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Summary: I am the daughter of Thewlis and Acantha Volturi, one of the few original clans of the Nosferatu. This is the story of the beginning of the Volturi King's. There are some dark themes in this story. It will remain T so I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3 – Sorting out a Problem

I stood watching Caius for an hour and he still had yet to look at me. I had asked Rosalie to accompany me to the dungeons and she had looked at his emotional aura and his bonds, both were blacker than the night's sky. When I asked if he was Caius Volturi, Rosalie had hissed at him. He had lied; it had put my thoughts into over drive. It was Caius' body, but the person inside was not my mate.

Aro had met a vampire in passing a few centuries back and had gotten into contact with him once again. Jonathan was on his way to Italy and was set to arrive later in the afternoon. Jonathan, could tell if a person was possessed or not and he could get rid of the unwanted essence. I couldn't wait to have my Caius back once again; I'd show him how much I love him.

I now stood watching as Jonathan worked with Caius. It had turned out to be Stefan of the Romanian coven of two vampires. When Jonathan finished, Caius leapt to his feet and had his hand wrapped around the other mans throat growling and hissing at him.

I stepped forward and touch Caius' shoulder, "My love, be still, this man has saved your life and mine. Please spare him." Caius' black eyes locked onto my own and with a speed I never thought possible had his lips locked with mine.

It was finally time for the trip of a century as Felix loved to declare. It was when three kings left the castle for a period of five days. They took their mates away with them and just spent time together. This year was no different, Aro and Sulpicia, Caius and I, Marcus would be staying at the castle. We were to leave at seven the following morning, just a few hours to pack what we wanted and then we would leave. It was the only time we did not have any guards with us.

"Mmm, my love, I can not wait to show what I've been practicing." Sulpicia said to Aro with a very lusty gaze. Caius had to look away, but I looked on with an air of authority. "Yes, well as long as you show me these new moves first my darling sister." I said with a gleam in my bright red eyes. Aro looked at me with utter shock, but Caius only let loose a rather loud purr that soon got him unwanted attention from Sulpicia and Aro who were both snickering.

"Oh, of course dear, what ever you wish is my command." Sulpicia said with a bow and a smirk. I chuckled and continued to follow them down the stairs. We would be leaving in an hour for France, our destination for this trip.

Finally after waiting an hour and ten minutes Sulpicia eventually made it down to the garage. "Took you long enough sister." Caius growled. Aro gave him a warning glare before looking out the window. The drive to the airport was uneventful to say the least, Aro asked if I'd accompany him to the hanger alone.

"What is it Aro? Is something wrong?" I looked over at Caius and saw him snarling orders to the pilot; we were out of hearing range so clearly Aro wanted to speak in private.

"Nothing is wrong, do you remember when we got lonely all those years back and found ourselves in the others beds?" I nodded, those were amazing times back then, "Well, I was wondering if tonight when we arrive, would you care to join me for a hunt and a bit of time together?"

"Is something wrong with you and Sulpicia?" He shook his head. "Then why do you want me if you have your mate?" He looked at his shoes in nervousness.

"I just miss your warmth Cara mia, I haven't felt or had your passion in a millennia." I smiled at him.

"Aro, we have mates now, it would be cheating if we made love once more." He looked at me with eyes that would make even the iciest person to work the earth melt. "Just this one last time alright." He gave me a small smile and then brushed his fingers across my back with hands of a lover. I shivered in pleasure and that scared me, I only shivered for my spouse, my life mate.

We spent the entire trip to France in a comfortable silence; Caius was running his fingers through my hair. My eyes closed automatically and I started to purr. I heard another purr from opposite me and I opened my eyes when it went silent almost a split second after it started. Aro looked shocked for a mere second before he went back to his book. I couldn't help, but purr even louder when Caius started to massage my shoulders. Aro looked at me with dark lustful eyes that told me a thousand words. He was having a hard time maintaining his composure.

We arrived a few minutes ago and already we wanted to hunt. I suggested that we go hunting alone in separate areas. Caius readily agreed running off for the mountains while Sulpicia darted off for the inner city. Aro looked at me and I smiled softly, "Alright lover, follow me." I gave him a dazzling smile and took off for the woods; he followed behind me with a growl.

I found a hiker that was stranded. I walked to him and with a snarl, I snapped his neck. Aro soon came to a stop besides me. He leaned over the man's neck and bit into it, I took the other side. We stared into each other's eyes the whole time we fed, when there was nothing left we let the man's body drop to the floor. Aro sprang at me and attacked me with his lips. His tongue swept the inside of my mouth and we tasted the man's blood that still lingered. I arched into his body and with that he stripped us of our clothes, I started to purr and this got him very hard.

