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It was now December in Lima, Ohio. Overnight, the tired streets of Lima had transformed into a winter wonderland. A fresh layer of snow covered the streets and the buildings, so white and so pure that only footprints and tire tracks interrupted its perfection. This was always Quinn's favourite time of year. She loved big sweaters and knitted hats. As a kid, she loved making snowmen in the front yard with her older sister and dodging snowballs from the neighbourhood boys. She loved sitting next to a burning fire afterwards, a mug of steaming hot chocolate clutched in her hands. She loved baking gingerbread cookies with her mom, preparing for Christmas. She loved watching the snow fall outside her window, eventually falling asleep over time. And now, her favourite thing was curling up on the couch with Santana.

Saturday, it was their day. During the week, life was so congested with school and cheer practice that they hardly got to spend any quality time with each other. Fridays were spent with family. More importantly, Friday was the only day Santana got to see both of her parents at once, so they always made Friday dinners important. On Sundays, Quinn would spend most of her day at church; the mornings were spent in service and the afternoons were spent practicing with the church choir. Santana would use this day to catch up on sleep or finish her homework. Saturdays were the only days that neither of them really had any plans. So they made plans with each other.

This Saturday, Quinn was lucky enough to have both parents out of the house. Russell was dragged into work to finalize one of his business deals and her mother was meeting with some friends at the club, something she did every Saturday. This left the entire house to Quinn and Santana.

The two laid on the large couch in the family room. A Sweet Valley High marathon was on TV, and while Quinn didn't really like the show, she knew Santana did. So she laid there and watched with her. Quinn laid there, her head in Santana's lap while the brunette combed her fingers through her long, blonde hair. Quinn was drifting in and out of sleep from the feeling of Santana's finger massaging her scalp while Santana went on about the characters in the show.

"...And that's Matt, but he is cheating on Sarah with Becca."


"That's Mark and he's in love with Billy."


"That's Brooke...she's just really hot."


Santana looked down and saw Quinn's eyes were closed. She couldn't help the smile that graced her lips. She knew Quinn didn't like the show, but she loved that the blonde would sit and watch it with her anyways.

"Are you even listening to me, Q?"

"Of course, why would you think I wasn't?"

"Okay, if you were listening, what did I just say?"

" said I was really hot," Quinn smiled.

Santana chuckled before leaning down and kissing Quinn's cheek, "Well, that is true. I don't just date anyone y'know," Santana watched as Quinn smiled lazily, her eyes still closed. "Baby, we don't have to watch this. I know you don't like this show and I am totally wasting our Saturday-"

Quinn sat up, successfully cutting the Latina off. She faced Santana, grabbing both of her hands and holding them in her own. "As cheesy as this may sound, I don't care what we do as long as I get to spend the day with you. I don't mind just sitting here on the couch with you. I just like being with you."

"Wow," she paused, "did anyone ever tell you that you are a huge dork?" Santana smiled.

"I take offense to that," Quinn let out a fake scoff. "But that's okay, you want to know why?"

"Why?" Santana questioned, raising a curious eyebrow.

"Because I am dating the biggest dork of them all."


"You love it."

"No, I love you."

No matter how many times she hears it, she never gets tired of it. She still doesn't know how or why Santana loves her. What did she do or what did she say to get Santana to agree to be her girlfriend? She will never know, but she will never take it for granted. Santana was going to be hers forever.

Still blushing, Quinn leaned forward and brushed her lips against Santana's. It wasn't forceful or aggressive, it was soft and light, just a brush of lips. Quinn pulled back but Santana leaned forward, once again capturing her lips. It was firmer, but it was just lips against lips. Quinn could feel this shift, it was small, but it was there. She didn't know how to describe it. Most of the time, they were going at each other like horny teenage boys. But this kiss, this soft brush of lips, held so much more feeling. And she didn't know where it came from, but she wasn't the least bit opposed to it.

They both pulled back, their gaze falling upon each other. Dark, brown eyes found hazel and they held each others' gaze for a moment. Quinn could tell Santana felt the shift too. It was in her eyes, the sudden nervousness she saw there. Quinn was sure she had the same look in her own eyes.

