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Summary: I am the daughter of Thewlis and Acantha Volturi, one of the few original clans of the Nosferatu. This is the story of the beginning of the Volturi King's. There are some dark themes in this story. It will remain T so I hope you enjoy.

Crimson and Gold

Chapter 1 – The Years

My name is Isabella Marie Volturi and this is my story.

I am the daughter of Thewlis and Acantha Volturi, one of the few original clans of the Nosferatu. They no longer exist, they were the only ones who could reproduce, but a pack of were-beasts killed them. Of course they were killed off a long time ago by the humans. The legends of the werewolf and vampire came from them, the killing of the were-beasts were done by silver. My father and mother were killed in the war between the two clans. I am the only one left.

Though somehow, I was able to change humans into vampires and not Nosferatu. They became hard as rock like myself, sparkled in the sun and feed on blood. Though they had no fangs or claws like I did, they did have enhanced senses, speed and strength.

Being alive for 2757 years can get lonely, I have seen many things in my two millennia and each have been etched into my immortal brain filling it with more knowledge than any large tome could handle. I currently reside in a huge castle filled with many ignorant fools who think they know everything, yet they know nothing at all.

"Milady, will thou join thy servants in thine feeding chambers?" My loyal and faithful servant Mercia asked. "If thou have beenith disturbed?" He further went on but I raised a pale hand and silenced him.

I watched him fidget and it started to bug me. "Mercia, cease thy movement's for Eris' sake." He stopped all movements and waited patiently for my instructions. "Mercia, have thy chambers prepared." I detested speaking in such a manner, but what must I do, he knew of my vampirism and believed himself above the other fools under my service. Leaving my presence he left my chambers to prepare my entrance. Listening carefully I heard him announce me and with a swirl of my dress and cloak, I had arrived outside the feeding chamber doors. "Open thine doors." I heard Mercia say.

Walking into the feeding chamber, I watched as every one of the vampires I had changed bowed low and waited as I swept passed them before raising themselves again. I waited for the food to be brought in and when it was I called forth a girl. She came to me and shook with her nervousness as her in born fear made its presence known, sweetening her already delicious smelling blood. I beckoned her to my throne and in a move faster than any human or vampire could see I had grabbed her arms and pierced her skin. Taking that as their permission, my servants took their blood and satisfied their thirst.

Many days passed by and I found myself wanting to go for a walk, taking a cloak and Mercia with me I walked out of my chambers and down to the main entrance hall of my castle. "Milady, why is thou silent? Is thou well?" Mercia asked. I looked at him and noticed how he avoided my eyes. "Mercia, thou is most well." He nodded and tried to hide his smile. He was almost as old as I; living for 1900 years has made him my most loyal companion.

"Milady, may I speak in our way?" Looking over the mountain ridge, I glanced down to the valley and spotted a young woman spinning in circles with her almost blood red hair flying around her head, every time she swirled. Mercia was looking at her too and by the sound of his content sigh, I knew he wanted to watch her some more. "Mercia, shall we." I said sweeping my hand in front of me, nodding he waited for me to go first, following behind me at a reasonable pace. I cleared my throat and waited for the young woman to stop and stop she did with an audible gasp.

"Pardon thine foolishness." She whispered. Mercia glanced into her eyes and the connection was made. "Never be sorry." He whispered lunging at her and biting her neck. I watched as she first screamed and then went limp only to start screaming as the venom burned her. "Forgive me Milady." Mercia said while running his fingers through her hair.

I waited all three days as did Mercia and when the girl finally woke, we took her hunting. She was scratching at her throat while we ran, but that soon ceased when she had her drink. Realising that she was different she looked shocked. "What am I?" she questioned.

I smiled kindly as did Mercia, "You are a vampire. What is your name?" I waited with baited breath. "My name is Andromeda, who are you?" Looking to Mercia he addressed himself and then me. "I am Mercia Volturi and this is our queen, Isabella Volturi. I am also your soul mate." I rolled my eyes, but smiled when Andromeda curtsied. Taking her back to the castle was quite an experience in deed. She had been gifted with an being a water elemental. As we passed by a small lake she had been giggling and with that the water seemed to become alive. I was so shocked I gasped, Mercia look astounded and Andromeda was shocked as well. "Did I do that?" Mercia nodded.

