This is a story of how Caleb woke up and started his adventure on Future Gate in the year 2105. Yes it is when it started for him. He did not know that he would call the roboidz kettelheads yet. This is my first ever story so please i hope you will like it as much as i liked to write it.

My name is Caleb and i am feeling cold. How is it that i am so cold, as i sat up i saw that i was in a room with od bits and bobs. Then i saw some clothes, now i realised i was naked. The clothing was nothing much some pants a shirt, socks and boots. I quickly got dressed, yes much warmer.

"Where am i? And why do i have this urge to go somewhere i never went in my life? "

I started walking in a direction that was familiar to me, left right second fork left and so on.

I reached my destination and found that it was a dead end.

I turned around and a weird energy ball of light emerged from nowhere. "Caleb is that you?" The ball asked it sort of moved when it spoke.

"That is my name." I replied. "Who are you?"

"I am Cybele, i am an AI. You might want to know where you are?" Cybele asked.

"In general yes." I replied

"What do you remember before you came here?" Cybele asked.

"O let's think, strange things like people talking about Shades and Roboidz. What does it all mean?"

Cybele glowed a soothing blue light and started talking. "You woke up in the year 2105, this is Future Gate and mankind has all but been eradicated. You were very ill as a young man 17 years old, which your parents did not know how to stop it, your cybernetics like your arm were given to you by your parents. Cybernetics means that you have robotic inplants grafted to your human body, your parents did not know if this treatment that has been given to you would work and so you were put in a stasis chamber. That is when the roboidz started to attack your parents hide you away so neither the Shade nor the Roboidz could find you."

"And do you know who my parents are?" I asked in enthusiasm

Cybele sighed "Sadly no I do not know hopefully we will find out in due time."

I yawned. I felt so tired all i wanted to do is fall asleep then and there.

"I see you're tired, you should go to the sleeping quarters, near the command deck." Cybele still glowed warm that i agreed immediately. "But how will i get there?" I asked.

"Don't worry you will know." She replied.

I did know as i bid her good night i started walking in the direction i know to get me to a bed. As i reached the room i stopped look at a control box and typed in a code, the light that was green turned red en a voice told me. "Security on have a good night." I kept o walking in to a room with a bed. I pulled of my boots and fell on the bed and knew no more.

A/N This is a short storry of Caleb who now wil learn al there is in Future Gate. Hopefully you like it please review. Jacqueline