Moving on impulse, Santana slowly leaned forward capturing Quinn's lips again. The angle of her body forced Quinn to lie back, not that she was opposed to it. When the blonde's back hit the cushions, Santana pulled away, their eyes meeting once more.

"I-is this okay?" Santana's voice shook with nerves.

Quinn gave a silent nod. Santana would never ask permission to kiss her, so the blonde knew this was going to go further than their usual make out sessions. A lump caught in her throat at the thought. Though she loved Santana, she didn't know how much she was ready for.

Sensing that Quinn was a little anxious, Santana decided to speak again to calm her girlfriend. "You let me know if I am going too far. I will only go as far as you want."

"Okay," Quinn whispered out.

Santana slowly leaned down, capturing Quinn's lips once more. The blonde couldn't help the small moan that released from the back of her throat. Quinn's hands tangled in dark locks, pulling Santana closer towards her. Santana lowered herself down on Quinn, their fronts flush. She placed her hands on either side of Quinn's head.

Santana pulled back, running her tongue along Quinn's bottom lip. Quinn's lips parted and Santana slowly explored the blonde's mouth, her tongue running over the back of Quinn's teeth. A moan escaped and filled the silence, but Quinn couldn't decipher if it came from herself or Santana.

Quinn pulled back for a moment to catch he breath before going back in, playfully flicking her tongue against Santana's. She pulled back quickly, smiling playfully up at Santana. The Latina smirked down at the blonde before slipping her tongue back into Quinn's mouth, their tongues now battling for dominance in a slow dance.

Santana sucked on the blonde's bottom lip, eliciting a moan from Quinn. Quinn pulled back and Santana pulled the blonde's bottom lip between her teeth. Quinn let out a small whine from the mixture of pain and pleasure before Santana soothed it with the flick of her tongue.

They both pulled back, chests heaving. Their eyes found each other once more, staring intently at one another. Santana moved her eyes to scan over Quinn's face, seeing if there were any signs of discomfort.

"Are you okay still?" Santana questioned.

"I haven't asked you to stop, have I?"

"No, but this is nothing new. I just want to make sure you were still okay."

"I...I'm okay."

Santana nodded, accepting Quinn's response. She pushed forward again, capturing Quinn's lips once more before trailing slow, open mouth kisses down the blonde's jaw line. She nipped lightly at her jaw before continuing her assault on Quinn's neck.

Quinn could feel the familiar throbbing between her legs. Each kiss burned her skin, each nip at her skin and suck of her pulse point caused a painful pleasure and each roll of her tongue soothed it over and meshed the feelings together. Quinn's mind became clouded, unable to think of anything other than Santana and her lips and her tongue. Moans were falling from her lips at an exceeded pace, and the throbbing between her legs was only increasing. She couldn't help but roll her hips upward, searching for some sort of friction. When her hips connected with Santana's, both girls let out a low moan. Santana kissed below Quinn's ear before pulling the blonde's earlobe between her teeth.

"Little eager are we, Q?" Santana whispered out, her hot breath hitting the shell of Quinn's ear. Quinn's couldn't ignore the way her breath hitched or the way goose bumps covered her skin.

Santana was about to dive back in when they both heard the sound of a key going into the lock of the front door. They pulled apart quickly, smoothing out their clothes and hair while putting a good amount of distance between them.

"Quinn, Judy? Anyone home?" Russell bellowed from the front foyer.

"In the living room, daddy," Quinn answered, her voice slightly shaky.

"Ahh there you are and...Oh...hello Santana," The Latina knew it was just a formality but she gave a small wave anyways.

"What are you doing home so early, daddy? I thought you had that work thing?"

"I did, but I got it pushed until tomorrow. Told them I had to make sure to get home to see my daughter off on her date tonight."

"Date?" Santana questioned.

