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Taming Two Hearts Or Breaking One

Book I of the Threesome Trilogy

NSH Family Series Story I

Chapter 1 Sakura's Diary

Dear diary

It's been three years since we fought and defeated Akatsuki, Tobi, and it wasn't an easy fight but we all manage to win because we all fought together and thanks to Sasuke who help us I was actually glad that he came. I was expecting to cry and run to his arms when he came but in truth I wasn't, the only thing that I was so worry was Naruto I was so scared that Akatsuki may have captured him and extract the Kyubi leading to his death that was the only thing in my mind and with that as a motivation I was able to help Naruto and everyone defeat them.

When I first meet Sasuke back in one of Orochimaru's lairs, I was glad but strangely. I wasn't so happy like I didn't care anymore but it was weird I was very happy for Naruto knowing that he might have keep his promise to me he has always been so loyal and dedicated to his friends and I would have wanted him any other way. When I think about Sasuke the only thing that comes in my mind is betrayal, lies hurt back at the academy anyone could tell that I was one of his many fan girls, they were wrong I wasn't just a fan girl to him I loved him I really did true love I loved him so much that it hurts when he left the village to join Orochimaru I felt like my heart breaking with every second that was passing in that moment.

I confessed my feelings to him in that moment I told him that I loved him very much and what does he do he calls me annoying and says thank you, thank you for what for being a love sick fool yeah that's what I thought. I was desperate. I wanted him back to the village, so desperate that I even ask Naruto to bring him back and things didn't go as I wanted because Naruto couldn't bring him back. When I find out that Naruto had failed. I wasn't angry with him. I was angry with myself for being so weak so helpless I mean Naruto used to be weak and looked at him now he has become so strong that I'm very amazed with his progress.

From that very moment I vow to become strong and help Naruto no matter what I also vow to never be a burden to him or to anyone. It took a lot of time but I was finally be able to get over Sasuke and let him go I realized that he wasn't worthy he never cared about me in that way I should have listen to him the first time he told me that I was annoying but I guess I was too stubborn to understand, in the end he choose power and revenge, so I lost all hope on him even after killing Itachi and fulfilling his revenge. He didn't return to the village that really upset Naruto a lot he thought that if he finally killed Itachi.

He will return but that didn't happen. It took quite a while to finally convince Naruto to forget about his promise to bring back Sasuke even if he said it himself that it was a promise of the life time I told him to forget about it because it wasn't worth it If, Sasuke wanted to go back to the village. He would have go but he didn't because he doesn't want to go back he was so drunk on getting revenge that the only thing he has left is pain loneliness but then again he has that four eye fan girl of his what was her name again oh yeah Karin I hope he finds happiness but knowing Sasuke he would probably break her heart but it's not my business at all.

Uzumaki Naruto when I first meet him at the academy I thought he was the most annoying person in the world but boy was I very wrong during the years I got to see Naruto as the most wonderful and dedicated ninja in the village with an unique dream of becoming Hokage which I believe he will fulfill. Even after suffering such hatred and loneliness, when Tsunadesama told me about the Kyubi that the Fourth Hokage sealed it into him I felt so sorry for him it hurt me a lot I mean with the pain that he has endure in the past if it was me I would have gone mad or even killed myself to stop the suffering, but not Naruto. He fought day in and day out and that's one of the things I admire about him.

In the days of the academy, I knew he had a crush on me, which I thought it was disgusting and it annoy me a lot that someone like him liked me in that way and there was no way I wanted him to be my boyfriend. If I had to describe myself of how I used to be, Ill say immature selfish and self centered yeah that describe me a lot, but still being like that. Naruto still likes me and have accepted me as his friend another thing I admire about him. In time, Naruto has become a very special and closed friend of mine like a brother if there was something I dislike about him. It was his perverted nature thanks to Jiraiya-sama since he train with him for three years in that amount of time he got some of Jiraiya-sama's perverted traits, and it tick me off a lot that he was peeking at women taking baths. There were a few shocking things I find out while we were fighting Akatsuki.