"I shall take my leave, Mercia see that Andromeda is given a room and clothes when you both return back." Mercia nodded and bowed. Andromeda once again curtsied and continue to test her gift.

Time skip 136 years…

It had been one hundred and thirty six years since Andromeda had joined my servitude. She had complete mastery of her gift and was currently entertaining the rest of my servants. Mercia was laughing along with them as I awaited our lunch. Having been born a Nosferatu gave me double the hearing, strength, speed, eyesight, sense of smell and all the other senses than the other vampires. I heard and smelt our lunch before the others, I stood and with that everyone stopped their current activities.

Watching as the doors were opened and our food brought in my keen eyesight zeroed in on a man with hair as dark as the abyss and blue eyes so bright I could've sworn they were glowing. He had his arm around the shoulder of a girl with the same black hair as his but her eyes were a sparkling green. I held my hands up and all movement stopped at my silent command. "You there." I said pointing a finger at the man and girl. They stepped forward slowly. "What are your names?" The man stepped in front of the girl as his heart rate picked up speed. "I am Aro Marcellus and this is my younger sister Didyme Marcellus." I nodded. He and his sister would join me tonight. Motioning to Mercia he and Andromeda fast as lightning ran forward and grabbed both of them bringing them to me.

"I am offering you eternity with me, do you accept?" Aro looked at all the people and my servants before nodding along with his sister. I smiled and bit him and then bit Didyme, Mercia and Andromeda took them away from the chamber and I let everyone have their feed. Sitting down after feeding I waited for the three days to end, when they did I was presented with a bowing Aro and Didyme. "Aro, Didyme, what a pleasant day. I trust you are both satisfied with your changes." They nodded. "I will leave you in the capable hands of Mercia and his wife Andromeda. He will show you our ways." Mercia nodded.

Aro stepped forward and sank to his knees with his head bowed, "My Queen, I have a gift." I smiled. "Well? What is it?" I asked. He lifted his head and looked at my chin. "I can see every thought a person has ever had, I am able to see their past and present with a single touch." I was taken aback, never in all my 2893 years had I ever seen this. "Mercia, is this true?" He nodded. "He found that out when he grabbed my hand, Milady." I nodded. I lifted my hand and waited for Aro to touch it. He looked at my hand and then very slowly lifted his. He placed his hand in my open one; he gave a great shriek and fell backwards. He scurried away and smashed into Mercia with such force it knocked them both over. "What in the world?" Mercia spat in anger. I brought my hand to my throne and let it rest.

"It would seem as though the fledgling has been shocked." Someone in the far corner of the chamber shouted. Many more of my servants started verbally bullying my newest member, laughing at him and making fun of him. With a powerful roar I silenced everyone in the room. "You will all cease with your insolence! I have never heard such blasphemy in all my existence. Aro is still a newborn; clearly my past has frightened him as it would most certainly frighten you all!" I said with a growl. They all fell to their knees and began begging for mercy. Standing and gliding down the stairs toward the one who started this whole mess I stood before her with a glower. "You shall be executed for your blasphemy." Was all I said before Mercia motioned for two of my best forward. I waited for them to stand next to the woman, once in position I placed both of my hands on either side of her face. "Please Milady, I beg for mercy!" she screamed. I gave a sharp jerk to the right and with a crack followed by the sound of tearing metal her head was removed. I hurled her head across the room and directly into the burning fireplace, it was soon followed by her arms, legs and torso.

Aro was still shacking silently obviously from the look of the were-beasts of my past. I glided toward him and placed my hand upon his shoulder. "Aro, follow me." He followed behind me silently until we reached my bed chambers. "You are no doubt scared about what you saw. I am sorry you had to witness that, but to prove that you were gifted you had to show me." He nodded. "What were those things?" he said quietly.

