Chapter 19: NaruSakuHina Dynamics

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"Hey Sakurachan I'm glad you made it" Naruto said.

Sakura looked at Hinata with a hurt and betray look" what Hinata you knew he was going to be here?"

"I'm sorry Sakurasan" she said while bowing.

"Please Sakurachan don't blame Hinatachan I was the one who told her not saying anything so it's my fault"

"I'm sorry Naruto but I can't stay here I have to sleep early I still have a punishment to finish" Sakura said while holding her tears as she was about to leave the house.

"Sakurachan wait" Naruto said while stopping her" please listen Sakurachan there is a reason why I call you here so please try to listen"

Sakura didn't wanted stay a minute longer but she heard the honest tone in his voice she decided to say a little at least to listen what he had to say.

"Okay Naruto go ahead and tell me why you call me here?"

He nodded and he made Hinata join Sakura he hold their hands he was holding Hinata's right hand with his left while Sakura left hand was holding with his right hand.

"I have call both of you here tonight because I have finally made my decision on the girl that I'm going to chose as the love of my life"

Sakura was confused.

"Excuse me Naruto but you don't have to make this decision because it has been decided already okay it's HInata"

"No Sakurachan that was YOUR decision not mine which I consider to be selfish"

Sakura got upset by his comment" what selfish just what part is selfish that I give away my own happiness just for you because that doesn't sound anything of being selfish Naruto"

"Please Sakurachan let me finish, now I have finally made up my mind which means that tonight I will chose the one I want"

Sakura's tears started falling" please Naruto don't do it you have made you're decision its Hinata"

"No Sakurachan YOU made me chose Hinatachan and I don't hate you for that but I have to choose for myself" he said honestly while gazing into her jade eyes.

"Damn it Naruto you did chose Hinata a years ago or have you forgotten?"

"Yes I did chose Hinatachan a year ago I accepted her feelings and I haven't regret it my decision but I also realized after all these years I still have deep feelings for you Sakurachan and that has made me chose this painful decision" he look at Hinata was crying softly.

"Hinatachan you love me since the academy you admire me you always believe in me and I was very happy that you love me that you accept me as your boyfriend and that you didn't hated me because of the Kyubi I will be forever grateful for that don't ever forget that I will always love you my gorgeous Hyuga"

Hinata nodded while crying" I will always love you too Narutokun"

He smile as he turn to look at Sakura who was still crying" Sakurachan what can I say about you I have love you since I was five and I have never stop loving you a second and I will do everything in my strength just to see you smile if I have to bleed to make you happy then so beat it if I have to go to hell and back then so beat it if I have to bring Sasuke back so beat it, but I was so happy when you told me that you love me I feel like all the things I did in the past were worthy and don't forget Sakurachan I will always love you always"

"Naruto please stop torturing me okay I know your decision so please don't hurt me anymore"

"I don't think you do, Hinatachan Sakurachan I have finally chose…both of you"

Hinata stood quiet and calm but she gave a small smile Sakura on the other hand.

"WHAT" she shouted in pure shock" what do you mean you are choosing both of us you can't do that!"

Naruto smirk" oh and why not?"

"Because…'s not right you can't have two girlfriends at the same time it's not right" she finally broke her hold on the blond.

Naruto put his hands on his hip" oh really and who says it's not right?"

"Well….um…ME I said it's not right and that's final" she then look at the Hyuga" Hinata please you're the voice of reason tell him that he's wrong?"

Hinata smile as she embrace Naruto from his back" I agree with Narutokun"

Her jaw felt to the ground" you WHAT you can't agree with him you don't want to have another girl sharing your boyfriend"

Hinata smiled at her" Sakurasan I already told you before I will do anything to make Narutokun happy and if that includes I have to share him with you then so beat it, and besides I….kind of feel…attractive to you" she blush in pure embarrassment.

Naruto gasp in shock at her confession but he grin Sakura was more shock.

"You…… what?"

She blush again" yes Sakurasan I feel attractive to you these past days that I spend with you I really enjoy then and I realize that I like you more than a friend"

Naruto chuckle in amusement" wow Hinatachan I didn't know you were a bisexual boy it's a good thing I made the right choice"

Sakura growl" Naruto don't joke about this"

"Sorry but I can't resist"

"What about you Sakurasan do you feel the same way?" Hinata said while blushing.

Sakura blush and hesitate she didn't know what to say.

(What should I tell her?)

(DUH you tell her you feel the same way you like her too) inner Sakura said

She gulp while looking at the Hyuga" Hinata I don't know….."

"Please Sakurachan we want you in our relationship" Naruto said while embracing Hinata from her back.

