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After the continuous banter that I had with myself, I admit. I fancy my best friend, Albus Potter. You see, I'd tell him, but I can't. I have a lot of reasons why I refuse to like him. But then there's just that one big reason why I can't like him. That one big problem I have will probably affect practically everyone when they hear about it. I can't Al, or anyone for that matter. A matter of life & death. Oh, I'm not joking.

Who Knew?

Written by TheUnwrittenGirl

Prologue - September 1, 2017

"Come on, Dad!" I whined, as I took a moment to look back at my Father who wasn't too far behind me.

I pushed through the crowd, as I made my way through the entrance to King's Cross Station. Strange and unknown identities passed me by as I hurried forward. I didn't take the time to look at my surroundings and the people around me, as I usually did.

If I had my way with the crowd right now, I would've pushed my way through and would've been like: "OUT OF MY WAY, PEASANTS! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!" Insert laughing thought here, I'm just kidding.

But that would've been somewhat funny to some extent.

It was September 1, 2017, and today would be my leave for my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was anxious, to say the least. I've always been surrounded by magic, but not too much since my father wanted a balance between the wizard and muggle world for me.

The station was crowded, and packed with many muggles of all ages. All minding their own business. I was fairly use to the presence of non-magical beings such as them. Seeing that I have grew up in their surroundings since birth. I was use to being pushed up against them in the crowded subways, or having to walk pass them on the streets of London. Not knowing how to use my powers exactly, I was practically one of them.

I stopped to the side, waiting for my Dad to catch up. When he finally did, he finally lead the way with me in tow.

"Dad," I spoke, coming up to his side. "They're all muggles, aren't they? I don't see anyone like me." It was fairly obvious to spot someone who would be of magic…Especially someone near my age, giving that they would be pushing a cart which carried a trunk, and a cage for their companioned pet. Similar to the cart my dad was currently pushing.

But there was no one at this station I could spot similar to me. In fact, there were hardly any people from my generation at all. I knew that regular muggle students started school later on in the month, so there weren't much kids my age around here.

Mostly just a bunch of boring grown ups in professional work wear.

My Dad and I finally came to a stop at the big pillar towards the middle of the station. I had remembered that we were to be dropped off at the platform of 9¾. Just like my dad had told me before.

Sure, I sounded anxious and a bit too excited…Not to mention eager to get to Hogwarts…

But then again, how in the hell am I suppose to even get to this school, if we can't even find the bloody platform!

As I tried to stand there patiently, waiting for my Dad to finish whatever he was doing, I looked around at the signs of the station and I found that we were under the sign of Platform 9. But if this was Platform 9, surely Platform 9¾ was somewhere near around here, right?

"Dad," I said impatiently, "I'm gonna miss the train if we're just standing here. But are you sure the platform is platform 9¾? I mean, there's no sign here listed at all! And why would this platform be around here anyway? I mean, shouldn't the place be a little bit more off away from where all the muggles are?"

My dad sighed, "Be patient, Elizabeth. 'Sides, we're getting here early anyways." He said, as I mentally gagged at the long name he and my mum gave me when I was born. "It's hidden, darling."

"But if this is the magical world we're talking about, wouldn't the station be hidden somewhere safer? Like, oh I don't know, underground? The country side? Or the jungle!?" I say in a somewhat sarcastic tone. "I mean, look at it this way. The Ministry is located through toilets, portkeys, fireplaces, apparation, and telephone booths."

My dad smiled at me, use to my impatience and sarcasm. Oh, I was an interesting child to bring up, trust me.

But I trusted my Dad's judgement, knowing that he had once attended Hogwarts before when he was younger. He and Mum both did, and were also both in the Ravenclaw house as well.

Sometimes, I think that I'll most likely get into Ravenclaw, because they both did. Then again, there could be another chance to where I'd get into another house. But nonetheless, Dad said he'd be proud of me in whatever house I'd get in.

After a few moments of just standing around, I spoke up again, probably annoying my Dad even more with the same matter. "Dad, you know I'd love to be lazy and to stand around all day and chat. But I'm gonna be late if we don't get a move on."

Before my dad could speak, he took a few glances around before saying, "Just checking to see if there're any muggles looking. The entrance is right through this wall. We can go now, no one's looking." He gestured to the wall that we were standing right next to.

Lovely, now we have to ram ourselves to a wall. Perfectly normal. No problem whatsoever.

Dad and I pulled away from the great pillar, and together, we pushed my cart towards the entrance. Naturally, I shut my eyes.