He purred along with me, a symphony in its self. He kissed my neck and licked my collar bones. He moved lower and lower all the while purring a melody to the heavens. He returned his lips to mine and thrust himself into me. I roared in pleasure and returned to purring along with him. He loved me over and over. We stopped after the fourth time of our passionate loving.

"Mmm, my sweet loving dark haired angel, we will have to meet up once again, your warmth fills my body with such a sweet longing that I can't help, but crave more of your essence." I gave Aro a kiss and a smile.

It was much later in the night and Aro and Caius were playing a game of chess. They had marched two chess boards together for a much more strategic game. Sulpicia and I were unpacking and making sure everything was in place.

"Shit! Aro you bloody schweinehund (Pigdog in German.)" I chuckled as Caius went off in German and Aro replied in Gaelic. Sulpicia was giggling as well when an audible smack was heard, it was soon followed by a growl and then the chess boards were thrown and Caius stormed into our room in a huff.

"My darling, why don't you go out for a walk. I need a pair of shoes for the red dress I brought, I forgot mine at the castle. Oh Sulpicia, would you mind going with him, I really need the shoes and you know which will match."

Caius and Sulpicia left and said they would return in about two hours tops, Sulpicia wanted to find a book or two on different positions for Caius. I laughed when he mouthed 'help me'. When they were gone and I was sure they were out of hearing range, I summoned Aro, my new lover. I had stripped into a pair of kinky shorts with a very seductive bra. He came in and was instantly hard. I walked up to him slowly and ran my fingers over his chest, causing him to purr.

"You have no idea what you do to me Cara mia."

"I have a fair idea, my sweet." Another long night that came to an end at the rise of yet another early morning. Aro and I reacquainted ourselves with one another over the next few days and eventually we were set to return to Volterra.

I was sitting, relaxing with a book in my hands when we landed back on home soil. Aro looked at sky and noticed the darkening clouds. Sulpicia and I walked over to the waiting car and climbed in. Caius and Aro joined us soon after and we were off speeding down the long winding roads.

Walking back into my home had me smiling with pride. I loved what I had created, all of my family were loved equally though some more than others.

"Milady! There seems to be a small problem in the throne room." Young Jane said running over to me. I followed her as she ran back to the throne room and found two vampires with a baby. An immortal child. My eyes darkened and a load growl came out through gritted teeth.

"What is this!?" I shouted in ire. The couple cowered at my anger, yet the child snarled and screamed, its piercing voice making even my own ears ring.

"Silence!" I yelled. I turned to the child and with my superior speed; I grabbed its arm and lifted it into the air, it looked no older than five years. Hissing in rage the child spat venom in my face. I went to wipe the venom away, the child then bit my arm and latched its teeth into me with an iron grip. I hissed and tried to free myself, Felix seeing my distress ran forward and grabbed the child, ripping it away I heard the sound of metal tearing and felt a searing pain.

"You blundering idiot!" I screeched when I saw a chunk of my flesh still stuck between the child's teeth. My black venom dripping onto the stones below me, I saw the child grin. Felix removed my flesh from the child's mouth and brought it back to me. I backhanded him after returning my skin to its rightful place.

"Forgive me my queen, I am truly sorry." Ignoring him I turned to the couple still cowering on the floor.

"Who are you and where are you from?"

"I am Colvin and this is my mate Helga. We are from Ohio."

"Why did you change that child?" I said pointing to said child.

"We didn't change her, we found her."


"We were travelling from Ukraine when she attacked my wife; the child has the most powerful gift I have ever seen."


"She is an illusionist. I'm certain of it. Though she hasn't outwardly shown her gift, she has confused us many times."

"How so?"

"She had a heartbeat when she attacked, but when I grabbed her neck she had no pulse. It was an illusion." I heard a screechy voice speak above myself and Colvin.

"He's lying to you, I am no illusionist. My gift is far greater than that." She laughed and it grated against my nerves.

"Oh is that so, what is your gift then?"

"Nah-ah, you must promise not to kill me first."

"I will find out about your gift, youngling. Aro." Aro was at the child's side in a second and had grasped her hand before Alice screamed no. All hell broke lose in seconds. Aro was suddenly screaming while the girl laughed. Caius and Marcus had been grabbed the guard, they had sprung into protective mode quickly. After Aro's screaming started so did Sulpicia's. I rushed toward her as Caius freed himself and raced over to Aro. Again Alice screamed no, but it was too late.

Pain. That was all I could feel, it was unbearable Caius was screaming and I followed soon after. The pain was unimaginable, I felt as though I was going through the torture of having the werewolves blood set alight inside my body, but it was a million times worse. My body started to convulse and my mouth fell open in a scream again, but all that came out was my black venom. My heart felt as though it was being torn to shreds agonisingly slowly.