"They were known as were-beasts, men who turned wolf on a harvest moon. They were deadly to anyone but themselves. I am the last Nosferatu, my parents gave birth to me and not even four years later were killed by the beasts. Nosferatu were what I am; we have greater senses, strength and speed than you or the other vampires. The were-beasts were far greater than my kind and were able to kill them all save me, as you saw." He nodded in understanding. "The beasts were killed off by the humans with silver after a few years; I am the only living creature from those times. I know what you saw frightened you, but please do not fret, they will never harm anyone again." He again nodded. "They were scary looking." He smiled. I nodded in agreement, they were scary looking, and they were about 7 feet tall, with large ugly almost deformed heads and black demonic eyes. They had claws on their hands and feet and spiked tails. Their teeth were yellow and rotting and their smell was that of decay. Shaking off the mental image I gave Aro a smile. He returned my smile with his own and I let him leave my presence.

I sat staring out my window and watched as the sun slowly set behind the tall mountains, I was drawn into a memory I wished I never had.


I was fully grown an adult Nosferatu by the end of the first year it had been four years since my birth and I was out hunting when I heard shouts coming from the village below. I heard the sound of growling which reminded me of when I scratch my nails on the stone wall in the caves I visit. I winced at the sound for it was even worse than that, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I sank to the ground and belly crawled forward, peeking over the side of the ridge. There standing in the middle of the village stood what looked like a standing wolf; it had long ears and a long muzzle that was scrunched up. The lips were pulled over rotting teeth that were yellow; its teeth were protruding from the end of its muzzle that looked to short to hold them all. Its black tongue was hanging out the side of its mouth dripping saliva that was causing stem to rise of the ground as though it was burning it.

Its back had a slight hump to it as it hunched was hunched over, long muscular legs were connected to feet that had three claws, though the middle claw was longer than the other two, it was the same on its hands. It had black eyes, demonic eyes and white slit pupils. It had a tail that had long curved spikes they ran all the way up its back, along the spine, and onto its large head. All together the thing that stood in the middle of the village looked like some deformed man-wolf with a slight demonic side to it. It growled again and I watched as the humans covered their ears. It sank its claws into the ground and with a roar that my own ears ring raced toward the cowering humans.

I slid back down the side of the ridge and ran back to my home only to find it full of those demonic things. I screamed when I was grabbed, but kept quiet when I saw my father's hand cover my mouth. "Hush Isabella, thine screams shall call unto thy Were-Beasts." I nodded and followed after him. We ran out of the small house I called home and saw my mother's body laying sprawled on the ground with large gashes on her throat and chest. She was dead. I heard that scraping metal sound that only came from the beast's mouth, my father threw me behind his back just in time. The beast's claws slashed into him and I screamed once again. I ran from my home, listening as the beast's followed me, all around me there was our clan perishing before eyes. They didn't stand a chance. Being younger gave me the advantage of a greater speed and with that I out ran the Were-Beasts. I finally found a place to hide; I sank to my knees and let out the sobs I had been holding in since I first saw my mother. I cried for her and I cried for my father, I cried for my family. Being unable to cry real tears, I was left with the stinging feeling that was the norm for all of us Nosferatu's.

~*End Flashback*~

Time skip 10 years…

I had changed another man about five years ago by the name of Marcus Volterra, now known as Marcus Volturi, he and Aro had had a small fight when Marcus found that he was the soul mate to Didyme. Marcus had been gifted with the ability to see bonds between people. He and Didyme had gotten married after Aro had finally accepted them being together. I still laughed when I think of the almost child like pout Aro had given me when I had declared them married.

I was sitting in a large meadow near the castle under the stars and in the moonlight, my skin almost shimmering under the full moon. I had been staring at the moon and stars when a twig snapped; I stood up in a blur and heard a gasp come from behind me. I turned my head and swept my eyes over the meadow, they came to rest upon a man with the whitest hair I have ever seen. His heart was hammering away in his chest and I saw his sterling blue eyes widen. He had a chiseled jaw and an aristocratic face and nose. He was tall and very beautiful, I held in my own gasp at his beauty. He nervously stepped forward and walked slowly toward me, I felt my breath escape me when he stepped fully into the moonlit meadow. His hair was almost sparkling as were his eyes. I took a step forward and he stopped, his heart beat increasing in speed. "Please, don't be afraid of me." I nearly begged. It wasn't enough he turned tail and ran away. I wanted to follow, but a hand grabbing mine stopped me. I looked at Didyme and she smiled. "Please my Queen, we must return to the castle. There is an urgent request from Mercia." I followed her as she ran back to the castle.

