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Chapter 1: First meeting:

Blaster fire shot overhead as troops ran and ducked into their trenches, shielding themselves from the metal and glass debris that rained from the sky as the lasers hit nearby abandoned buildings. Screams and explosions filled everyone's audios as they tried to hear and follow orders. Sticking with their friends, they followed colors, purple or red, through the battle lines, waiting for the shouts of the other side's retreat.

On the edge of the battlefield, shifting through the debris, bright frames covered with dirt and grim, two Autobots moved. One, a green scout, searched for tracks or energon, and listened for cries over the screams. Behind him, scanning the skies and their surroundings was a red mini-bot, blaster in servo.

A soft cry shifted through the air, and the scout took off, running for a partially collapsed five story housing complex that was supposed to be evacuated a deca-cycle ago. He was about to jump in through a window when a gray servo gripped his arm.

"Hold up there Hound" said the minibot.

Hound practically snarled while pulling his arm from the minibot's grip. "Someone's in there! They need help!"

"Yeah, I know, but you can't just run in or the whole building will come down on you and them!" replied the minibot, glaring, "I'll scope it out and head up, com you in a klik and you can head down ok?"

Reluctantly, Hound nodded, tilting his head to listen again as he motioned with a single finger "ONE klik" and pointed Cliffjumper inside. Nodding, Cliffjumper leapt through the window and paused to listen for a second before readying his gun in case of Decepticons and heading for the stairs. The stairs were missing steps, and aside from the occasional chunks of rubble that crashed through sections, were littered with papers, pictures, and shreds of cloth left behind from the evacuations. Hearing nothing but the shift of dust and fluttering of litter, Cliffjumper moved through broken doors, around forgotten furniture and left-behind lives, looking and listening for anyone.

"Anybody here?" he asked, gun ready, "I'm an Autobot! If you need help just shout!" hearing nothing for several seconds he commed the all clear to Hound on the ground, who instantly headed down the broken steps, listening for the soft cries. As Cliffjumper turned to head back down and help him, he suddenly heard movement on the floor above him. Climbing to the next floor rapidly, he slinked around the dull walls into a small complex. Blaster at the ready, he turned the last corner, shouting, "DON'T MOVE!"

His gun was aimed at a large purple mech, with a large three horned crest on his dented helm. He sat slumped against a grey wall. Energon flowed freely through his fingers from where he has he hand pressed against a large wound on his side. Cliffjumper couldn't spot an emblem on him. "Identify yourself!" Cliffjumper growled, "Designation and Faction!"

With a pained grunt the mystery bot looked up at his captor, focusing on the large gun and the clear Autobot brand. "I'm a neutral" he said softly, holding the hand that wasn't pressed against his wound in the air to show he wasn't armed, "Got caught in the crossfire…." With another pained groan he added, "Mind lending a servo?"

Still eyeing the large bot wearily, Cliffjumper kept his gun aimed as he stepped closer. "Name?" he asked, ready to run through his databank of Decepticons.

"…Axle …"

The search coming up dry, Cliffjumper slowly subspaced he weapon and pulled out some first aid supplies, comming Hound as he knelt by the bigger bot's side, ready to patch up the wound, :yo Hound. Got an injured neutral up top, you ok down there?:

:a femme got trapped down here during the evac, no injuries, but I'm taking her back to base to be sure. Need help up there?:

:I'm good. You head on back. Be careful!:

:you too! Hound out-:

Patching the last leaking fuel line on the bot, Cliffjumper pulled away and finished the repair by adding a thin adhesive metal to keep dust and grim out of the wound. "That'll hold you till we get back to base. Can you stand?"

"Yes" Axle answered as he stood slowly so as not to jar anything and damage himself again.

Noticing the slight wobbling in the taller bot's stance, Cliffjumper pulled out a ration of energon. "Here, you need to replace that energon you lost…"

After drinking the ration quickly, the bot stood to his full height, towering over Cliffjumper. But just as he steadied himself, a hard crushing sound filled their audios and the building started to shake around them. With a curse, Cliffjumper grabbed Axle 's servo and began tugging him for the door, but the purple bot seemed to have a different idea.

Swiftly grabbing the minibot in one arm he shielded himself with the other and slammed through the wall, breaking out of the falling building. As Cliffjumper realized he was not only off the floor, but falling, he let out of squeak and gripped on Axle 's chassis, shutting his optics and preparing himself for the impact of the ground. Instead, the sound of thrusters roared over the sound of the crumbling building, and he could feel the wind blow against his frame as Axle flew them away.

A few seconds later, Axle landed deftly on the ground, a very safe distance from the wreckage, and Cliffjumper still gripping him desperately. Letting out a chuckle, the taller bot snuggled the mini against his chassis. "Thanks for the help cutie"

Breaking out of his trance at the nickname, Cliffjumper began struggling fiercely to be put down. "Don't call me that! And put me down! We need to get you back to base to get those wounds looked at!"

"That's ok, they aren't bad; but how about you cutie? Want to be a neutral? Imagine what fun we could have together…" he purred, with a smirk.

"I don't wanna be a fragging neutral! Put me down!"

"You're cute when your angry" Axle replied with a laugh. It quickly became a pout as he placed the smaller bot down on his peds. He smirked a bit when Cliff sighed in relief and relaxed a bit. The soft chirp of a com link was heard and Axle moved his larger servo to the side of his head to answer it. After a moment of silence, he frowned a bit and said "I'll be right there."

Turning to look at Cliffjumper again, he smiled slightly, "looks like I have to go, my…friends…need me but thank you again cu—"

"Cliffjumper. My name is Cliffjumper." The minibot glared up at the purple mech, daring him to call him cutie again.

"haha! Alright. Goodbye Cliffjumper" he said, kneeling to take Cliff's servo in his hands and place a light kiss on it, making Cliff blush bright red. But he didn't have a chance to say anything before Axle pulled away and leapt in the air. "Hope to see you again Cutie!" he yelled before taking off.

Cliffjumper waited until he couldn't see Axle 's shape anymore and his blush died down, before heading back to base. As he crossed the gates and guards he spotted Hound ranting nervously with one of the commanding bots. He stopped abruptly as he spotted him though.

"Oh thank primus!" Hound shouted as he came running towards Cliffjumper. "I heard the building collapse and didn't know if you made it out or not! You ok?"

"Yeah, fine. Neutral got me out before heading out on his own. You and the femme ok?" Cliffjumper asked as he shifted, a bit uncomfortable, on his peds.

"Firestar's her name, she's in medical, but she's ok."

"good. Any news on the attack?" he inquired eagerly. Even though he was a scout, he preferred to be on the front lines.

"No more than usual." Hound replied before suddenly seeming to remember something. "But apparently there was some new bot on the front lines. Never seen before. Sunny and Sides were jokin' around, tellin' everyone it was Galvatron till Kup told them ta shut it."

"Almost wish it was the slagger, he deserves some good hits to the faceplates."

"If we knew what those faceplates even looked like." Despite his reputation as leader of the Deceptions, no one had actually seen the bot. Or if they had, they didn't know it was him. It made it really hard to kill a target when you didn't even know the color of their paintjob.

"He can't hide forever…" Cliffjumper murmured darkly as he and Hound headed to report in.

Miles away, at the Decepticon's headquarters, the same purple mech Cliffjumper had met walked into the war room, surrounding himself with his generals and strategists. And while all saw his patch job, no one dared say a word of it. Instead, they all stood, a large green and purple battle copter mech greeting him, "welcome back Lord Galvatron."

End chapter 1