"Didn't do a thing."

My eyes popped open, and I blinked a few times, suddenly awake. Was it Sunday already? I looked over to see Cyrus standing there, and though I'd heard Jasper's voice as well, he had already left. I blinked the sleep from my eyes, and held out my hand. Without a word, he took it, and I felt, I knew, something was different. He was more confident, he moved differently, he was...warm. He had done it.

Without a word, I pulled him in. I had thought about this moment before. In my mind it had always been a "when", not a "what if", that moment when I met Cyrus as a god. From quite early on, I had always believed he would do it, and from not much long after, I had known that it was for the good of everything that I not stop him. I had thought of this moment, but the hypothetical conversation in my head had not prepared me for the truth of it. I had always expected to shy away, to be needlessly worried about what he would do now where I was concerned, to be suddenly unable to be around him because Godhood would be intimidating. But it was not.

I kissed him. For the first time in the time we had known each other, he returned it. Not with the hesitation of 'is this how this works, am I doing it right', not with the rush of wanting to get it over with and push me away without rejecting me, but a real kiss, returned. I was crying when we finally broke apart, I don't know how much later.

"Welcome home." I knew he still had trouble with that word. I always used it just to remind him that wherever we were, whatever place that happened to be, that was home.