Demyx was making his way through the land of Ooo. Boy, he was scared. It was a dark, almost cave like forest.

"maaaan, they sure picked the wrong guy for this one. Heh heh. Oh wait a minute…"

This recon mission was a bet. He remembered the awful, regretful bet.


"You know what water boy? You are such a pussy!" said Larxene.

"Am not!"

"Oh yeah? I bet you can't last one day in that new world we discovered."

"I so can!"

He really hated Larxene, and decided it was time to stand up for himself.

"Then prove it."

"care to make a wager on that?" Damn it, I had to say wager.

"Okay. If I win you have to be by servant for a whole month!"

"Fine! But if I make it through a day, you have to uhh, be my servant for a month!"

"Mmmm, alright deal. Now to prove that you made it through, you have to bring back a weapon from a monster from the world."

"Fine! Saix! Where do I sign up?"

End flashback

"That's right. Damn that Larxene."

He then saw an old wooden shack up ahead in front of him. He quietly sneaked up to the window, and saw the most greatest instrument he ever laid his eyes on. It was a red axe fashioned into a guitar. Oh, he just had to have his mitts on that! It could count as the weapon to bring back with him, so he wouldn't have to kill anything. He decided the house was abandoned, so he broke the window, and snuck in. he quietly walked over and picked up the guitar. Just then, a girl, with grey skin and long black hair came hovering into the room. She yawned, then opened her eyes to a frightened Demyx.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? That's mine!"

She opened her mouth wide showing her fangs, and came at him. Demyx held her back with the axe guitar. He shoved her off, and backed up to the wall. He then decided to summon some water, but then the most amazing thing happened. The water he summoned was different. It was red, and looked like blood.

"Whoa. Now this is rad."

He sent a blast of water at the girl, sending her flying back into the other room. She quickly came back in as Demyx summoned some blood clones. They were much stronger than normal water clones, and started attack the girl. Demyx used this as a time to escape. He jumped out of the window with guitar, and started to run as fast as he could. Just then a vampire bat followed him, and turned back into the girl.

"GIVE IT BACK!" She screamed.

"WAIT! WAIT! I'll give you this one!" Demyx pleaded as he summoned his old sitar.

"Really? I don't know."

"Please! You don't understand. I really need this one. Please take my other one!"

The girl took the sitar.

"Huh. I'll admit this one is pretty tight, but I don't think I can give mine away so easily."

"I'm begging you! I need it!"

"All right, I'll give it to you, on one condition. You have to be my slave."

"What? But I uh, well you see…"

"*Yawn* okay, if you don't want it…"

Demyx sighed.

"Okay I'll do it."

The girl laughed.

"okay. First off, my name is Marceline. State your name."


"Okay Demyx. I will have to test your loyality. About an oh say stone's throw a way is that candy looking kingdom. Take the axe and SLAUGHTER ITS PRINCESS!" she said looking very evil.

"Oh boy. Well uh…very well? I guess?"

"well? What are you waiting for?"

"Oh. I'll be on my way? I guess?" Demyx said as he started walking. He started, but soon after, Marceline came floating by.

"Mind if I accompany you?"

"I don't really care. I just want this guitar."

"Tell me. Why do you want it so bad?"

"I have much more power with this than my other one, and I can actually use it as a weapon. Besides, I kind of need it for a bet."

"What did you bet on?"

"This stupid witch betted that I couldn't last one day here, and I have to bring back a weapon of a creature that lives here."

"Huh. Well for your sake I hope you kill that princess."

"Right. Well uh, what's your dealeo Marceline? You like killing people?"

"Well, this princess has been being a real bitch lately."

"I feel ya."

They soon walked into the kingdom. Everything looked edible. It all looked like candy. They soon made their way to the castle.

"I'll distract the guards." Marceline said. She floated over there as Demyx ran through inside. He climbed through until he saw the princess in her room. She turned.

"Who are you?"

Demyx was exhausted. He had a crazy look in his eye as he held up the axe. Because he was a nobody, in truth he had no emotion whatsoever. He only acted like he did.

"Get away from me!" The princess cried as Demyx chased her. Marceline slowly looked through the door. Demyx grabbed her and threw her down. The princess screamed.

"Oh my god You're actually going to do it." Marceline said. Demyx looked at her but turned to the princess who was begging for mercy. Demyx had a look of both fear and anger on his face had he swung the axe down, killing the princess. He pulled it back up. Marceline hovered into the room.

"My god…Demyx…That was…amazing. I didn't actually think you were going to do it." Her evil grin quickly faded.

"Now we don't much time. The guards will be here any minute. Go! Leave! Run away!" she said.

Demyx summoned a portal into the darkness.

"But what about you?"

"I'll be fine. Nice job by the way." She said as she pecked him on the cheek.

"Now go! Outa here! Come back in a couple days! Keep the axe!"

Demyx went into the portal, he turned to see a kid and a dog come into the room.

"Marceline, we heard screaming!"

The portal then closed.