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Chapter 9

The world at this moment in time was not Logan's favorite place to be. Consciousness. The storm that was raging outside, mirrored what he felt inside. This was painful, and nerve wracking, and stealing away time and energy that could've been spent with his Ace in front of a roaring fire. The pain was unbearable, (almost) but there was nothing that could be done. Knowing this helped a little, and eased his mind a lot. He did however, know that his pain medication wouldn't last much longer, and then he would be on his own. His chest still felt a bit congested, but at least the heaviness was gone. He slowly got up from the bed, and made his way to the bathroom ( his least favorite room in the apartment at the moment). Relieving himself was not the hard task he thought it was going to be. The ache was still there, but it didn't make things difficult this time. Satisfied that he was going to live, he walked into the kitchen where he proceeded to make breakfast for his Ace, and himself.
Armed with eggs, bacon, toast and coffee Logan slowly made his way to the coffee table. "ACE? Wake up. it's time to wake up. I made breakfast."

"Logan? What are you doing up?" she asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

" Well I am feeling a bit better this morning, so I that I would take advantage of it. So I made breakfast." he gave her the patented puppy look. She sighed and got up to join him. Breakfast looked really good " Oh Baby this looks amazing! Thank you. Tell me the truth... how are you really feeling?"

He looked at her, and noted the concern and sincerity. " I feel better. I know there's at least one more to pass, and it's going to hurt like hell! But right now, I'm okay." after they finished their breakfast, Rory took the dishes into the kitchen to wash them. She was very thankful that he was feeling better, but wondered how long this break would be. The answer to that question came an hour later. The 2 of them were bundled up on the couch watching Three's Company reruns, when he got the first shooting pain. His body stiffened, but he remained silent. The second one followed shortly after the first. Yet he remained quiet. After a while, he couldn't hold it in any longer. He opened his mouth to tell Rory what was going on, but moaned instead. That action clued her in to what he was feeling. She looked down at his head in her lap, and knew it had started once again.

"Logan, do you need your pain meds?" she asked not knowing what else to do.

" How many are...left?"

"Two pills. I can give you one now and one later if you want."

"No. I'll wait, this isn't the worst of the pain yet."

"Okay, then let me get you some water. Might as well start now. " Oh goody! Round 94! DING! DING! DING! DING!" she thought to herself.

At some point in the afternoon the stone had passed. It was one of the single hardest things Rory had ever had to witness. After having given him his meds, the pain had burned through them within a span of an hour and a half. When all was said and done, Logan had ended up unconscious on the bathroom floor. She checked his head for any injuries. There was a nice size goose egg on his fore head, but it didn't look too serious. "Time to wake him up." she decided

Logan, Baby? Come on wake up. I think you passed the stone." she said patting his cheek. He groaned, and moved to sit up... Slowly. GAWD, he hurt! But it wasn't the same as before. There wasn't anything trying to claw it's way out now. Just a raw sore feeling. Perhaps that was the last one?

" I think that was the last one, Ace. Can you help me to the couch? I just want to lay down for a while."
She helped him up gently, and walked him to the couch. Covering him up with the throw blanket she bent down to kiss his forehead. She knew he was still weak, and had a lot of recovering to do. (A trip to the doctor's office was first on the list... when they could leave the apartment). But for now, he was hers to hold, and take care of. The pending future not withstanding, she loved this man! Her Logan, her world... Her love...

Logan's side:
Logan anticipated the kiss. He still hurt like hell, but knew he would make it through. This woman that stood in front of. She was his Ace, his angel, his life. But when all else faded to the background, he knew he could never let her go. She would be his for all eternity.
In a few days, there would be school, parents and friends to worry about. but for this small frame of time Logan Huntzberger, and Rory Gilmore were the only 2 people on the planet. Their hearts revolving around each other.


Thank you again! I am playing with different scenes in my head. So tell me, would you like a Rory and Jess story, or a Rory and Dean?