She blush" I…Hinata these past days I have spend time with you I really enjoy it and I even thought of you as a best friend but now after everything you have done for me just to make me feel better I realized I feel attractive to you too"

Hinata smile she was so happy she blush" thank you Sakurasan"

"So it's official right Sakurachan about the three us?" Naruto said in a high anticipated voice.

"Naruto I still don't know about that"

Both Naruto and Hinata groan in frustration by her remark.

"Sakurachan you are as stubborn as ever" Naruto said as he broke the embrace with Hinata and went to her and reach her ear to whisper to her.

"You know what they say Sakurachan double the fun….double the pleasure" he said with a grin.

~~Warning! Threesome Lemons~~

Sakura blushed the moment Naruto whispered those words in her ear and shiver in excitement. He went down her back, and he gave her kisses on the back of her neck while savoring the taste of her white creamy skin, giggled and moaned slightly at the contact of his lips that's when she saw Hinata walking towards her. She confused at first, but she blushed once she saw the look the Hyuuga was giving her.

She could see the passion, and the lust reflected in her pale eyes and just like that. Hinata kissed her on the lips, shocking her a lot. She was really shocked at first, but when she felt her tongue entering her mouth. She moaned and gave into her desires. She accepted her kiss, and her tongue went to a duel with the Hyuga's tongue they moaned while tongue kissing. While the two kunoichis were enjoying their tongue kissing Naruto was busy taking Sakura's clothes, and before she even realized it, stripped to her underwear.

Naruto had to sadly break the kiss between his now two girlfriends and took their hands, leading them to the bedroom section through the house, but not before closing and locking the front door. Once they arrived at the bedroom Naruto striped off to his boxer follow by Hinata, who was now wearing a sexy white thong and an elegant stylish white bra, Sakura had beaten the two in taking her underwear off. She was too horny to stop.

Now and once begun, she won't stop until she is satisfied and pleased. Naruto and Hinata strip to their underwear off and gaze at Sakura who was giving them the most perverted grin she has ever shown. She went to Naruto, and tongue kiss him while grabbing his member and stroke it rapidly making it grow hard and solid with her other free hand. She grabbed and squeezed one of Hinata's breast making her moan slightly.

Hinata then reached to Sakura's clit and began to rub it rapidly, while the cherry blossom broke the kiss with Naruto and moaned loudly. Naruto wasn't going to stay behind. He squeezed Hinata's other breast while he rubbed her clit faster. The three moaned louder in pure ecstasy, as they were pleasuring each other so much they love this feeling a lot. Once again, Sakura took the lead and stop her ministrations. On the two horny teens, she grabbed Naruto and toss him on the bed.

She went to his member and took it in her whole in her mouth, savoring every bit of it, plunged profoundly down her throat. Naruto sucked in air and moaned loudly. Sakura sucked his member like a lollipop, and Hinata pouted. Hinata was doing the best things, and she was staying behind or was she? She saw her boyfriend moaning, and an idea struck her. She went to him and showed him her wet pussy. It was so wet that her juices were dripping like a juicy orange ready to squeeze the fresh juices out of it. Naruto didn't need an explanation to what she was trying to tell him. Hinata bent down with her open legs and Naruto took her pussy in his mouth and eat it like a very hungry boy.

Sakura sucked his manhood even faster while Naruto was enjoying his meal with the main dish—Hinata's pussy. He then grabbed and squeezed her breast's making, Hinata moaned even louder. Sakura felt Naruto's manhood about to reach the point of climax. And once he did; she stopped sucking it and stroke it with her hand, causing the blond to erupt like a volcano. She opened her mouth to receive the heavenly seed and moaned as the warm creamy fluid hit her mouth it was quite a lot of cum and she swallowed it, but her lips and her face were still covered in Naruto's seed.

The minute Hinata saw this. She left from Naruto who was still hungry and wanted to keep eating her pussy and went to Sakura. She started licking the cum from her face, and Sakura was fighting with her because she wanted all of the cum for herself. Naruto panted as he saw his two girlfriends taking his seeds, so hungrily like they needed it to survive it, was such an arousing sight he felt his member growing even more. He signaled Hinata and she nodded she tossed Sakura to the bed. She was the next victim in receiving pleasure.

Naruto went to her pussy and licked it rapidly. While his fingers play with her clit, she groaned even louder and then saw Hinata going into the same position she was with Naruto earlier. In a blink of an eye, she was sucking her pussy. Hinata whimpered while Naruto continued with his pussy meal. Sakura felt her climax arriving the same with Hinata, they both moan louder and let her juices fall it was so much it looked like a river of honey. The bed along with the sheets were already wet from the juices Naruto drank every drop from Sakura's essence, the same with her. She took all of the juices from Hinata. Hinata, once she has reached her climax. She was about to leave from her position, but Sakura stopped her.