I mean, who wouldn't if you were in my position? Seeing as how I'm about to ram myself into a hard brick wall.

Totally normal.

I waited for a hard impact as my Dad and I hurried towards the pillar, but it never came.

We finally came to a halt, and my eyes were still shut tight. "You can open your eyes now, Lizzie." Dad said, using my nickname.

I sighed with relief, knowing that I didn't have to experience some sort of concussion.

I'm coordinated. I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. Especially when just in a few years, I could try out for the quidditch team.

When I opened my eyes, I was amazed to find a whole new station in front of me. Sure, it looked similar to King's Cross Station, but with a big red train parked on the tracks, I think its safe to say that I'm at platform 9¾.

The platform wasn't all too crowded, since Dad and I took the liberty of getting here early to get a good seat on the train. But there were about a dozen or more families here.

Kids of all ages were here. There were the students of the school, who were either worrying about their stuff, and then there were others, who were greeting their friends as soon as they sighted them. Then there were the kids who couldn't go to Hogwarts yet. Some were happy to see their older siblings leave, a few were crying and clinging to their arm, and the rest of them just pleases to go to Hogwarts too.

Suddenly, my anxiousness suddenly turned into nervousness. I didn't know anyone here. It was like starting a whole new life here. And this was just the beginning, considering that I haven't even gotten on the train yet.

"Told you it was hidden." My dad smirked at me as he said so. He took a deep breath as he took in the sight of the platform. "Ah, I remember this place. Good memories. You'll have fun here, I assure you." After dad and I had placed my trunk away, we said our goodbyes, which my Dad struggled greatly with.

"Uh, um, okay. Heh, your mother was a bit better at goodbyes than I was."

I smiled warmly at my father, then hugged him, catching him by surprise. "Dad, you don't have to give me the exact same speech every other parent is giving their kids right now." Dad chuckled as he hugged me back. "I already know what you're going to say."

"I'm glad you've made this easy for me." Dad said.

"Easy to not give me a speech?"

"Well not only that. But for the past years. With your mother gone, I've been worrying on how to raise you on my own." You see, since the day I was born, it just became me and my Dad…and of course, gran. Well soon after I was born….

Well, Mum died. Naturally, I don't remember her, considering that she died hours later after I was born.

Sure, I had aunts and uncles…And a couple family members to be around. But I mostly saw my gran, who helped my Dad bring me up. She lives on the outskirts of London, by the country side. But for the majority of my life, Dad and I moved around a lot. Mostly because of his work.

I was born in London, but a year later, Dad, gran and I moved out to Australia until I was five. Then after that, we moved to the states and lived in D.C. 'till I was 9. Then before I turned 10, we all moved back to England.

It was hard for Dad to move back to London, considering the fact that he'd have to remember Mum. I knew he loved her so much, but we both knew that we couldn't avoid our homeland any longer.

"It's alright Dad. We have gran. 'Sides, I can take care of myself."

He smiled warmly. "You're mother would be so proud of you right now." Dad said as he hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "I am sure no matter what house you get into, me and your grandmother will be proud of you. And when it comes to quidditch, dear…Don't forget to keep supporting the Harpies, Finches, and for Ireland."

"The Har-land Finches all the way." The Har-land Finches was a combination of me and Dad's favorite quidditch teams.

"Good. Now go, before I start crying and change my mind and decide to homeschool you instead." He joked.

I rolled by eyes as he nudged me to the train's portal. "Bye, Daddy." And with one last look and wave, I boarded the train carrying a small backpack and the cage of my owl, Snow, in hand. Once I got on, I headed down a hall, looking for an empty compartment. Eventually I found one, seeing as I was one of the early people to have arrived at the platform. I sat down by the window, propped up Snow's cage on the seat in front of me and opened her cage, letting her out. After I placed her cage on the shelf above me and let her sit on my shoulder.

I looked up to her and said, "We're gonna be going on a new adventure, Snow. You won't abandon me now, would you?" She hooted in response, allowing me to chuckle. I took a small treat out of my pocket and fed her.

Time soon started to pass and I proceeded to get comfortable with the compartment I was in. I finally felt settled rather than tense and over anxious as I once did the moment I stepped foot on the train. As I sat in my compartment, waiting for departure, I looked out the window and saw the station already filled up with a lot of people. People of all ages were roaming around with rush. Some kids were getting the typical goodbye speech from their parents, others were hugging and clinging to each other, and the underage ones who couldn't go to Hogwarts cried. There was a lot of running about and rush coming from both parents and the students. It wasn't bad or wild…It was simply a sight to see.

