Hikaru slammed himself against the closed door again and again until he was breathless. He then punched it with his fist.

"You are wasting your energy, Hikaru." Tamaki stated as he sat, drenched, but handsomely s,o on top of a wooden dining table. The two host club members were in the lower level of a family beach house built upon a small hill high enough to avoid any minor floods, but not high enough to have completely escaped the typhoon. The entire level was made of concrete as the family had prepared for high winds and flooding. They hadn't prepared well enough for a tree had fallen on the wooden house itself, trapping Hikaru, Tamaki, and the family in the lower level which was now flooded to their waist from water coming in through the high windows.

The water had prevented them from opening the door. There were three windows at the top, the glass broken out of all of them now, but they were for light and too small to climb out. Hikaru stood on the same table and yelled out again. "Hey! Somebody! We are here! Come save us!"

Tamaki just let Hikaru yell. He had his own freak out awhile ago, but exhaustion caused him to stop. He was worried about the others. Hikaru had actually been the one to save him by extending a broken tree branch to him as he was being swept away. The family now huddled together-a middle aged man, his wife, and a small girl-had rescued Hikaru from the rolling waves.

They had no way of knowing how long they had already been there. Both of the young mens' watches were useless. Cellphones were drenched. The winds had stopped. The flooding continued, but had not gotten any higher. The electricity was out. It was entirely too quiet. Finally, Tamaki said, "Kaoru is fine. He's probably freaking out too, trying to look for you." Even in circumstances like that, Tamaki could find a way to be positive about it. "He and the others will be coming at any time."

Hikaru turned on the boss. "How can you be so sure? They'll never find us here. We are in a freaking basement! I'm going to die in a middle-class beach house basement!"

"Because they won't stop until they do. My dad, your parents, they'll turn over every stone until they find us. Kyoya will find us."

Hikaru plopped himself down on the table and slumped his shoulders. His wet, red hair plastered against his face, his head turned downward hiding the tears that threatened to spill. He'd never spent this much time away from Kaoru. They were inseparable since they were born. Now Hikaru wasn't even sure if his twin was still alive. It pained him to be away from his brother, and it was unbearable that he didn't even know if Kaoru was okay, if he was hurt, and that Hikaru couldn't be there if Kaoru needed him.

Back at the hospital, Mori and Honey had joined Kyoya in Haruhi's hospital suite. It was silent in the room, except for the constant dialing of Kyoya's cellphone and then the sound of his voice barking out orders to whoever was on the phone. Honey looked over to Haruhi. "I'm sure glad that you are okay, Haru-chan."

Mori just nodded his agreement.

"Thanks, Honey-senpai. I'm worried about Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru. All I remember is that they were all carried away by the water, just like we were." She let out a sigh. She wasn't an emotional girl. She didn't cry or show weakness, but it didn't mean she wasn't worried.

"Don't worry, Haru-chan. There's a lot of rescue boats out there, and Tamaki-chan is practically invincible. It comes with being a prince and lead protagonist."

Haruhi smiled. "Yeah, you are right, Honey-senpai. The idiot never gets hurt unless it is integral to a twist in the plot."

Kyoya hung up and then turned to face them. He crossed his arms carefully with the sling on his arm. "The request for more medical supplies and rescue boats has been denied until they get direct order from my father. Only a fraction of the Ootori private police are being allowed to help with the rescue efforts."

"That doesn't make sense. Isn't the Ootori Group's primary job to help people?"

"Yes, but we are not a nonprofit, Haruhi." Kyoya explained. "My father won't spread his resources too thin and certainly not if there is no profit in it."

Haruhi's brows narrowed. Kyoya's father could sure be a dick.

Honey then stated, "I can call my parents. I am sure everyone at the dojo will help. The Haninozuka and Morinozuka clans will both be there."

"There is also Chairman Suoh." Kyoya was dialing on his phone again, this time to the chairman. Tamaki was the only heir to the Suoh empire, and where Kyoya's own father avoided the media and any attention, Chairman Suoh was most likely to do the exact opposite.

"Chairman...it's Kyoya Ootori." The other three in the room listened quietly to the onesided conversation. "I'm fine, thank you, sir. I'm actually calling about Tamaki..."