"Where do you think you're going Hinata? I want to keep eating your pussy!"

Hinata was surprised while Naruto smirked.

"Let her have her fun with you Hinata-chan I am not finished with her yet." He then pinned both of her legs up ready to penetrate her.

Hinata blushed as she positioned herself in front of Sakura's face. She took her pussy as she continued with her meal, and Hinata moaned loud while saying the kunoichi's name. Naruto put his member inside Sakura's pussy and pound her faster, while Sakura was still busy with Hinata. He pounded her so hard that he heard the erotic sound of their bodies smacking with one another. He pumped faster until he reached his climax while Sakura moaned and sucked Hinata's pussy at the same time. He reached his climax, even if he was still pounding her at turbo speed.



The three climax together Naruto was panting hard, and Sakura was once again, lapping all of Hinata's juices. Hinata was exhausted. She went to her not so satisfied yet boyfriend and kiss him passionately, which he accepted the kiss. Sakura was exhausted, but she still wanted more. She saw Naruto breaking the kiss with Hinata, she then gave him a perverted grin which he understood as a signal. He tossed Hinata in the bed. She was the next victim to receive pleasure. Naruto licked her pussy and play with her clit while Sakura positioned herself in front of her showing her wet pussy.

"Go ahead Hinata... dig in... it's all yours."

Hinata grin as she began to suck her pussy while moaning because Naruto was sucking hers, but he was finally satisfied from eating pussy, and he penetrated her pussy and began his work like a nonstop machine. Sakura moaned as she grabbed and squeezed Hinata's breasts, and Naruto pound her with so much satisfaction. Hinata couldn't believe she was about to come for the third time, but she couldn't help it. She was feeling too much pleasure that she was beginning to overload from all the pleasure. She finally came again along with and Sakura who released her juices all over her face, and she gladly swallow it with pride.

Naruto then changed position with Hinata. She was in the doggy style position. He penetrated her pussy again, and she moaned in delight at feeling of his member entering her. He pounded her faster, while giving her a few spankings. Sakura came next to him and kissed him passionately he accepted her kiss. He then rubbed her clit while pounding Hinata.

Naruto felt like reaching his climax for the fourth time he trusted himself faster into her, while he continued rubbing Sakura's clit. She moaned louder and gave Hinata a spanking. This is it? He thought. He pounded Hinata a couple of times before reaching his climax.




Sakura the pushed Naruto on the bed after hinata got off his strut. He glanced at her ambiguously, as her seductive lips formed into a grin. She looked back at Hinata and eyed her hungry too. Hinata seemed to get the notion, as she followed her girlfriend's hands on the middle of their boyfriend's shaft.

"Now time for the grand finale."

Both the girls created one Shadow Clone each. They started fondling with each other's breast, while the originals were taking turns, stroking his cock. The clones then sandwiched their tits against Naruto's face. Naruto moaned as he began licking the nipples and sucking on his girlfriends' tits simultaneously.

The originals began taking turns sucking his cock. Naruto felt his member grew beyond the limits of it's original erected size. Sakura glanced up and gave him a seductive smile. "How about this Naruto?" Her hot juicy tongue ran down the length of his dick. Hinata mimicked her and seem to follow her every move. Naruto shuddered, face beneath the clones' breasts.

Sakura began lick his right testicle and gently took it in her mouth. Hinata done the same with his other testicle, gently sucking and nibbling on it. Every jolt in his body had made him nearly orgasm. He felt his semen rising at a rapid pace.

"Can't hold it anymore!" He bellowed.

The clones dispersed in a buff of cloud. Sakura retook the tip of his penis into her mouth as Naruto thrust himself very quickly into her mouth. Carefully, the trusts were very shallow no deeper than an inch from the tip of his penis. It enough to fill her mouth with his seeds, as he exploded one last time into her mouth. He growled like a lion. She opened her mouth and showned him his seeds in a display of white paste. The sight of it was very sexy, and it would make him orgasm again if not for the empty tank in his sacks.

Hinata cupped her cheek and turned Sakura's head to face her, not ever leaving her eyes upon him. She kissed Sakura passionately. Naruto watched in a sensual display of the women before him, swapping saliva with the mixture of his come. Never before in his wildest dreams that he thought women could bring men pleasure beyond cloud nine. He was in heaven, he thought

"Th-that was the b-best sex I've ever had in my live." He panted.

"You like that babe?" Sakura asked.

Hinata blushed, "I'm sure Naruto-kun loved every minute of it."