I didn't even know how long I was staring out the window until I noticed someone taping on my compartment door.

It was a boy, who seemed my age. When he slid the door open and poked his head in, I finally got a good look at the boy. He had dark hair, bright green eyes, and a nervous expression on his face. He cleared his throat before saying, "Uhm..Uh, well…Almost everywhere else is full. Me and my family seemed to have separated..And well..-"

"-You were hoping if you could join me?" I finished before the boy nodded shyly in response. I smiled warmly, "Oh of course. Come in. My body doesn't exactly take up one compartment to fit in anyway. I can't hog the whole place to myself." We both chuckled. After the boy settled in, I stuck out my hand. "I'm Lizzie by the way. Lizzie Hart."

I might as well make a new friend. I don't want to be exactly known as anti-social here. Might as well start off on the right foot with someone.

He shook my hand back with a smile and replied, "Al Potter."

"Nice to meet you." I beamed. In all honesty, I knew who this kid was right off the bat once he told me his name. The Potters was practically a house hold name within all the wizard families. Pretty much everyone particularly involved in with the war over a decade ago, was practically known. Especially Harry Potter himself. He was in the newspapers, The Prophet, history books, stories, and even at his age...Witch Weekly. Naturally, because of all the fame, even his kids got wrapped up in some of the media's attention.

Though they're not too exposed, and you'd see one of their faces in the papers from time time to time. But I never really bothered with their names...Though I felt bad for them since they don't really have that sense of anonymity in public. Plus, they didn't have the complete privacy they wanted.

So that sucks catnip balls.

Yes, I said catnip balls. Sod off.

But I mean, I felt bad for him. He was just another kid...Like me.

Our handshake eventually started to slow down...With the exception of him staring intently at me.

"What?" I asked uncomfortably.

He started off saying, "Your eyes...They're purple." I somewhat froze in my seat and darted my eyes to the ground. You see, I've always felt uncomfortable at the mention of my eyes. My eye color wasn't exactly the same as other people. Instead of having the typical eye color such as brown, blue, green, black or hazel...or whatever fancy shmancy normal color there was...I got stuck with a pair of violet colored eyes.

And because I had this...I've been labeled a lot of things in my life. Some found it fascinating, others found it weird, and some called me a fake...and a freak. I try to stay positive about it and just like to think that they were jealous.

I mean...Come on, I'm a witch.

I'm already a freak.

I'm not normal, I have magical powers and I own a wand. What else is normal about that?

"Um..Yeah." I said, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Are they real? Or are you just wearing them muggle colored contact lenses?"

"Oh uhm. I-I w-" I stuttered.

He seemed to notice my tense state and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was an uncomfortable subject to you."

I gave him a small smile, "Thanks..It's alright. It's just that you know...I get judged by it a lot. But uh, it's genes. It's very rare. Dad has blue eyes while my Mum's...well actually, I don't know what her eye color is." I say. But I knew that this wasn't the full story. I just met the kid and I wasn't gonna reveal everything to him in just a moment.

"Why not?"

"Oh she died a few days after I was born." I said casually. "It's a touchy subject for Dad, so I haven't seen a picture of her yet."

Albus looked like he completely regretted asking, "I'm sorry. I seem to be asking a lot of you right now."

I smiled, "No, no. It's alright. I didn't even meet, so I'm not too upset about the topic."

"Oh okay. But don't be alarmed, but I don't get why people judge you about your eyes. Your eyes are brilliant, in my opinion." He smiled at me.

My eyes looked back up at him in surprise. "Really? Uh..Thanks." I smiled at him and cleared my throat. In all honesty, giving the fact that my only friends has ever been my family and a couple muggles my age...I wasn't always so open towards my friends since they didn't know the other half of me. I wasn't always so keen on talking about myself. Wanting to change the topic, I cleared my throat and said, "So what house do you reckon you'd get in?"

He leaned back in his seat and gave a wondering expression, "Dunno." He shrugged, "I don't really mind in which house I get in, really. Dad said that he and mum'll be proud in whatever house I get into. You?"

"Same...But probably Ravenclaw since my Mum and Dad's been in the same house." I said.

