Chapter 12

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Aunt Meg took in the sight in front of her. What she saw filled her heart with joy. Her home was filled with family and close friends. The farewell dinner she prepared for Bryn and Sinbad's crew was a successful event; most of the food was already gone. Everyone was sitting at the back yard enjoying each others company with ale and wine. To go with the wine, she brought out a fruit tray for everyone to pick off of if they cared for something more sweet.

She glanced at Bryn and felt happy that her niece crossed paths with Sinbad and his crew. She could tell that Bryn was very happy where she was. Throughout dinner, she couldn't help but watch the interaction between Bryn and Sinbad . There was a change there that she noticed. A change she didn't have a problem with at all. She recognized those looks that Sinbad would give Bryn when she wasn't looking. They were the same looks she often caught upon her own husband's face in the past. She knew someone was smitten.

"We heard a scream and a loud crash!" To the left of Aunt Meg, Doubar was enthusiastically telling a tale, "Firouz actually hit a person from atop the tree with the arrow!" He laughed at the memory. "A woman no less! A very pretty one indeed".

Firouz's face turned red, "I never said I was the best archer. I was just testing out an invention". He shrugged innocently.

"Did the person die?" Eva asked with wide eyes.

"No, just a deep wound", Sinbad answered with a wink, "She was lucky Firouz isn't a very good shot".

Aunt Meg stood up, "Okay! Girls, my daughters, I think you two should prepare for bed. The hour is well past your bedtime". Both girls started to protest at once. "You do want to be there to send them off in the early morning don't you?" The girls both stood up knowing their mother was right. They bid everyone good night before their mother followed them into the house to make sure they got settled.

"Those girls are cute", Doubar commented, "Smart too".

"Sometimes, they have their not-so-cute moments", Gunnar chimed in, "But most of the time, they are good. Other times, they are just being young".

"Meg is a strong woman. I can't imagine raising twins on my own", Mira included herself in the conversation. She leaned over the table to gather a handful of grapes and strawberries.

"She's got Gunnar to help at least", Firouz stated.

Gunnar shook his head, "I don't do any of the raising with those girls. It's all Aunt Meg", he smiled, "I'm just the muscle that helps around the house". He looked at Bryn and knew what she was already thinking. "No, don't you worry about us while you are away. We will be fine, like we have been all these years".

"I just wish I could help more", Bryn responded, "If I stayed…", Gunnar interrupted her before she could finish what she was saying.

"You are not staying. You belong at sea with Sinbad and his crew. You can help all you want when you return and visit", Gunnar was pleased with his final statement.

"The crew too" Sinbad added, "We will be back before you know it".

Bryn nodded her head in understanding. She understood that her brother knew that being with the crew was important to her. He didn't want her to make changes to her life now if it wasn't really needed. She was thankful for that.

To change the subject, Gunnar turned to Mira, "Do you and John plan on having any children any time soon?"

Mira's face immediately turned scarlet, "As a matter of fact", she took a glance at Firouz who smiled at her knowingly, "I took the liberty of borrowing Firouz earlier. I had a feeling and with his help discovered that we are pregnant! John is just as ecstatic as I am".

The whole table immediately reacted with surprise and gave their congratulations. Mira was beaming from sharing the news. Bryn stood up and gave her friend a hug. "You and John will make such wonderful parents".

"Now we know why I've been such an emotional wreck lately!" Mira exclaimed.


Sinbad woke feeling refreshed and excited. It was a new day and today he gets to pull up the anchor of his ship and set sail. After a quick shower he went behind his desk to look at the map to Genoa once more. Satisfied with the route he intended to take, he left his quarters to join the crew and see where help is needed to make their way.

"Good morning, Captain", Firouz greeted him up on deck, "It a beautiful day to set sail!"

"That it is, Firouz.", Sinbad glanced up at the blue sky and patted his friend on the back. He observed the deck and noticed that the majority of his crew were busily preparing the ship for departure. Some finished their task at hand and patiently waited for his order.

At the bow of the ship he saw Bryn lift her arm up. He followed her eyes and saw Dermott circling the skies above. After she patted her raised arm with two fingers Dermott finally landed upon his owner's arm. She greeted Dermott with a smile while petting his feathered chest. Next to Bryn was their new passenger, Anders. Like most people that first meets Dermott, Anders was amazed. He followed Bryn's actions and petted the falcon as well.