Last week, Quinn had attended the father/daughter gala with her father. It was a lot of casualties, fake smiling, fake laughing, fake compliments; everything about the night was fake. She was merely another trophy to show off to potential investors. While she was there, she met Dean. He was the son of her father's new business partner. They didn't really speak. They just shared a knowing smile. They were merely pawns in their fathers' game.

Russell had urged that the two go on a date, and there was no room to refute. They had no choice in the matter. Their fathers set a date and the two scuffed their feet against the marble floor, meeting each other's gaze every so often. Again, sharing a knowing look; a look of apology.

However, Quinn had put off telling Santana. She wanted to tell her, but she didn't want to hurt her. The date meant nothing. So, she didn't feel like she should explain it to Santana. Why would she need to explain a date that wouldn't matter and would never be repeated?

Though seeing the hurt look in Santana's eyes now, she realized she should have told her. It shouldn't have been sprung on her like this.

"Yes, she has a date with Dean. He is the son of one of my colleagues. They two really hit it off at the gala last week."

"Gala? Really hit is off, huh?"


"You know what? I actually have to go home. I forgot I had this thing with my mom and-"


"No, I'll see you later Quinn. You have to get ready for your date," Santana's voice dripping with venom.

Quinn watched as Santana gathered her things quickly. She could tell the Latina was angry, livid even. But most of all, she was hurt. Quinn wanted to tell her that it didn't mean anything. That it was just a ploy to get her dad off her back. But she couldn't tell her that while her father was standing behind her looking over her shoulder.

"I'll see you later, Q. Nice seeing you again Mr. Fabray," Russell nodded, not willing to return the statement.

Quinn watched as Santana approached the entryway. She turned, looking one last time at Quinn. The blonde could see the hurt in Santana's eyes. She wanted nothing more than to run over there and hold her, kiss her and apologize. She wanted nothing more than the pain to be cleared away. But Santana turned away, heading towards the front door. She heard a slam before silence fell upon the house. So quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"You know Quinn, I would suggest finding other friends. You hang around that Santana girl far too much."

"Daddy, she's my best friend."

"Yeah, well, maybe you should find a new one. She's not good for you Quinn. She has trouble written all over her. She will taint your reputation and it will hurt you in the end."

Russell started walking away before Quinn interjected.


"Yes, Quinn."

"Will it hurt me, or will it really hurt you?"

Quinn could feel her father's eyes boring into the back of her head. She could tell he was angry by the tension that filled the room. She never usually talked back to her father, but every now and then, she couldn't hold in her complaints and her opinions.

Memories of his angry voice bellowing out and filling the room flooded her mind. She could still feel the familiar sting of his hand connecting with her cheek all those years ago. Funny enough, both of these issues involved Santana.

So she sat there, expecting his hand to connect with her cheek once again. She jumped when she heard the sound of glass shattering against the opposing wall. She turned tentatively to look at her father. His face was flushed red with anger as her glared at her.

"Don't EVER talk to me like that!" he said angrily. "I am your father God dammit."

"Don't use the lord's name in vain," Quinn muttered under her breath.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?" He shouted, forcing Quinn to jump. She decided it was best to stay silent. She had to pick her battles, "I want that cleaned up and then you are going to get ready for your date."

Russell walked away, closing off any idea of refuting his request. Quinn walked over to the closet and grabbed out the small broom and began sweeping up the shattered glass from the floor.

Quinn couldn't help but check her phone every few minutes. She had called and texted Santana numerous times, but she had yet to answer back. Quinn kept hoping that the next time she checked her phone she would see a text or that her phone would start ringing. She felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment every time she saw nothing there and heard no ringtone.

"You know, it looks like you are on a date with your phone instead of me," Dean smiled.

She couldn't deny that Dean was good looking. He had that tall, dark and handsome look down pact. He was tall, maybe 6 ft. He had an athletic build, not too bulky but not too slim. She thinks he mentioned something about playing football. Or was it soccer?

But at the end of the day, he was no Santana. She would much rather be looking across the table at her girlfriend in a tight fitting dress that barely reached mid-thigh. She would rather be looking into her dark, brown eyes instead of Dean's blue ones.

"Sorry," she said, but she couldn't tell if she really meant it or not.