"You bet, dattebayo! But honestly, it seems you two already have experience together. I never thought such pleasure was possible—"

The ladies were from already exhausted and fell asleep. Naruto picked up a sheet and cover himself along with his two girlfriends, and they felt a asleep. A few hours later, he woke up and smile at the position he was in. He lied in the middle of the bed with his arms opened from. His left arm, he was holding the beautiful cherry blossom and on his right arm. He was holding the Hyuga bombshell. He smiled in pure satisfaction only one thought cross his mind before going back to sleep.

I am the luckiest guy in the world. Believe it!

~~ Road to Impact Prelude

Two weeks after their first night together in a three-way relationship, Sakura and Hinata were announced pregnant with Naruto's child. Soon the village learned of their relationship. Sakura's parents had a difficult time accepting her of being bisexual. Hinata was nearly voted to step down as a clan leader because of her bisexuality.

With her relationship rekindle with Hanabi, Hinata planned to step down as the clan leader, but Hanabi insisted that she remain the clan leader. Hinata seen the dejected look on her sister face, knowing that Hanabi sacrificed her dream for her friendly relationship with her. Hinata decided that she should she the clan leader ship. It was within her right.

By the end of that night, Hanabi became a co-leader of the Hyuuga Clan beside her elder sister. Both agree that whomever out lived the other sibling would inherit everything. This brought on further debates on Hinata's future and her half-breed Hyuuga future children who would change the foundation of the Hyuuga Clan forever (AN: full story in the Road to Ninja fic).

Eight months later, Sakura was the first to give birth. She gave birth to son who looked exactly like his father. The least expected, a second child came out of her womb, and it was the baby girl that had her grandmother's (Kushina) red hair. She and Naruto named the twins, starting from her son, Uzumaki Menma and Uzumaki Mina. Most traditions, the child's surname was carried on from its mother. Naruto being a hero and the Uzumaki name has been famous. She thought it would benefit her children to have the surname of such a hero who'd saved the world. Menma was born on July 14 5:25am. Mina was birthed fifteen minutes after.

Naruto's third child with and Hinata's first was a baby girl born on July 26 8:36 pm. She had her mother's violet hair, but it was much of a lighter shade. Her eyes were cerulean like her fathers, showing no signs of the Byakugan kekkei Genkai.

Udon has finally made Chuunin and Team Naruto by regulation was to disband. A big party was thrown to honor the new-born babies and Udon success. Naruto last quest for the Hokage position was that he had undertaken a pilgrimage that would take him for three years around the world, visiting many places and its leaders to complete. This made living conditions for his family very gloomy at first, but Gamakichi had made space available at Myobokuzan Village.

Marriage was always on their mind, but they waited until Naruto became Hokage first. Migrating from place to place, was never troublesome from Myobokuzan, especially for the children who were being taken care by the elder toad and the couple Fukuzaku and Shima. Myobokuzan had check points from all around the world that allowed summoners to warp to, during those three in a half years, the three encountered Sasuke and Loki The Cunning. Loki was said to be an exiled God from Asgard from another realm. How these two met, Naruto had no clue. Loki had removed Kurama's powers and placed them into gigantic crystal orbs that were scattered throughout the modern world.

Kurama resides dormant in Naruto.

During that battle, Naruto was cut off from using Sage Mode and he and his betrothals nearly escaped with their lives forever what reason Sasuke spared Sakura's life, stating that he would return to Konoha's and take what was rightfully his. Konoha and everything Naruto possessed. If it was a decade ago, Sakura would have blindly given into the Uchiha's unsuspected lust and sensual desire of her.

The though of Sasuke in her now days, over even breathed, the same air around her made her cringed and shudder with absolute loathsomeness. Sasuke hands on her felt like a noose was being tightened around the elegant neck.

As they ended the three and a half year pilgrimage around the world, they returned home. Thre and a half years living with the toads was better than they expected. Their children made friends with Gamabunta's grandchildren from Gamakichi. Nothing had changed except for the couples that were no longer in a romantic relationship. Choji and Ino had broken when Choji failed to tell Ino that he was already a betrothal to another woman in an arrange marriage. Ino was devastated.

Not too long after their pilgrimage started, Neji and Tenten had broken up because she was caught with another man in bed. She stated she had no memory of it, which was the truth. Neji refused to believe her. Later, she learned the Hyuuga Clan was responsible and Neji seemed to never care Neji was to marry Hanabi, the co-leader of the Hyuuga Clan.

Tsunade announced her successor to be Naruto. Naruto then became the Rokudaime Hokage. He's twenty-one. Today, was his birthday and the day of his wedding. Soon, he'll marry his medical chief of staff Haruno Sakura and the co-leader of the Hyuuga Household Hyuuga Hinata.

To be continued!

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