(Marcus' Pov)

I watched as my brothers and sisters fell to the floor screaming. I was being held back by seven guards including Felix. I watched as their screams turned into howls and roars of agony. Sulpicia managed to look at me and I watched in utter horror as her eyes turned completely black, her iris' and the whites of her eyes to. Isabella was the worst to watch as her body convulsed, venom pooling out of her mouth.

The girl finally released Aro's hand and Caius' shoulder. Her laughing stopped as did the howls of pain. I was released as the guard rushed to help their masters, mistress and queen from the floor. They all fell short when the sound of a heartbeat filled the chamber. I looked around thinking that Heidi had brought dinner, but I turned to see Caius clutching his chest with wide eyes. They were no longer red, they were now sterling blue, I looked at Aro and saw that he too was clutching his chest with wide eyes, they were a vivid blue. Sulpicia's eyes were green-brown colour.

Isabella was holding her chest with the most agonised expression on her face. She of course was born into this life, she had no heart beat, but whatever it was it was causing her agony beyond words. Her eyes flew open and she sprang back to her feet, her eyes were their normal blood red. She hadn't changed, it was impossible clearly. She had, in theory, felt all three of her family's changes. She was the one who created them in the first place.

I watched as she grabbed Caius' and brought him up to her face. "Caius my love, are you alright?" he shook his head. "Do I look alright to you? I have a bloody heart beat! Bite me and return me to normal!" Isabella bit his neck and let her venom fill his blood before releasing him. He stood staring at her as she bit Aro and Sulpicia. We all held our breath and waited to see, but none of them started screaming.

"It looks like the venom isn't working. You child change them back!" I growled. She looked at me and smiled.

"No, they must live this way for the minimum of three years. It is the penalty of their crimes for touching me. Clearly the female is a mate to one of the males, she will change back when her mate does. As for the other one, she clearly has no heart."

"That is because I am a Nosferatu! The last of my kind, I was born this way, therefore yes, I have no heart. What did you do to them?"

"It is my gift, I can change a vampire back to human for the minimum of three years. I assume that my gift would have been more advance had I been changed at a later age. They will change back on this day in three years time. You will have no bloodlust for their blood for it still holds their venom, or your venom if they were bitten by you. Anyway, when they have been a human for three years they won't be able to return to mortal form ever again." I looked at her with an unreadable look.

"Can you let my parents and I go now?" Isabella looked at her for a few seconds. I hoped that she'd end the child's pitiful life.

"I have your word they will change back?" the girl nodded.

"Yes, they will change back. Ask Helga if you are uncertain, she was changed twelve years ago and returned to her vampire form three years later."

"Is this true?" The woman Helga nodded. I looked towards my darling mate Rosalie for conformation. She nodded and smiled, Helga was telling the truth. Isabella nodded to Demetri and with the help of Afton, Felix and Santiago they killed the child. Alec had taken her senses as well as Colvin's and Helga's. The three nomads were ashes before Aro, Caius and Sulpicia had even been human for ten minutes.

(Back to Isabella's Pov)

I hated seeing Caius the way he was, he was moody and miserable. Sulpicia hadn't stopped crying the whole week, so with some persuasion I had sent her our receptionist, Gianna out for the day. Aro was currently taking Caius to a coffee shop where they would talk privately with one another.

I was talking with Marcus about the Cullen boy and his sister Morgan. "Marcus, I think we should send them to Washington, they will be able to see if the girl has been changed or not, of course we'll also send some of the guard with them so that they can protect them. We have no idea if other vampires will be drawn to their blood or not."

"I must agree, it will be best to have them away from here for a while, it still reminds them of their curse." I nodded.

"Jane, Demetri, Felix, Alec, Rosalie and Alice, I wish to speak with you all." Marcus looked at me for a second, but then he turned towards the door. The six summoned vampires came into the throne room and bowed.

"Yes, Milady?" they said in unison. Marcus stood up and spoke to them.

"We have a mission for you; the six of you will be accompanying Aro, Caius and Sulpicia to Forks, Washington. You will protect them and follow them without been heard, seen or smelled." I smiled at them.

"You may go now." They bowed once again and left.

(Aro's Pov)

Isabella had gotten Renata to summon us and so we now stood before her.

"I have a mission for you three, you will be sent to Forks, Washington to check up on the Cullen boy's status. I wish to know if the girl has been changed or not. Jane and Alec will be with Sulpicia, Felix and Demetri will be with Caius and Aro you will have Rosalie and Alice with you. They will be with you at all times." I smiled at Caius and he visibly relaxed.

"Now we have called in a favour with one of our oldest allies, he will be here in a few minutes. You see the nine of you will be placed under an illusion for the time that you are all in Forks. You will live as humans and go to school as humans and while you are there I will ask that you update myself and Isabella on everything." Marcus looked at them all.

"Marcus, how shall we have the humans believe we are young when some of us were changed at a later age?" Sulpicia asked.