The first that Naruto's father was none other than the Fourth the hero of the village whose name was Namikaze Minato it didn't shock me a lot since he looked a lot like him, and the second that Jiraiya-sama was killed by the leader of Akatsuki who used to be a former student of him it shock us a lot, but nothing compare to what Naruto had felt. Naruto took Jiraiya-sama's death very hard after his funeral he looked himself in his apartment and didn't wanted to left. It took everyone of us to finally convince him to open the door even Tsunade-sama help and she took Jiraiya-sama's death a lot harder than Naruto since she knew him her entire life, and never got to tell him how she loved him with all her heart. Since that day Naruto change he was more serious now but he was still his hyperactive self he has become more dedicated to his training and his dream which I am very glad for him. I will never forget the day Tsunade-sama told everyone about the Kyubi even if it was a law made by the Third Hokage to never speak the truth about the Kyubi.

Tsunade-sama told them and their reaction well it was exactly what I had expected they didn't care about the Kyubi at all they all cared about him no matter what I'm glad that they have accepted him as a friend and a teammate. The more time I have spend with Naruto the more our bond of friends grew we became one of heck of a team with my strength thanks to Tsunade-sama'a training and Naruto's quick thinking we are unstoppable. But something happen my bond of friendship with Naruto grew so much that something bloom from it something that I didn't wanted to believe I have been denying it for so long that it wasn't true that I was just deluding myself.

In the end, it was true. No doubt about it, I have fallen in love with him, and I couldn't believe it, but then again, it explains why I was so overprotective of him when he turn into the four tails demon when I was so worry about him. I didn't wanted nothing bad to happen to him and it was bad since his opponent was Orochimaru and when elder Chiyo told me about the extraction of the Biju I was death worry for Naruto the same thing that happen to Gaara when they extract Shukaku from him. I promised Chiyo-sama that I will protect those precious to me including the one I loved Naruto. I will give my life for him with out hesitation since he has saved me a lot. I loved him, but I'm sure he doesn't feel that way about me anymore because well he's dating Hinata now I still can't believe it the same shy Hyuga Hinata his girlfriend she finally gather the courage to actually tell him. It happened a year ago when Hinata came to Ichiraku and she told him how she felt about him and it was the longest confession ever since she wasn't able to speak a word because of her shy nature, but she did it, and Naruto accepted her they are now officially a couple. They have been dating for a year now, and I couldn't be any happier for the two even if it's killing me on the inside. I won't take Naruto from Hinata because I don't want to hurt her.

She deserves to have him. She liked Naruto since the academy unlike me and I'm glad she's finally with him. Letting Sasuke go was hard for me, but letting Naruto go... it's going to be the hardest thing ever it might even be impossible to accomplish, but I will do whatever it takes to get over him. I know it will hurt me like hell, but I will endure this heartache I loved him, so much that all I care about is his happiness. And if his happy, I'm happy with the pain eating my lonely heart. They are various reasons why I'm not taking Naruto the first like I said before I don't want to hurt Hinata because she deserves to be with him.

I know she will take good care of him. Second, I had my chance with him back at the academy and I threw it away for a person who wasn't worthy of my time Sasuke wasn't worthy of me and I wasn't worthy for Naruto and finally I loved Naruto but he doesn't feel the same way about me, and it hurts the only thing Naruto and me would be together it will be in my sweet dreams. Naruto has finally become a Jounin and he couldn't be any happier just like me and the rest of the rookie nine I'm sure that soon he might ask Hinata to marry him well. I'm sure Hinata will faint and I will be dying slowly it doesn't matter now I have lost Naruto a long time ago and I couldn't be anymore miserable about it, so I will continue to be Naruto's friend while trying to get over him even if I have to rip him out of my heart and this will be my toughest fight yet a fight that I may never win.


Haruno Sakura

Sakura closed her diary while her jade eyes were full of tears she turn off the light of her night stand and walk towards the window of her room to look at shinny night sky filled with stars, as she sighed before going to her bed she had one thought in her mind as she finally drift to sleep.

I am proud to admit it and not ashamed of it I am deeply in love with you Uzumaki Naruto.