Arriving in the chambers of the feeding room I saw Mercia gripping a man with wild eyes and a feral look about him. "What has he done Mercia?" He looked up. "He purged a village of all the humans and then started on another village when Alturas caught him in his shield. I wanted to rip him apart first, but thought maybe you would prefer to do it." I nodded and looked around, my eyes landed on Aro and I motioned him forward. He bowed his head and took the man's hand. I waited and then was rewarded with my patience. "He has gone mad, though I am not sure how Milady." I nodded and quickly dismembered the vampire before me. I returned to my bed chambers and sat down at my desk. I took out a quill and sketched the man from the meadow; I stared out my window the rest of the night after completing the sketch. He really was a beautiful specimen; I had to search for him.

It was a few days later and I was once again in the meadow looking at the stars when the sound of yet another twig snapping had me up in my feet in a crouch with a deadly growl emitted from between clenched teeth. I saw the man with the white hair step out with his hands wrapped around a glinting piece of metal, when he was within my personal space; I saw that it was a sword. I chuckled which made him suck in a large gulp of air and his heart to speed up. "I really won't hurt you." I said in a calm voice. He lowered his weapon slightly and I sank to my knees with my hands raised palm facing up in a gesture of peace. "If you wish to speak with me, then speak." I once again spoke. He really was a mesmerizing creature.

"What are you?" he asked in a voice so angelic it rivaled my own. I beckoned him forward and he came toward me. "I am a Nosferatu." I whispered when he was within hearing range. He looked scared for only a moment before dropping his sword. A dull thud echoed around us and I smiled at him. "What is your name?" he asked. "Isabella Volturi and what is yours?" He looked shy. "I am Caius Scatena." I smiled such a beautiful name for such a beautiful man. I knew he and I were soul mates, I could feel it in my bones. I walked toward him and in a blink of the eye I was behind him biting into his supple flesh, his warm blood gushed into my mouth, but I pulled away and let my venom start his change.

Time Skip 200 years…

I was now known as the empress and Aro, Marcus and Caius are the King's. Didyme had come across a young woman named Sulpicia a few years ago and had brought her to the castle. Aro had fallen in love with her and had begged me to change her. I did and he had been thrilled. We had been living peacefully for years when an uprising had caught our interest in the east where the Romanians lived. I had sent a member of the guard as Aro had started calling it, to scout and he had returned almost a week later stating that there were werewolves causing problems along with the Romanian vampires. I had sent him and another out once more to watch them, but only one returned.

A war had been started and Caius being my bloodthirsty and very handsome husband couldn't wait to have a go at the wolves. I was reluctant, but was persuaded to have the guard trained for combat. That was a month ago, every member of my guard, which was over 100 men and woman were ready and waiting for the Romanian's and there pets to arrive, having been notified by a scout. "We are ready Milady." Mercia stated with a bow. I nodded and walked to the front of the line. "They are nearly here; I can hear the beast's hearts and smell their decay. Be prepared." Everyone took their positions, including the two wives and myself. I waited for the wolves to appear and when they did I ran full speed at them my arms in front of me, my hands curled into claws my teeth fully fanged. I let out a roar and slammed into the beast before me, ripping it to shreds, I went at many and was about to grab another when teeth sank into my torso and flung my over hundreds of creatures. I landed with a thump and slid into a pair of legs belonging to another wolf. I grabbed its ears and flung myself over its body ripping its head off and spraying anyone close enough with its blood.

I landed on my feet and threw the head away from me; I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded by many wolves. I sprang at two of them and ripped their throats out, and clawing at their faces, I was grabbed by teeth yet again but this time I had the advantage. I sunk my claws into the side of its head and right through the other side; I had skewered it and had impaled it on my arm. I ripped my arm out of its head then spun around and grasped another by its muzzle, crushing it within seconds. I once again ripped at the throat tearing my way through the body. After a few minutes I had killed all the wolves that had surrounded me. I looked up and saw Aro holding a wolves head in his hand and hitting others with it, I would've laughed had the situation not been that serious. Marcus came into my view fighting with a vampire and wolf. He ripped the vampire apart and through its body pieces into a burning pyre. The wolf lunged, but I connected with its side digging my claws into its back and lungs, tearing it into half. Marcus thanked me and ran off again. I could see we had the upper hand as almost all of the vampires and wolves on the Romanian side were dead. There were about four wolves left and they ran off leaving behind thirteen vampires. I watched as one by one they were torn apart and burnt, two men were left and I recognised them immediately.

