of the bed , squeezing through the opening in the front of the room. I look around and see a hallway going off in the distance when I realize I'm underground and that there were more mice other than me in this weird place. I follow a mouse that seems to know where to go. soon after, we see the hallway opens into a GIAGANTIC room with high-Tec looking elevators. I ask a mouse what I do. He replies "oh just go in an elevator and type in what room you want to go in" "um ok" I answer back. Soon I run to an elevator and type: /room 8000. Soon after a dizzying ride I come to the room and wait for lizzy.