"Why don't we just bail? We both don't want to be here," Dean offered.

"I would but I feel like my dad is having me followed by private investigators."

Dean had a confused look on his face, surely not knowing if Quinn was being serious or not. A smile then spread across his lips. Clearly he didn't take her comment literally. At least he wasn't completely dense.

"Alright, if we are forced to be in each other's company for at least the next hour, let's at least go somewhere better than this crappy restaurant."

The restaurant was far from crappy. It was the only five start eatery in Lima. Plates cost an average of $40. It was quite fancy and overpriced. Fit for a meal between Quinn Fabray and Dean Wright. Quinn couldn't help but feel their names sounded like a bad law firm.

Despite not liking the idea of being alone with Dean, she decided if she had to spend an hour with him, she didn't want it to be here. They threw some money down to pay for their drinks before gathering their things. They headed out to Dean's car. He opened the door for her and waited for her to get in before he closed it softly. She at least was happy he was a gentleman.

He rounded the car and hopped in the driver's seat and quickly started the car.

They were driving for awhile, maybe 30 minutes. The whole drive was silent aside from the few attempts at small talk Dean had made earlier. Thankfully he learned his lesson when Quinn didn't actually respond to his questions.

They eventually pulled off the road and into a gravel parking lot. They drove for another minute or two before Dean stopped the car. From where they parked, they had an entire view of Lima.

Quinn watched as Dean got out of the car. She watched as he pulled out a few blankets from the trunk and as he spread the blanket over the hood of the car and setting the other two at the side. He walked to her door, opening it and urging her to step out. She complied, if only to make time pass faster. This was going to be a long night.

"So what's his name?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well you have been checking you phone so much I am assuming that there must be a pissed off boyfriend you are trying to apologize to," Dean stated.

"Not exactly..."Quinn trailed off.

"Girlfriend, then?"

Quinn felt her mouth go dry and it felt as if her tongue swelled three sizes. She wanted to deny she had a girlfriend, deny the fact that she might be gay, but she couldn't find her voice to do so. Instead, she started spitting out nonsense.

"W-what...I-I don't."

"Hey, I don't judge. Love is love, right?"

"You mean it doesn't bother you? You aren't disgusted by it?"

"I get that this is Lima, Ohio but not everyone has a mind as small as this town. It's 2009, the world is changing. We have to learn to change with it."

Dean smiled and Quinn felt this weight lift off her chest. Dean was the first person she told about Santana. He was the first one to know that she was in love with a girl. And while the thought scared her, having a stranger knowing her biggest secret, she also had an overwhelming sense of relief. Someone knew and the world didn't come crashing down.

"I really appreciate you not judging me," Quinn smiled and Dean returned it.

"So, are you going to tell me her name?"

Quinn opened her mouth to speak but she soon closed it. She focused her gaze from Dean to the cityscape of Lima, the glow of the streetlights intensified by the white of the snow.

"Okay, not ready to share. Well, my girlfriend's name is Abby."

Quinn turned to look at the boy, "Wait, you have a girlfriend?"

"Sure do. You're not the only one whose parents don't approve of your significant other."

"Actually, my parents don't know about Santana. Actually no one knows...well...except for you I guess."

"Your secret's safe with me. I feel kind of honoured actually," Quinn chuckled and Dean joined her. "So Santana, eh?"

"Yup, Santana."

"That's a really pretty name."

"It matches the pretty girl."

They both smiled at one another before looking away, Quinn's cheeks flushing pink more from embarrassment from that corny line than the cold winter weather. When Quinn looked up again, she saw Dean with a thermos full of what she could only guess was coffee, and two blankets clutched in his other hand.

"Can I persuade you with coffee and blankets? We can talk about the lovely ladies we would rather be with right now instead of each other."

Quinn laughed and decided to join him. She hopped up on the hood of the car, snagging one of the blankets from his hand. She wrapped it around herself and pulled it close to her body, slowly warming up. She watched as Dean filled a styrofoam cup with coffee and handed it off to her. She took a sip, it immediately warming her skin, as she watched Dean wrap a blanket around himself and pour himself a cup of coffee.

