Just some fluff. The characters belong to Hasbro, the plot to me.

"'...For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo...'"

Miko let out a long sigh, swinging her long legs while leaning back at a dangerous angle. She turned towards the Autobot on whose shoulder she was currently seated upon. "Bulkhead, is the story not amazing?" The transfer student was sitting ramrod straight in the next instant, gesticulating wildly. "The undying passion! The blatantly hidden innuendos! The utter strife of doomed love!"

As the girl let out another sigh, leaning even further backwards, and Bulkhead rumbled warningly, "Careful, Miko," as his large servo nudging her back onto the relative safety of his shoulder. She muttered a hurried apology before continuing to gush on about her book. The Autobot rolled his optics, but out of good humor – Miko had been given the book by her English professor to read over spring break, and the girl had surprised everyone (her guardian more than anyone else) when she actually enjoyed the centuries-old play.

"What did you like of the book, Bulk'?" Miko inquired abruptly, having put an end to her momentary worship of William Shakespeare. The Cybertronian met her even gaze with a perplexed expression.

"What I...liked about it?" Bulkhead echoed slowly. His charge bobbed her head in affirmation. He rubbed the back of his helm in obvious distress. ""

"You weren't listening, were you?" Miko demanded, small hands on her hips. Sensing a lecture, Bulkhead raised a servo in defense.

"It's not my fault!" he argued like he often saw his ward do. She was rubbing off on him more than he'd expected. "I guess that I just...zoned out."

"Humph," the girl sniffed at his pathetic excuse, before thrusting the book into her guardian's faceplate, the ex-wrecker going cross-eyed from trying to look at it. "Then you must read it."

Bulkhead raised an optic ridge. "Um, Miko, I'm not sure I can..." he trailed off at the kicked-puppy look that his charge sent him. The large Cybertronian groaned audibly, whilst the human grinned at the victory. With a decidedly sour frown, Bulkhead plucked the tiny book out of the girl's hands with his enormous digits, letting it fall into his palm. The transfer student reached up and flipped to the first page, the Autobot narrowing his optics and zooming in to read the micro-sized print.

"'T-two families, 'bot alike in digging'..."

"Both alike in dignity."

"...I knew that."