This is my very first fic, so it's not very good.

The Brave Police were astonished as they watched the live news feed. Right now in the United States the UN was discussing a peace treaty with the planet Cybertron. A planet of robots JUST LIKE THEM! They didn't quite know what to think.

"Can you believe that there is an actual planet full of sentient robots like us?" PowerJoe said still amazed.

"Isn't it great!" Drillboy exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah!" Yuuta said equally excited. Just then Yuuzo Saejima walked in with a woman behind him. She was young and a bit shorter than Saejima with brown eyes and glasses at the end of her nose. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white shirt and a suit jacket and her light brown hair was up in a ponytail.

"Commissioner, who is this?" Deckerd asked as he noticed them walk in.

"This is Dr. Jenkins she is a scientist who was sent by the UN to survey the team." Saejima informed them with a concerned look on his face.

"Why would the UN want to survey us?" McCrane asked turning to look at Dr. Jenkins in confusion. But before Saejima could answer Jenkins stepped forward and said "The UN told the Cybertronian king that they needed something more than a piece of paper to unite our two worlds."

"And what does that have to do with us?" PowerJoe said very confused. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"You they 'the missing link'" She said trying to explain. The room was Quiet for quite a while as everyone tried to figure out what she was saying. "okay, let me explain it like this." She eventually sighed. "Do you remember the stories in which a king would want to make peace with a neighboring country?"

Everyone nodded.

"And how did this usually happen?" She asked trying to get them to figure out what she was telling them. Drillboy then piped up.

"Wouldn't the king give his daughter to be married to the other king's son?" He asked.

"Exactly." She said with a smile 'finally someone is starting to get it.' she thought to herself. "That is what the UN wants from Cybertron a marriage of sorts between their princess and a bot that matches the Cybertronion king's standards."

The room again went silent as everyone stared at her in absolute shock.

"So, you decided to choose one of us?" Duke said regaining his voice.

"Yes, because the Brave Police are the only sentient robots on the planet."

"I see"

"Now if you don't mind I don't want the treaty to be held back longer then it needs to be so I'll just get to work." With that she sat down and the rest of the room went to work on some cases that needed to be solved.

Two days went by and Dr. Jenkins had reached her decision. Everyone gathered in the Decker Room to see who she had chosen.

"Thank you for letting me stay here and observe how you guys run things for the past two days, but now it is time for me to tell you my decision and take one of you with me back to the Autobot base in America." Jenkins said when they had gathered.

"Which one of the guys are you going to take?" Yuuta asked, worry etched in his voice as well as on his face.

"Well it was a tough choice but..."

"Get on with it!" Dumpson yelled with impatience.

"Fine, just hold your horses" She snapped back. "After a lot of thinking I Chose...Deckerd." Everyone Gasped

"Why me?" Deckerd asked in utter confusion.

"Because, you met all of the king's standards" She said a little annoyed. "So tomorrow you and I will be leaving for the States."

"Very well," Deckerd sighed in a kind of sad tone. "Commissioner?" He then asked turning to look at Saejima "May take the rest of the day off to spend some time with my friends?"

"Yes, you may" Saejima said nodding. "Yuuta you may also have the day off to spend with Deckerd"

"Thank you sir" Yuuta replied. He climbed onto Deckerd's hand and they walked out to spend their last day together.

The next day came to quickly for Yuuta and he was now crying silently while hugging Deckerd's leg as they waited at the air port for the C-130 that would come to take Deckerd and Dr. Jenkins back to the States. He couldn't believe this was happening, Deckerd was really leaving.

"Don't worry Yuuta I'm sure we will get to see each other again soon." Deckerd said trying to cheer him up.

"You really think so?" Yuuta asked as he looked up wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I know so." Deckerd replied smiling. Just then they heard a plane land and saw Dr. Jenkins come running up.

"The plane is here, it's time to go." She said catching her breath. Deckerd nodded and pulled Yuuta into a slight embrace.

"Be brave, Yuuta" He said as they embraced. He then gave Yuuta over to his sisters, who were also crying a little, and walked towards the plane. He turned around for a brief moment and waved, then he boarded the plane.

"You've got some good, caring friends. I hope you get to see them again soon." Jenkins said as she took a seat next to Deckerd.

"Yeah they're great." He replied with a sigh. He was really going to miss them a lot. He only hoped that one day soon he would get to come back and see them again.

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