Many thanks to Squibstress, who made a very passing reference to a HP bake-off on her LiveJournal… I simply wasn't able to resist.

It was the day before the start of the school year, and a number of memos were winging their way through Hogwarts Castle.

Pomona Sprout carefully rescued the little parchment aeroplane from a tangle of Venomous Tentacula seedlings before it became tattered into illegibility, took off her gloves and unfolded it. Her eyes widened in appreciation as she perused its contents. 'Well now,' she said. 'This should be fun!'

Minerva McGonagall's memo found her at her desk. She read it with increasingly raised eyebrows, then, with a short exasperated sigh and thoroughly disapproving look, filed it neatly away under 'To Do' in the tartan shortbread tin with Undetectable Extension Charm.

Filiius Flitwick chuckled and charmed the parchment back into its flying form, adding a few little puffs of cloud for it to whizz around for good measure. 'A marvellous challenge, indeed. Now – let me see…' And he Summoned the ladder that allowed him to reach the highest shelves of his bookcase.

Severus Snape glanced at the memo with distaste edged with trepidation; the infernal object continued to bump insistently against his shoulder, despite his attempts to ignore it. One brief scan of its contents and he immediately Incendioed it, treating its smoking ashes to one final glare before billowing out of the room.