After that we didn't speak for a few minutes. The train had already started to move and Al was sort of quiet, so I tried to get the conversation going. I told him a bit about myself, and vice versa. As we were in a conversation about the rumors at Hogwarts, his cousin, Rose Weasley came in and joined us. She's quite nice, slightly tempered, and incredibly intelligent. At first she sort of questioned me and was surprised to know that I couldn't care less that she was a Weasley and that Al was a Potter. I was a bit taken aback by her reaction to me, but then I couldn't blame them since they couldn't really trust people because they were used for fame and such.

In all honestly, Rose sort of made me uncomfortable and a little scared. But needless to say, I was officially won over by Rose, who actually liked the abnormalcy of my eyes. And I was beginning to actually like this world a whole lot more. I felt a bit more accepted.

"So what does your dad do, Lizzie?" Rose asked as the three of us gobbled down some sweets from the trolley. Of course I had the most candy, since I was absolutely addicted to that stuff. If it was possible, I'd live in Candy Land, live in a candy house, and if there was, I'd marry a gingerbread man, and if I was mad at him…I'd eat him. Fear me boys.

God, I'm mental.

"He works in the ministry. Level 5, Department of International Magical Cooperation, I believe. He deals with foreign affairs, so he travels a lot. " I told them. Though I love my dad to bits, he wasn't exactly always there. No matter how much he wanted to be. Because he was in this department, he's always busy and always traveling, which explains his lack of appearance in my life, and our moving around a lot.

"Our dads are Aurors." Al replied. "I always considered being an Auror when I grow up. Or a teacher."

"Why be a teacher? It's so boring." A voice from the compartment's doorway came. In the doorway, stood two tall boys. One had dark hair, and had a similar appearance to Harry and Al Potter. The other one, looked like a Weasley, due to his bright orange hair. They were decently good looking in some way, like Al. But whatever, I didn't really care for it much.

"It's not that bad, really. You get to give kids whatever grades you want to give them." The slightly red-headed boy piped up next to him.

"Fred!" Rose reprimanded, "That's completely unfair to do so and completely against school teaching policies!"

The boy waved it off, "Policies folicies."

"Well enough of that bit." The dark headed boy next to him said, "What's important now is that we've finally found the both of you. I swe-"

"You ditched us, idiot." Al mumbled, earning a smirk from me.

"-ar, I thought you both didn't get on the train for a mo..But then I remembered we all came on the same time. You tw-" He suddenly cut off when his eyes fell on me, and then back at Al. A quite intriguing one, if I may add." Ahh, I see Al found himself a lady friend." His eyes flickering back and forth between the both of us.

"Well I'm Fred Weasley the II...The Dashing One...Dear madam." Fred, the red-headed one, remarked as he bowed down to me.

"Charming." I said flatly, staring at the odd boy.

"And I'm the wonderful James Potter the II!" The other boy bowed as well before getting back up along with his cousin.

"Lizzie Hart." I told them with a hint of amusement. I then faced Al and said. "You're family's quite amusing."

Al groaned. "Their prats." He shook his head before taking a bite out of his chocolate frog.

"Now now, Alby dearest." James tsked, "That's not such a nice thing to call your brother and cousin."

"At least it's accurate." Al mumbled, but only loud enough for me to hear. Al and I exchanged knowing smirks and then turned back to James and Fred.

"But since we're both here, I think we're obligated to get to know Miss Hart!" Fred said, as he took a seat next to me. James joining us as well.

"Great." I said flatly.

"See? She's warming up to us already. " James exclaimed with happiness, completely ignoring my sarcasm. "So what's the topic here again? Ah yes, Alby here wants to be a teacher. How boring."

"Well is Hogwarts boring?" I asked James.

He gasped. "Bloody hell no!"

"Do they give detentions and all sorts?" I then turned to Fred and asked.

He nodded, "Course. They get all the power." He said grudgingly.

I raised an eyebrow at the both of them and said, "Well you two are right idiots if you think that teachers at Hogwarts have got nothing to do besides being boring. So daft, I swear." I mumbled the last bit. But from what it seemed like, Al seemed to have noticed and had gave out a small small.

I noticed both older boys exchanged looks of amusement with raised eyebrows with one another and smirked. "I like her." Fred declared.

"Yeah, she's spunky, I like it. She's not a bore."

"Well thank you gents."

We continued on with our chatter for a few hours, and both boys eventually had noticed my eyes and had started questioning them. And so naturally, I was obligated in giving the same speech and explanation I had given Al earlier. In result, they didn't judge me as well.

Though I knew I'd probably be giving the same explanation over and over again for the next month and for the beginning of the term, I started getting use to the fact that everyone would be questioning it. Also, hopefully, everyone won't judge me as well.

