It's You

Chapter 06: An Excellent fighter

The walk home after dinner was filled with soft laughter and the clicking of shoes on metal of the citadel floors. Dellix talked more about his life since Ally wasn't in a very talkative mood. Dellix felt it helped, hearing about his adventures when he was younger, Dellix found she liked hearing about his life, making her smile and even giggle every now and then. The city had turned to night and the city life was lighting up, despite the struggle of refugees, and the war, people still danced, still went out and had just a little bit of fun, if only for a while.

The dark made some things a little more sinister, walking down the docks, Dellix was unsure leaving Ally here, all on her own.

There were people there and officers of course, but none of the guards looked like they were free to take care of a young girl and some of the people looked like they wouldn't care or had too much on their own plate.

"So what did your brother do?" Ally asked, braking Dellix from his wandering thoughts.

"My brother? Oh well he liked to impress the girls, showing off his sharp shooting skills, always coming home with scraps and cuts-"

"What from?"

"Well from fuuuaaaa-ighting. Fighting! Thugs, that is . . ." Dellix saved himself from one embarrassment and he didn't want Ally thinking of his brother fucking random women. "Y-you know . . . trying to impress the girls . . . by fighting off guys who were bugging them and being all heroic."

Dellix was sweating bullets now and his fringe was all ruffled, Ally was looking at him like he not only grew a second head but was lying out his ass.

"Ah I see . . ." she smirked and giggled behind her hand. Ally couldn't believe his answer; she realized where he got the cuts after the question flew from her mouth, so she decided to play a little. "Well, I'm sure you're brother was very brave, fighting all those thugs off, must of tired the poor boy out" Ally smiled up at Dellix, wrapping her arms around herself and looked away from Dellix, glancing at all the passing ships so he wouldn't see her silently giggling.

Dellix's brows arched, his eyes widen and his fringe, which had been smoothing out, ruffled and fluffed out once more. The sight of a turian's neck was gorgeous, the sight of Ally's neck was making Dellix gush with heat and pheromones.

"W-w-well yeah sure I a guess, I mean I – I've been a few scraps myself and did just fine" Dellix said proudly.

"Oh? And how well do you . . . fight?"

Ally was no fool. She was young but she read enough horrible smut to learn to flirt . . . a little. Ally wasn't even sure was she was doing this, she was 17, she wasn't even sure if she was legal for a turian, or if Dellix even looked at her that way. She was probably making their friendship weird and Dellix was looking what she assumed was the turian form of 'Flustered'.

"Well I um- I'm an excellent fighter, I – shit. Spirits Ally" That made her laugh, loudly too.

"Relax Dellix, I'm just teasing you silly goose!" She giggled. "I'm sure you're a great fighter-"

"I sure hope so."

Both of them turned to see a group of two humans and a batarian looking them over.

They were refugees, broke and hungry, in more ways than one. Dellix pushed Ally behind him.

"What do you want? If you need food or supplies, the refugee leaders are in Dock N7" Dellix said standing tall and keeping an eye on each of them, including the nasty little human male with thinning brown hair and hungry eyes at Ally. Dellix growled, baring his fangs.

"Yeah well I'm sick of refugee garbage" Said the pale batarian. "And I'm sick of standing in shit all day, I need a few credits, buddy. How about you lean us a helping hand?"

"No" Dellix said as he reached behind him to steady Ally, pushing her farther from him, his body getting tense with a fight coming on. "I don't want any trouble, walk away and we'll forget this happened."

"Look just give us your damn credit!" the second human screamed, a young thing, female with crazy hair as she jumped for Dellix, the others bum rushing him.

Dellix, in one fell swoop, clocked the girl in the jaw with a right hook. The girl was withdrawing from something and was an easy knock out. The batarian had biotics though, and shot a push at Dellix, but Dellix had biotics as well and was able to deflect it. He didn't notice the creeper side sweeping him though. The balding man attacked him with an iron bar, taking a hard hit to Dellix's side.


It knocked the wind out of him, breathing hurt, moving hurt, but Dellix couldn't help it, he went down, gripping his side and tried to stand back up.


Dellix could see the creeper, still holding the nasty iron bar, getting close to her as she backed away. Dellix fired up a biotic push-


Fucking batarians!

The push shot off as the batarian kicked Dellix's side, making some crates fall, causing a loud ruckus.

"Shit! You little fucker" he cursed, "Jeress! Let's go, they're more trouble than they're worth!" he called as sirens could be heard, but the creeper had other ideas.

"I want her . . ." he said walking closer to Ally who was looking for a weapon.

"Fuck her, grab Nali and let's go!"


A biotic blast shot the batarian back a few yards. Dellix was panting and trying to get back up to Ally. The creeper went to grab her and a shot rang out. The creeper went down, having been shot in the shoulder. Things got a little chaotic after that, he was in pain and still couldn't stand all the way, leaning on crates to support his weight as he held his side.

Next thing was Ally, she was in front of him, holding his neck and shaking like a leaf in the wind. It hurt, spirits it hurt for her to hug his neck like that, but he didn't care, she was safe.


Looking up, was none other than the turian they had been talking about.


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