"That's where the illusion will come in, you see with the illusion in place Isabella will then help you six," Marcus pointed to the vampires in question, "blend in better, she will hide your scents that give you away as vampires. The illusion will give you the appearance of humans, including a fake beating heart."

"Are you all prepared?" I asked the six guards. They all nodded. "Please assist your masters and mistress pack. I expect you all back here in 30 minutes." They disappeared.

"Marcus, should we accompany them or just leave them?"

"Let us leave them, they will be fine."

"I just worry. Now we have a little privacy, would you allow me to see my bonds?" Marcus nodded and placed his hand in mine.

I saw my link to him; it was a dark green-gold mix, a brotherly bond. I looked at my link to Aro; there were two threads, a blood red and silver mix, I had taken him as a second mate. When I looked at Caius' and my bond I saw the most beautiful blue and white mix threaded with a sparkling thread, the soul-mate bond, unbreakable. I smiled brightly, it was beautiful.

"Thank you brother, I suppose a talk with Caius and Aro is in order."

"Yes, I believe you should speak with Sulpicia as well, she is after all Aro's soul-mate." I nodded.

"Now, tell me about young Rosalie."

"We are soul-mates, I think if Didyme was still here I would have bonded with Rosalie as you have with Aro. When our mate dies the next one we feel the pull to will automatically take the previous position as soul-mate, but they will never take the place of our first." I nodded in understanding. Rosalie was probably one in a few of our kind to share the same gift as her mate.

"Have you both claimed the other yet?"

"Yes, while you and the others were away. I will ask her to marry me at later date." He smiled and I could see the genuine love in his eyes.

"How is she fairing in the guard?"

"She is happy, her and young Alice are truly amazing. They have both brightened up the guard, just last month Jane was seen laughing with Alice. I was utterly shocked, you know how cold she was; now she is fun-loving and happy."

"That's excellent news to hear, I'm happy that they were accepted in with open minds." We ended our conversation when the double doors opened. In walked a man with short dark brown hair and a moustache.

"Ah Charlie Swan, it's good to see you once again."

"The same is said for you my queen. I trust all is well?"

"Yes, all is well."

"Excellent, where are the nine that need to be placed under the illusion?"

"They are here." I pointed to the group of nine. He set to work quickly and soon instead of three heart beats, I now heard nine. After completing the task, Charlie left.

(Aro's Pov)

We stood waiting as Isabella walked up to all of us. Charlie had done a good job on all of us; we now all looked to be between the ages of 15 and 18.

"My dears, you will be leaving now, but before you go, I have one more request. If the girl is not changed you are to watch and wait for at least six months and if in those six months she hasn't been changed you are to bring her back here where she will be changed and kept in the guard." She walked up to Caius and kissed him good-bye and then she kissed Sulpicia's cheek. She came to me and kissed my cheek and whispered good-bye in my ear.

We arrived in Forks and found three cars waiting for us. Isabella had gotten us a house and all the food we would need for our stay here in the rainy town.

"Master, shall I get your room ready?" Jane asked.

"Yes, thank you Jane. I think I'm going to take Caius with me to the school so that we can get ourselves sorted out." I left to find Caius. He stood staring at the large television screen with an unreadable look.

"Brother, would you like to join me? I wish to get everyone's schedule and a map of the school."

We arrived at the school parking lot; it was full of cars and students that were leaving to go home. I could see a lot of them were whispering and I wished for my enhanced hearing to hear what they were saying, but with this curse it was impossible.

I stood next to Caius and looked at the receptionist. "May I help you?"

"Yes, we wish to apply to this school."

"Alright, how many are you?"


"Nine? Well okay then, let me get the forms." She disappeared for a minute or two and then returned.

"Alright, give me your names and ages."

"I'll start with my brothers and myself, I am Aro Volturi, I'm 17 and my brothers are Caius, he is 17, Felix, he's 16 Demetri, he's 16 and Alec, he is 15." She wrote down the names and ages and then looked at me again.

"My sisters, Rosalie, she's 17, Sulpicia, she's 16, Alice, she's 15 and Jane, she's 15." The woman wrote down the names and ages again.

"Please give me a brief history of yourselves for your file."

"We are all adopted, we also share the same last name. Jane and Alec are twins, Felix and Demetri are brothers, Rosalie, Sulpicia and Caius are brother and sisters and Alice and I are brother and sister. Our adoptive parents took us all; they hated the idea of separating us. We come from Italy, Russia and Britain. My parents had to stay in Italy because of business." The woman nodded as she wrote everything down.

"What are your parent's names, we need to be able to contact them if there are any problems."

"Isabella and Marcus Volturi. This is their contact number." She thanked us and gave us our schedules and that was that. We returned home and found Jane and Alice sorting out our school books.