"So, I wanna hear more about Santana. How did you meet? How did you get together?"

"You know, I have answered a lot of the questions lately. I want to hear more about Abby. How did you meet? How did you get together?" he chuckled while she took a sip from her coffee.

"Alright then. I met Abby in freshmen year of high school. We had a spring dance and her band was playing a set. She was a drummer, and she was so good at it. She played so flawlessly that it was hard to tear my eyes away from her. It is not every day that you see a girl drummer who is that good."

"Girl drummer? Sounds kind of hot."

"Oh she is, trust me," they both smiled before he continued. "Anyways, she was in my English class. We sat next to each other, and for the longest time we didn't talk. I was the airhead football player and she was in a band. We didn't exactly mesh. One day, I saw her listening to some ACDC song on her IPod. I told her I really liked ACDC and that the song she was listening to was the first song I learned to play on guitar. From then on, we would talk about different bands and songs. We would play in her garage on the weekends. Then in the beginning of sophomore year, I played her 'You Shook Me All Night Long,' and asked her out. We have been together ever since."

"'You Shook Me All Night Long, really?" they both laughed.

"It was our thing, okay?" Dean smiled.

"So, you've been together about as long as I've been with Santana. About 4 months."

"Look at you doing math," he chuckled. "Alright, your turn. How did you meet her? How did you get together?"

"Well, I've known her most of my life. We met in kindergarten when we were 5. She became my best friend after she saved me from this mean boy, Puck, on the playground. He was making fun of me and she pushed him to the ground and told him if he ever made fun of me again that she would castrate him."

"She said this when she was 5?"

"I can't make this up," they both laughed once again. This whole thing was getting a lot easier as time went on. "Anyways," she continued, "We actually got together in September. We had always had an attraction to each other, she was my first kiss actually, but I always thought she was straight. One night she was sleeping over after cheer tryouts and I kissed her. I freaked out and ran out of her house. I completely avoided her until she showed up at my house one night about a week later. She sang 'More Than Anyone' and we danced together. She told me she felt the same way I did, but didn't want to admit it. We didn't become official until after our first date though. The next night, she took me to a drive-in movie just for us. She set up blankets and dinner and we watched all my favourite movies. It was the greatest date I had ever had."

"Wow, I think you win."

They both fell into silence. They both stared out into the distance, looking at the city below. They wrapped the blankets closer to their bodies, feeling the temperature dropping quickly. They sipped at their coffee still, but it was starting to get too cold to drink. Quinn had to force hers down with a grimace.

They met each others' gaze, silently agreeing that they wanted to go home and get out of the cold. Quinn helped Dean pack up the blankets and the thermos in the trunk before they got in the car and blasted the heat.

It took them about 40 minutes before Dean pulled in front of Quinn's house. He put the car in park but didn't cut the engine.

"Thanks for tonight. I had a lot more fun than I thought I would."

"Yeah, me too actually," Quinn smiled.

"Well, I wish you luck with Santana. I hope it all works out in the end."

"I am sure I should say the same thing about Abby."

"Yeah, she wasn't too please about this whole date thing."

"At least you told her. I thought I didn't need to tell her until my dad just sprung it on her before I had a chance rethink my decision and talk to her about it."

"Yeah, you are more in the dog house than I am," he chuckled.

"Yeah," she couldn't quite find the same humour that Dean could in the situation.

She began to take off her seatbelt, her hand hovering over the door handle when she felt Dean put a hand on her shoulder.

"Here's my number," he offered her a piece of paper with his number in it. "If you need someone to talk to ever, just call me."

"Thanks, Dean."

"Anytime," he smiled.

"Good luck," she said.

"Good luck to you as well," he returned.

She gave him a brief hug before stepping out of the car and heading towards her house. She stopped on the front porch and turned around to give a final wave to Dean before he drove off. She was glad she had met him, even if it put her in the place she is at now. At least she got a friend to talk to out of it.

Now she just had to find a way to make it up to Santana.

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