"You lot'll like Hogwarts. I can't wait till I can try out for quidditch." James almost squealed with delight. "I'm going for seeker. Dad's been coaching me during the summer. Fred wants to try out for beater, but feels that it's more age appropriate for him to try out during our fourth year, two years from now. A rubbish thought, really. "

"It's not rubbish! It's intellectual thinking really. I'm thinking what's best for me. But I am gonna try out this year though. I don't expect to make it as one of the main beaters, or so. But maybe I'll be on the reserve team." Fred added.

"Do you like quidditch?" I asked Al, who had not spoken as much.

Al nodded, "A whole lot, but not as obsessed as James." James started to protest but was ignored. "I do fancy the beaters position, just like Freddy here. I play quite well in that part."

I tilted my head to the side and looked at him. "You seem like you would fancy that bit. You may even have the build. Just think, that in a a year or two, puberty is gonna hit you hard and you'll be a solid good beater. But anyway, I think quidditch is absolutely brilliant." As I babbled on, James' eyebrows raised up. "I favor the chaser's position from the others though. It's absolutely thrilling in my opinion." I popped a chocolate frog in my mouth and chewed. But when I noticed everyone staring at me I got confused.

"What?" I said as I swallowed the chocolate in my mouth.

"Dear lord, not another player." Rose murmured to herself as he buried her face inside her book.

"It's just that most girls, aside from our dear cousin Dominique, don't enjoy playing quidditch these days." James said honestly. And it was true.

"Well I'm not like every girl. I mean, look at me. Look at my eyes. Obviously, I'm different." I said with a shrug.

"Well you look like a girl, but you are easy and quite fun to get along with." Fred pointed out.

"Awww, thanks Freddy!" I pinched both of his cheeks. He swatted my hands away.

"Hey, hey! Not the cheeks!" Fred said with a laugh.

"I see she's warming up to us even more now." James said as he tried to grab one of my sweets, but I swatted his hand away.

"Oi! Hands off, Jamsie. Go buy your own." I scolded.

"But you've had already 11 of these pumpkin pastries! And you have just about 38 more! And you have another bag full of other candy anyway! Eat those!" He complained. "What are you trying to do anyway? Stock up? You do know we have Hogsmeade, and even if you can't go, I'll have someone get you more!"

"Course not silly, this is just for the entire ride way there." I said, waving it off.


"Baby." I retorted.



"Hey! I am not that skinny!" James said.

Everyone looked at James, tilted their head to the sides and began observing him.

"You know, when you look at him a bit more closely, you can really see that he is quite skinny." Al said.

"Yeah, you're right, Al." Rose agreed, "It's either James has a fast metabolism or maybe he just doesn't eat enough."

"Oh yeah! I see it!" Fred exclaimed, but was twacked on the forehead by James. "Oww." He moaned as he rubbed his forehead. "Rude."

"Oh shut up. I'm not that bad. But come on, Liz! Just one?" He whined. I rolled my eyes and let out a huff, chucking a piece of candy to his face.

Everyone laughed and shook their head. "Thanks." James said flatly.

"So back to topic, what team do you fancy?" Al asked me.

"Well for the regional teams, I like the Fitchburg Finches from the states. But if we're all for the UK, I'm with the Harpies. But if we're talkin' international teams...I'm sorry, but I'm forever loyal to the Irish." With them looking surprised, and the next thing I knew... I was tightly engulfed into a hug by both Al and James.

Fred on the other hand had his arms crossed with a frown.

"Can I just say that I'm absolutely and completely happy to have met you?" Al said like it was the most obvious thing out there.

"Back off you git, she's mine." James argued.

"Okay, you both can get off of me now." I said with a chuckle. I looked towards Freddy, who had a pout on his face. I then looked towards Rose and she mouthed: Bulgarin Fan.

I smiled apologetically at him. "Sorry Freddy."

"But I take it you two are fans?" I asked as I looked between the two Potter brother.

"IRELAND!" James cheered.

"And as you can see, my dear cousins love Ireland." Rose said.

"Do you like quidditch?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "Never got into it. I haven't been much of a flying person. Guess I got it from Mum, I suppose."

"Well I think the Harpies are pretty good." Al said, "Mum played a while back. I've heard of the Finches as well, they seem good."

After a while of talking, Rose observed the scene before her and said, "Merlin dear, I can already tell you're gonna fit in well in this family." And with smiles, everyone agreed.

And I did.

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