After being shot down by Yayoi for the six time in a month, Dayton regretfully trekked back to the car- and Melvin sitting on the hood of the car. Dayton was starting to miss his usual partner Coby; Coby never told him to be quiet, Coby never told him he couldn't eat in the car, Coby always humored him when he wanted to eat at Borgia's Palace, Coby never slammed on the brakes without warning to watch Dayton crack his skull against the dashboard when he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

But alas, Coby had the flu and Dayton was stuck with mean Melvin who almost all the Pussycats seem to know and like even if he doesn't frequent, or even go to, their strip club. Noticing Dayton's return, Melvin looked up from his book.

"Fuck's up with you?" Melvin asked harshly in his deep baritone. Well, no one could ever complain that Melvin never got to the root of the problem quickly.

Dayton didn't bother to answer him, just jabbed his thumb over his shoulder to Yayoi. Melvin smirked.

"She's a cold bitch, I could have told you that without even meeting her." Melvin snickered.

"All she wanted to talk about was you-" Dayton was cut off by Melvin smacking him with his book.

"Save your breath, fuckwad. I'm gay." Melvin said, bluntly. Dayton was almost to busy rubbing his sore head to hear that last bit.

"What the hell's wrong with- your gay?" Dayton asked in complete disbelief as Melvin cracked open his book again.

"I don't know any straight men that would chose this hair color." Melvin was clearly getting pissed. Dayton was almost seventy five percent sure Melvin gave him a concussion with the last blow to his head.

"But all the chicks flock to you." Dayton whined.

"I don't know why they do, so stop bitching." Melvin snarled and slid into the drivers seat of the Intercepter. Dayton looked hurt. After a few moments of staring at him, Melvin sighed.

"You can eat if you want."Melvin said holding up the half eaten hot dog Dayton brought along as the latter slid into his passenger seat.

"If you get anything onto the seats, I'll have to toss you off the top of the Leader Temple." Melvin started the engine.

"I don't have a napkin to clean up if I do." Dayton said about to talk a bite.

"Then you'll have to lick it up, now won't you?" Melvin said as calmly as if talking about the weather. Melvin slid out of the parking space and into the street, with a nervous Dayton wondering if he'll survive Melvin until Coby get better.