Chapter 1:

"Do you realize that we are back in Capua three weeks before schedule?" Firouz asked while jumping over the rail of The Nomad to secure the line on the dock. Rongar followed with a knowing smile and nodded his head towards the captain of the ship. Firouz looked to Sinbad, "Yes, I do not think this was by chance either", Firouz replied with a smile.

On The Nomad, Sinbad was hastily preparing his ship for port while calling out orders to his crew to make sure everything was in good order. Next to him was his brother Doubar, "We did drop off our cargo rather timely".Sinbad smiled, "The wind was in our favor". From a distance they can hear the familiar sound of a falcon calling above their heads. Sinbad looked up, "Dermott! It's good to see you". With a final call Dermott, flew back into the direction of town.

Rongar and Firouz recognized their feathered friend as well as he flew past them. Standing at the edge of town in the direction the falcon flew; they can see the main street leading towards the town center. Satisfied that The Nomad was secure for the evening, Sinbad and Doubar followed suit. There were peddlers and tent covered shops along the way offering fine fabric and jewelry. A display of weaponry caught Rongar's attention. There were variety of blades to choose from. Sinbad too stopped and marveled at the artistry of the many swords Capua had too offer.

"Sinbad! My friend. Is that you?" A man approached the crew garbed in a robe made with deep red fabric and gold bracelets on each wrist. This was a man of wealth. "It is you! You are back so soon?"

"Benson, I could not stay away for long" Sinbad replied while giving his a friend a pat on the back. "Capua is a beautiful city". Benson smiled, " You and your crew are always most welcome. Especially Bryn, she has become a favorite within the city". He noticed that name peaked the sailors interest. "Have you not yet seen her?"

"We have only just arrived", Doubar responded. "Where is the little lady?"

Benson had no idea where Bryn could be at the moment. The last time he saw her was yesterday evening at the Tavern. "Come with me to the Tavern. Mira and Bryn have become close friends, Mira will most likely know, she and her husband run that establishment. Bryn has been staying with them is what I understand".

That last phrase concerned Sinbad. The last time they left Capua, he understood that Bryn was settled with her brother until he returned. Two months ago before leaving port, Bryn was in his arms outside her brother's house. Her family requested that she stays longer in Capua to make up for loss time. After years of separation, Bryn finally found her family in the city of Capua. One look, and she just knew it was really them. Her memories have slowly returned through out the years she has been at sea.

"I don't want to leave The Nomad but at the same time I want to get to know my family and this place that I once called home", Bryn looked up at Sinbad. "I'm having mixed emotions about staying". Tears were starting to form in her brown eyes.

Sinbad understood and caressed Bryn's cheek with his hand, "Don't you worry. I promise that I will return for you in two months." It was the most convenient time to do so between his scheduled cargo deliveries. "Family is important. I am lucky that I have my brother with me at sea. I want you to spend the time that you need here to get to know yours". Bryn smiled and whispered, "Thank you" as Sinbad sealed his promise with a tender kiss.

Between then and now, Sinbad just couldn't wait any longer. He missed her. Even though he never voiced it with his crew, she is the main reason they've return so soon. During the time apart he realized how much he cared for this woman. At the end of the long days he missed the times he would join Bryn on deck while she was watching the sun set. He missed watching her interact with his crew, laughing and smiling. He knew the sooner their deliveries were made, the sooner he can sail back to her.