What started as a fight over which bassinet went on whose side ended up here. He tackled me thinking his size would give him the leverage, my determination was mine. Pinning my hands over my head he pleaded and demanded. I was turned on and thrust my hips up and now... mmm now I am gripping the head board as I roll my hips over him. Leaning down over his face his tongue dances over my chest. I moan and pause my downward thrust, he grunts and pushes up.

Ripping his mouth from my nipple he growls at me. "Fucking move Ril, please, I'm so close." I feel him twitch as proof to how close he is, my own twitching in response to the feeling of him deep in me. I groan and then hear it again. Then he hears it too.

"We can finish, please..."

"But, you know it is any day now." I counter but I really want to finish.

"Two minutes, please, two is all I need." he thrusts up and I give in.

"This will probably be the last time we have the energy." He groans and I roll my hips over him.

We both drown out the sound of the vibrating phones as he flips me over. Grabbing my thighs, spreading them wide and high he pounds into me. "Come on baby, stroke it for me." he orders and I am more then happy to oblige.

"That's it, fuck Ri you are so fucking hot. Yes! Oh fuck yes." He sees the signs of how close I am and captures my raging cock stroking it and angling it to the direction he likes sometimes. Two more thrust and I am thrown over the edge shooting hot long ropes of cum. His angle and the arch of his back has him spilling into me as he catches a few spurts of my cum on his tongue.

We are both laying spent and sweaty on the bed. Breathing slowing...

"You want to check or should I?" he has the chicken shit look on his face. He never has had the balls to deal with Rose. "Fine, but you owe me."

"Anything." he kisses my shoulder and I roll over grabbing my phone.

"Fuck how long were we at it?" he shrugs and shakes his head. "22 missed calls and 17 voice mails."

I see the panic in his face and he jumps up grabbing clothes and running to the bathroom to start the shower. As I hit the send button and wait for it to go through, he runs through naked as the day he was born. He stubs his toe on the door frame but doesn't give it more then a second before I see him running into the nursery. I laugh as I enter my voice password and listen to the first of many messages. The last from Rose has me moving, Rose's voice is clearly in pain but her spunk is so there.

"Get the cock out of your ass and get your ass to the hospital. They girls are on the way and you need to be here so I can curse your ever lovin asses about how fucking much you owe me!"

I calmly make my way off the bed and to the shower. Stepping in I hear Emmett having his panic attack. I have had many, I have been the frazzled on since Rose and Rach said yes. I have been the one freaking out from everything about who do we get to be the donor, a mom at my school agreed before she was even asked, to who would donate the sperm. It was me do to his family history of congenital heart heart defects. Then it was over carseats and safe cribs and formulas.

But now, now it is Emmett freaking out. I smile at that. He has been the easy, breezy now, damn it he can freak the fuck out. Our baby girls are on the way and that is all that matters now.

"Are you done? I am not gonna greet my girls with cum breath and ass sex all over me."

I laugh my ass off. "Baby calm down, this will take hours." I hear him gruff at that.

"Just get out and dressed and make sure Rose's bag is packed." I finish my rinse as he pushes me out.

"You know baby that Rachel has this covered right? They have been through this three times now." I dry off and brush my teeth, and he yells at me over the shower noise.

"Not our babies she hasn't, get moving."

I laugh as I calmly dress and make sure his ocd hasn't missed anything. Like I expected all is covered.

It hadn't.

As I knew hours and hours of waiting happened. Rose was a pro at child birth. Her and Rachel had 3 at home and we have been there for the last two, but twins took longer. By the time she was pushing we were both feeling the pain as she crushed our hands. Rachel was dabbing her forehead, her smile was that of full on 'your turn bitches'.

Her "I like this pampering part more" had us showing respect over how many times she has been through this. My finger tips were numb.

The first cry had tears stinging my eyes, a few minutes later and possibly a few broken fingers later a second cry brought more tears and a shock when the doctor announce.

"And it's oops.. a boy!" his laugh was a bit uncomfortable as he had 100% assured us that it was two girls since 22 weeks. It doesn't phase either of us as we look down at the slimy messy screaming little boy.

We both bend down and kiss Rose on the head and cry our thank yous.

Rachel spoke up through tears first, "Thank you both, maybe giving birth to twins will give us a year or two before she wants another."

We all laugh knowing that will probably not be the case. Rose is addicted to being a mom, being pregnant and having babies. We are fine with that even Rachel is, though she has her griefs she is still happy to give Rose, her family she has always wanted. And Rachel always caves with little effort on Rose's part when she wants another.

At Rose's command the babies both have another bottle of pumped milk. She has been such a mamma hen with the twins and has been a pumping machine for them. We owe these women more then we can ever repay. As they finish the milk and are still crying we give each other the look. Billy screams and draws his legs up tight to his abdomen. As if on the same wave length Min does the same.

In the end, ok parenthood was tough shit. From the start, we had the names picked and then... whoops! We need a boys name, that was easy... which was a surprise. We thought it was two girls so boys names never crossed our minds. But in the end we settled on William Francis, his father and my grandfather, and Billy was named. The girl...not so easy. We had picked out girls names and though we knew Jasmine or Min as we now call her, because Jazz prove to be awkward since she was named after my best friend. It was always just the middle was a battle. How do we choose? In the end we went with what probably down the road will give her grief but we chose the place that will have for ever brought us together.

So as Jasmine Heart rests against his shoulder and William Francis is on mine and we walk up and down the hall, tired as hell, we catch each others eyes. There is a young couple of guys moving in, box after box they haul in and we each give them the sorry look but they just smile. Hopefully they will be okay for the next few months of this. We don't know what it is but they only settle after the hallway tango. There is no way I would do this with anyone else.


"He's to young..."

"Stop! They have known each other all their lives. I think they know."

"No they don't! They are way to young. I mean come on, they haven't even been to college, spring break. All that MTV bull shit that they are suppose to go through."

"Babe! Chill the fuck out!" Emmett's firm tone has me coming back to reality back to the now.

I look at him, a few more lines line his eyes, his now dark hair is silver at the temples and the dimples fill out his cheeks a bit more with deeper creases that reach his eyes now but his smile has. But the dimples have the same calming effect as they always have.

"Sorry." As shocked as I am, ok not really he brings me down to earth once again.

We battled once upon a time about who got the the pink who got the blue . That was still a fight when it was pink or blue. We fought over make up and when it was okay and when it was not to date. We even fought over who and what over prom shit. But this this was our boys biggest feat. He was only 21, sure he has known Charlie all his life but really.. "He's so young."

"He is young, but he knows. He knows that there is no one else." his words are sure but I see the bounce of his leg. Twenty years plus and he still has his tells. I grab him and kiss him soundly.

"Don't worry, I will let him go, but if Min even thinks about getting hitched..."

He cuts me off, "I will be first in line with the shot gun baby."

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