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Storm of the Century

Into every life a little rain must fall. Just ask Logan Huntzberger. On his way back to Yale, his car broke down. He had thrown his phone out the window of his car, after fighting with his father. He knew he was coming down with a cold, and the fact that it was raining so hard he was looking for animals by two's and couldn't get his convertable top to go back up... was certainly not helping.
He figured now would be as good a time as any to let his pride go, and try to hitch a ride.

45 minutes later: it was raining harder, and he was starting to shiver, and sneeze.

One hour and thirty minutes in: it was raining so hard, Logan couldn't see the front end of his Porsche. The cough was starting as a tickle in his throat, and slowly but steadily dropping down into his chest.

Two hours in: He sat in his car trying to figure out where he, was and how far Yale was from this point. " Maybe if I start walking, I can make it back by tonight." He slowly started walking in the direction he thought he needed to head. He felt the sharp drop in the temperature, and knew that he was going to keel over on the side of the road. However, the heavens had a different ending in mind for Logan. He was at the point of giving up, when he heard a car horn beside him. " Logan, baby is that you?"

"Ace?" he asked through a body wracking cough.

Rory was out of the car in an instant, and by Logans side with her umbrella up. " Come on, get in the car. We'll discuss why you're walking in the freezing rain, when you are coming down with something already." taking a deep breath she helped him into the car, and ran around to the other side. She heaved a deep sigh and opened her car door. Getting in she looked over at Logan who was curled up in his seat, shaking from the cold. Saying nothing, she turned the heat up, and started driving towards their home.