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She opened her eyes. Eleven o' clock at night. It was odd, waking up without hearing the computer's voice. So strange, to her, that she even whispered "All systems online" to herself to calm her sudden anxiety.

She had been asleep without her chamber, for the first time. A quick scan told her the reason for her blackout was simple shock, and that her body was functioning at normal capacities. She felt strangely happy about that, an indescribable emotion that Her mind had no word for it, in any case. It rarely did when it came to emotions. After all, her brain was modeled after a computer.

She became aware of a warmth in her right hand, and peeked casually to the side. It was the green boy from earlier, holding her hand in his. He himself had fallen asleep, head down on her hospital bed. What a strange, trusting person he must be, caring so much for the girl in the basement whom he knows nothing about.

"Hey, you're awake!"

She looked up to see Cyborg, the meta-human, standing to the other side of her next to the computers.

"I was just checking the computers. All your vitals are normal. Well, what we can only assume is normal, seeing as your structure isn't quite human. Judging from the stasis chamber thingy I'm going to guess you're some type of advanced bioandroid. Am I right?"

He was smart. She only nodded. He smiled warmly at her.

"Well, all right! Another human computer. Welcome to the T-Tower." She didn't respond. Just stared up at him, trying to piece together some of the things that led her to being there. "Uhh, okay. You should be able to move now, by the way, all your muscles are in working condition."

She knew that already. She could have gotten up. It occured to her that the only reason she hadn't yet was...

Her eyes flicked back to the green one. If she moved...

"Oooohhh, you're worried about waking BB." Cyborg walked over to the much smaller titan and threw him over his shoulder. He laughed sat straight up, with a look of shock on her face. "No worries, this guy sleeps harder than a rock that's been glued to the pavement. See?"

He turned around to show her the face of the boy, still snoring away like he hadn't even moved.

"Anyway, feel free to rest some more, I was just checking in before I went to sleep. Us half-and-halfers got to stick together, you know?" He smiled again, and turned to walk away, smaller titan in tow. "Good night, see you in the morning!"

As the door closed behind them, she managed a very faint "Good...night..."

Beast Boy sat across the counter from her, smiling. He couldn't help but smile. How often does a guy find a girl in his basement? Not very often. She was something special, he could tell. Even if she still hadn't said a word since she woke up.

She returned his stare with one of her own, head tilted slightly, as if she were analyzing him.

Now that she was out of her chamber, he could see her more clearly. Her deep turquoise hair was shoulder-length, and wavy, and it curled around her tan, heart-shaped face, brushing her delicate jawline. Her curious eyes were the deep amethyst hue of Starfire's Tamaranean "sunflowers", with shocks of blue that seemed to dance around her pupils like lightning. Even the 'whites' of her eyes were tinged violet. He wondered if she had any powers, or, more importantly, if she could TALK. She was pretty, but he would actually like to exchange words with his new friend at some point.

Starfire seemed to be on the same page as him in that regard, because she was hovering around, asking 'yes' or 'no' questions that the girl answered with nods, shakes, or shrugs. Well, mostly shrugs. Did she have a favorite color? Shrug. Did she have a favorite food? Shrug. How about movies? Shrug. Even Robin took a crack at a few questions. Raven? Indifferent, as usual.

The door to the living room slid open and Cyborg walked in with a small pile of papers.

"I finally managed to print the leftover files from your stasis chamber, thanks to the codes you gave me," He said, setting them on the counter. "There aren't too many. Apparently your father scientist scattered all the data when the building was destroyed, leaving you just enough memory to use your powers and to remember his face. That's as far as I read, though. After all, it is your personal files."

"Wait, he scattered her MEMORIES?" Robin asked. "So even if she could talk, she wouldn't remember a thing?"

Starfire gasped. "Our new friend has the amnesia? Oh you poor thing! We will get your memories back for you!"

"That's a pretty tall promise, Starfire," Raven said, entering the conversation. "We don't know where the data is, or what it contains. We can't promise that we'll find everything."

"Hey, Cy, is there a name in that paperwork? 'Miss Purple-eyes' has started to wear down a little."

Cyborg looked at him funny. "Why don't you just ask her her name?"

"Duh, that's what I've BEEN doing! She doesn't say a word!"

Cyborg looked at her with his one eyebrow raised. She looked a little startled.

"I...I do not understand." She said slowly. "I...was not asked to speak...and I am simply a project, I am not human. I have no title, and if I did, what benefit would you gain from knowing it?"

"We wish to be your friends," Starfire said, taking a seat next to the confused girl. "Is that...wrong? Are you not allowed to be friendly with people?"

"You really don't have a name?" Robin asked, compassion breaking through.

"I am referred to as 'subject 251, experiment X', or simply 'Subject 251'. I have never been given a...'name'."

"Where did you come from?" Robin asked. "Who made you? Why were you at a crime sce-"

"Robin, please," Starfire said, laying a hand on the young leader. "Our new friend is very tired, and has been through much. I do not think we should question her so."

"Besides, according to the limited data left, she shouldn't even know those things," Cyborg added. "Do you?"

She shook her head. Beast Boy felt his heart ache a little. She didn't know who she was, and she didn't even have a name...! he couldn't imagine what kind of state he might be in if that were the case with him. not remembering his parents, or Rita and the doom Patrol, or the Titans...just a chamber of some kind, and nothing else? He shivered involuntarily.

As the others crowded her to make promises of memory searching, he stayed back, feeling strongest sympathies for the girl with no history.

And he knew, in that moment, that he would try his best to make her one.

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