I take a long pull from my bottle and choke on the amber liquid, shooting it across the top of the bar. Jasper pats my back with a curious look.

"You okay there man?" I wipe the liquid off my chin and nod my head in the direction of the door. Jasper is as stunned as I am.

"Do you think he knows this is a gay bar?" he asks

"My god I hope so, doubtful but I hope to hell he does." The man that walked in has every head in the place turned. Some in awe, some in fear, but me it was all lust.

"Well I am sure he will figure it out soon when half the guys in here start hitting on him." I will be fighting them off to be first in line.

He had to be at least 6'5, short blonde hair with muscles upon muscles. His arms sporting tattoos that disappear under his tight shirt sleeves. He looks around the place before taking a seat at the bar. I am frozen to my spot.

Jasper's slap on the back jars me from the X rated thoughts running through my mind.

"He's waiting to be served Riley, go get him tiger."