So I just watched Repo! and loved it, especially Blind Mag! She's so awesome and creepy at the same time XD I wrote this drabble to hopefully end the little dry spell I've been going through DX Review please!

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The cheap stage lights are awfully strong tonight. Mag noted as she looked around the stage on her final night. Her borrowed eyes searched in vain for the girl she knew was not there. Shilo, a spitting image of her mother. Life is cruel. I finally meet her once I'm already prepared to reunite with Marni. Mag thought regretfully. But she could not bring herself to resent Nathan the slightest.

I bare no grudges tonight.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the furious glare of Rotti Largo and knew she had stalled her shining moment for far too long.

This is it.

She walked to the holster that would lift her to her looming demise, feeling an odd mix of calm and nervousness.

Tonight, I become the choromaggia.

A bitter smile crossed her lips which began to sing of their own accord. Her body gracefully flew through the fake snow and blinding lights, but the her mind was now elsewhere, with Marni.

Oh Marni, give me strength. My moment of freedom approaches. Finally, her song came to an end and the true Magdalene Defoe emerged from the dark place she had hidden since the death of her best friend.

To think, liberation after all these years Marni.

"Choromaggia!" Mag cried with an unwavering voice containing all the raw power her best friend once possessed. "Come take these eyes! I would rather be blind!"

With those final words of defiance, Mag gouged out the only regret she'd truly ever had. The audience gasped and screamed in horror, completely unprepared for the sudden gore.

The fools, pretending they haven't seen worse. Pretending they haven't caused worse themselves...

And as scarlet blood poured down her porcelain face, Mag swore she saw her beautiful friend standing in the crowd singing clear as a bell once again.

"Chase the morning! Yield for nothing!"

She would've been a songbird. Mag concluded as the ropes holding her were cut and the irony impaled her through means of a spiked fence. When the familiar darkness finally consumed her conciousness, soft and warm hands were there to guide her away just as they had over seventeen years ago. Now invisible lips smiled and whispered love filled words of reunion intended for only one.

Mia oscen...

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