"Well if it isn't my two favourite vampires, Stefan and Vladimir. To what do I owe the pleasure of fighting your coven and pets?" They snarled at me. "We will take our leave. We have nothing left to fight you, but be warned one day we will return and we will reclaim what is rightfully ours." I growled at them and they ran off. Looking around I could see most of the guard were patching each other up. I found Marcus standing near a pyre that was billowing purple smoke and Andromeda clutching at her hair wailing. Sulpicia had her head buried in Aro's shoulder sobbing along with Aro. Caius was standing not too far away with a look of fury plastered on his face. "What is the matter Andromeda?" I asked. She lifted her head and began begging me to kill her. "Please! Please kill me my Queen! I beg of your mercy!" I looked at her for a second and I realised that Mercia was no where to be found and then it hit me, he had been killed in the battle. I glided over to where she sat and I looked down to her. "Andromeda, was Mercia killed in the battle?" She nodded and grabbed my dress. "Please kill me, let me be with him." I nodded. I kissed her forehead and with the quickest swipe at her neck I removed her head and threw her into the flames.

I heard snarling and angry words been shouted, looking to the source I saw both Marcus and Caius in scuffle. Marcus was trying to get to the flames and Caius was trying to pull him away. "Enough!" I shouted and they stopped. "What are you two doing?" Marcus looked at me with utter hatred. "IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU, SHE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! THANKS TO YOU SHE'S DEAD! You insisted that she be present in this battle and now I've lost the love of my life!" Marcus came at me faster than Caius could expect and he began tearing into me with force. I let out a growl when he bit my arm and clawed at my still healing face and neck. A wolf had managed to claw me and it was still healing, Marcus just re-opened the wounds. I felt his weight get lifted off of me and I saw my beautiful love, wrapping Marcus around the neck with his arms. "If you ever hurt her again Marcus, I will not hesitate to kill you!" He snarled.

I watched as Marcus seemed to relax a moment and then he requested something I did not want to give and I could see neither did Aro. "Kill me then. I have nothing left in this pitiful existence. Let me be at rest with my Didyme." I would've given him what he wanted had it not been for Aro's voice speaking. "Never brother, you are needed here along side us, no one else is worthy to be a king." I waited and watched as Marcus seemed to give in and become a shell I would forever see.

One Year Later…

It had been one year since the deaths of Didyme and Mercia and many others, Marcus had locked himself in his and Didyme's room for a year and half before he was forced to leave and feed. I watched as he sat almost numbly in his throne below mine, he sighed again and I felt absolutely disgusted with myself for keeping him with me, alive, while his love was dead. I should've given him what he wanted that day he had asked. He still harbored the hatred for me and I could understand his reasoning for it, I had in deed insisted that she stay with us to fight. Most of the old guard had left us that day as well, asking if they could move on, I had let them go and now I sat watching as Aro watched his newest collectables fight one another. "Demetri for goodness sake, tackle him already." I heard Felix shout. Felix had joined us about seven months ago and was a formidable fighter. He was training Demetri, a young man who had joined us two months after Felix had. I sighed again and got up, everyone ceased their activities and bowed low, Aro and Caius bowed their heads and Marcus gave a snarl before curtly bowing his head.

"I will be leaving for a while, I shall be traveling. I will return when I'm ready." I announced. Caius tried to protest but a growl silenced him, I was and forever would be his superior. I left the feeding chamber and ran for a long time; I feed once every few days. I was travelling along the vast fields when I was taken down by what looked to be a werewolf. I felt my flesh being punctured and then a hazy feeling consumed my body; I could hear voices, telling someone well done and take her to the dungeons. It was all I could remember before darkness welcomed me.