The wind from the ocean mussed the red head's otherwise perfectly styled hair. Hazel eyes looked out into the sun as he through a decent sized shell back into the surf. The young man, one half of a whole, shielded his eyes with his hand. "There's nothing like spending spring break at the beach." He smiled and then looked down to the androgynous girl beside him.

She smiled warmly up at him, agreeing with his statement, though then arched a brow. She wore men's clothing-a long tshirt over shorts and plain flip flops. "It would be nice to actually have a vacation, though, when we weren't working through it." Then both of them turned their heads towards the sand volleyball court behind them.

A crowd of screaming girls had gathered around the sand volleyball court. On the court were five girls on each team and one male each. One of the males was the exact face of the one who had just thrown the shell into the surf. The other was a blond, tall, charming French Japanese who had just valliantly risked his hair and expensive swimsuit to save the white ball from hitting the sand.

"Oh, he's so athletic!" Swooned one nameless, unimportant girl.

"And dreamy." Cried another. Both paying customers as both had handed quite a lot of money to be upon the Prince of the Host Club's volleyball team.

The two hosts' attention was then brought to the taller, raven haired young man who now stood beside them. A smile that could only be construed as devious was upon his lips. He wore an open Hawaiian style shirt and shorts, but he held a black notebook in one hand, his free hand upon his hip. "The cost of our last cosplay put a significant hole in the budget. This volleyball tournament was the perfect way to get some of that back."

Suddenly, a short, stinkingly adorable boy popped up wearing a Jersey. Printed upon it was a number as well as the words, "Team Host Club". The dark haired young man pushed up his glasses with one finger as he lowered his head and spoke. "We made 50,000 yen from the sale of jerseys alone."

"Is everything a business venture with you, Kyoya-senpai?" The lone girl pretending to be a boy asked as she looked up into a face that was most alive when things were within his interest.

His focus remained upon the remaining two teams still in the tournament. He sighed longingly, "Ah, Haruhi, I can only wish."

"Tamaki!" Cried one of the girls as she missed the ball coming her way and fell to her knees. The girls on the other team cheered, jumped, and hugged the redhead that had spiked the ball in the open spot. Tamaki, having heard his name be called by one of the princesses, was instantly at her side. He lifted her chin and stared into her dark, sorrowful eyes.

"Fret not, my princess. You may have missed the ball, but your quick reflexes have spiked its into my heart."

The girl swooned, but the female host watching only groaned. "She's not the only one who missed the ball." Haruhi voiced.

Kyoya smiled in amusement as he crossed his arms. "I see that Tamaki has been practicing his sports related lines."

"That was terrible." Kaoru groaned, shaking his head. However, he did throw a thumbs up at his twin brother whose score had quickly caught up to Tamaki's team's score.

"It was awful, but it seems to work for him." Kyoya defended their prince's cheesiness. Although he was usually the first to insult the king, he was oddly also one of the first to defend him. He looked out to where the last of the host club, Mori and Honey, were playing in the shallow water by the shore. They had been the first ones to lose even though they honestly had the most athletic ability. Honey, however, couldn't hold back and had lost the ball twice while his team played.

Mori stood straight up, his already long and intimidating form becoming more so as he looked out over the water.

"What is it, Takashi?" Honey asked, blinking. He no longer wore the jersey.

"Something's not right." Was Mori's only answer.

No one else thought anything at all, except that this was the last game of the day and it would be interesting to see who really won. Hikaru prepared to serve as his brother cheered him on. "Win it, Brother! Next point gets game!" Kaoru's team had been the next out and after that it had been Haruhi's. Dark clouds quickly appeared, casting a shadow where the sun had been shining before.

Kyoya tilted his head upwards and placed his hand on his chin. "Hmmm, I don't remember the weather forecast saying anything about rain today."

Hikaru also stopped in mid serve. "Hey, what's with this? Senpai, didn't you check the weather?" He shrugged and as everyone looked up at the sky and the sudden flash of lightning.

Haruhi jumped and quickly hugged herself as her eyes widened.

Hikaru saw his chance as everyone on Tamaki's team was distracted and looking at the clouds. He raised the ball and was prepared to hit it when he stopped dead. The ball landed on the ground with a thunk, not bouncing even once. Hikaru's eyes widened.

Then the rain came pouring down.

"Everyone, we need to get inside!" Tamaki called out. He'd already grabbed two girls closest to him and ushered them towards the resort building. The beach was long and wide and there was a road in between the beach and the resort behind them. It would be a long run to shelter. Mori had grabbed Honey and quickly fled out of the now violent water. The rest were not far behind.

They weren't fast enough, not with the sudden winds that were whipping the trees about and flinging lounge chairs. The ball rolled away helplessly.

Haruhi froze and turned around when she heard one of the beachgoers cry out, "Typhoon!"

And that's when the water came crashing down.