"I see you're making the rounds. He likes you", Sinbad approached them. He held out his hand for a handshake and greeted his guest, "Welcome aboard The Nomad".

Anders stepped back and shook Sinbad's hand enthusiastically, "I can't thank you enough for agreeing to my transport to Genoa", he smiled, "It means a lot".

"You've got Bryn to thank, " Sinbad glanced at the woman next to them. She returned the acknowledgement with a smile. "She put in a few good words".

"Thank you, Bryn", Anders responded with a nod at her direction.

"It was nothing", Bryn replied with a smiled.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Anders looked at the captain and gestured to the busy crew around them. Earlier yesterday he helped haul Benson's wine to the ship. He was eager to do what he can in appreciation for the favor.

"Let's see if Rongar can use an extra pair of hands", Sinbad answered.


After leaving Anders with Rongar, Sinbad went below deck to find Doubar. He found his brother in one of the storage rooms. Doubar was making sure Benson's wine barrels were secure.

"Everything in good order, Doubar?" Sinbad leaned against the door frame.

Doubar turned to the doorway and nodded his head, "Looks to be". He patted one of the barrels, "I'm marking these with a "B" so that we are sure to keep away from drinking them".

"That's an excellent idea", Sinbad smiled, "I'm sure the rest of the crew will need that reminder".

"It was more for my benefit", Doubar joked and laughed. "Are we casting off soon?"

Sinbad nodded his head, "As soon as Bryn says her goodbyes we will set sail".


"This is beautiful", Bryn held up the quilt that Aunt Meg made for her. She saw the knowing smiles on the girls faces next to her and remembered to pretend that is was a surprise. "You didn't have to do this! I had no idea".

Aunt Meg smiled, proud of her handiwork, "Hush. It pleases me. You might catch a chill out there in the middle of the ocean". She leaned in for a hug, "I don't want to keep you and I hate goodbyes so I will just say, I will see you again soon".

Bryn held on to her aunt a little longer and spoke in her ear, "Thank you for everything".

"You are always welcome here. This is your home too", Aunt Meg whispered in her ear. Before letting go she spotted Sinbad approaching. "And you, young man", she let go of Bryn and faced Sinbad, "Better take care of her".

Sinbad smiled, "My job is to provide safe passage for ship and crew. You have no need to worry".

"Spoken with nothing but confidence!" Aunt Meg winked at Bryn, "I like that'.

Gunnar and Felix made their way towards the ship just as Sinbad joined Bryn and the girls. After hugging her cousins goodbye, Bryn turned to Felix and smiled. "Don't give me that pout". She leaned in for a hug, "Take care of yourself, Felix".

"I will keep an eye out on Gunnar too", Felix replied, "Make sure he doesn't get into any trouble".

Bryn knew it was most likely going to be the other way around between those two. She smiled and simply said, "Thank you".

She turned and heard the tale end of Gunnar speaking with Sinbad. They parted with a firm handshake and a laugh. Gunnar then turned to his sister and pulled her to a big hug. "You be careful out there, Bryn".

"I will", Bryn didn't want to let go, "I will miss you".

"I will miss you too, sis", Gunnar held Bryn at arms length and smiled, "Remember to send Dermott when you are near".

"I won't forget", Bryn smiled and kissed her brother on the cheek, "I will see you again soon".

Gunnar stepped back and stood with his family as Bryn and Sinbad re-boarded the ship. He and his family waved farewell to Firouz, Doubar and Rongar; who were leaning against the rail.

"Let's cast off!" Sinbad ordered.

"Aye, Captain", Firouz and Rongar naturally leaped over the rail. They grabbed the lines and tossed them to the crew on ship before coming back aboard.

Bryn stood back and smiled at her family. She gave them a final wave. She didn't miss the tears that Aunt Meg was fighting back. Once she saw that she immediately felt an ache in her heart and fought back tears herself. She told her self she was lucky she found them and that she would be back soon. As the ship made her way to open sea she watch their bodies shrink the further they got.

She felt an arm go around her waist from behind her and immediately knew who it was with out even looking.

"You okay?", Sinbad said from behind her and pulled her in closer.

She turned her head and looked up at him, "I will be. Just going to miss them". She patted his arm that was in front of her stomach, "Thank you again for letting me stay".

"It was nothing", Sinbad smiled down at her. "Welcome back to The Nomad".