~ Roused ~

A sequel to Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition)

and a part 2 to Sleeping Beauty

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Aurora was living in a lie, kept in a small forest, loving people who were not her parents.

Sounds a lot like Rapunzel's story, yes?

Aurora's return didn't go as smoothly as Rapunzel's, but Rapunzel can help, which she does starting in Chapter 11.

The redemption of the Princess Aurora and Princess Rapunzel and their families.

Not your grandmother's princess story!

The story of some princesses lying in bed, whining about how awful their lives are


What it takes to fix a broken a princess


~ Chapter 001

~ Going Home


Once upon a time, a young woman learned who she really was...

I am weeping on my bed, my rose quilt that Aunt Merryweather made for me, bunched in my hands, covering my face, catching my tears.

It was my sixteenth birthday. It was supposed to be the happiest day of the year and now it wasn't.

It was the worst day ever.

I am a princess, but I just felt like I would rather die.

Could it be true that I had parents and a home?

How I have yearned for parents all my life; longed for a home that is truly mine. The deepest dream of my heart was having real parents and a home with them. I felt I should be happier then ever, but all I could feel was the pulse of pain through my veins.

My aunts had always known. They had lied to me about my parents and my home. They had lied about everything.

Had it all been a lie?

My aunts' love for me, a lie, too?

Everything; a lie?

My whole life, a lie?

Am I, a lie, too?

Who am I?

What am I?

Love is so painful.

My aunts took him, the stranger I fell in love with; I may never see him again. I know that I shouldn't talk to strangers, but he surprised me, when he came up behind me, I didn't know he was there. Aunt Flora taught me how to be aware of the animals around me, but I was dancing with my friends, it had been safe. Then he found me. He talked to me, sang to me, danced with me.

But he wasn't really a stranger, he was the prince from my dreams, I could see that in his eyes. It had felt so good and so wonderful. Nothing had ever felt as good as being in his arms, snuggling with Aunt Fauna didn't even compare. It was like we were supposed to be together.

Like we had always known each other.

When he asked my name, I realized that he really was a stranger and I had to run and hide. I told him that we could never meet, but I did tell him to come this evening to the cottage and where it was. I had been so happy, and then there was the dress and the cake.

Everything was perfect.

Then my beloved aunts took it all away. Talking to the stranger had been bad. I knew that. That's why I ran from him.

I'm a bad girl.

Aunt Merryweather will punish me, but she will love me afterwards.

But I am so scared and confused. They had never said what the punishment for talking to strangers was, though they hinted it was very bad.

They took my name!

I can barely understand the punishment as I cry. The unicorn told me to be careful with my name, but now my name is gone, taken, destroyed. Who am I, if I am not Briar Rose? Who is Princess Aurora? What does that mean?

I'm a princess, I sob.

Princesses live in castles, and are the children of Kings and Queens, not in the forest as I do. Princesses are attacked by monsters, cursed by fairies and witches, like Maleficent on the Forbidden Mountain which I can see from my window in the winter or murdered by their own families. That's what happens in all the stories, in the book, right next to me, in the cubby carved into the tree.

I don't want to be Princess Aurora. I love to go look at the castle, it is so beautiful, but it isn't a safe place for a princess. I had wept for the poor princess who lived there, in constant danger, or dead. I want to be safe, here in my forest with my aunts and my forest friends.

I don't want to be a princess. Princesses are weak.

I hear my door open. I throw myself, crying, to the floor, "Please, I'll never talk to strangers again. Please, let it go back to the way it was. Please, you can send the stranger away when he comes this evening."

"Please, let it go back to the way it was. Please, punish me, I'll do anything, just let things go back. Please." I beg with my tears dripping on the floor.

"I'm sorry, child, but it can't go back anymore." I hear Aunt Flora say, seriously.

In despair, I wipe the tears from my face and I see a gap between the floor and their feet.

With wide eyes, I look up. My aunts are floating in the air, they have wings, and sparkles blink around them. In their hands they had sparkly white sticks, the ones from under Aunt Flora's bed. The sticks I had found as a child and had shot sparkles and had thrown me across the room.

They aren't human.

They're fairies!

I scramble backwards onto my bed and into the pillows. I pull the quilt over me to protect me. The beautiful rose-quilt that beloved Aunt Merryweather had made, which they had all given me for Christmas.

I'm so scared, fairies do bad things to princesses, my book of fairy tales said so. I hadn't thought fairies were real, but they were flying right here in front of me! I am not a princess, but they think I am. They'll do bad things to me. I'm so scared.

"Come, Princess. It is time to go home now," says Aunt Flora gently.

"No, I am home, this is my home." I tell them shaking my head. They called me princess. I don't want to be hurt more.

"Don't you want to meet your parents, the King and Queen?" asks Aunt Fauna gently.

I shake my head so hard it hurts, kings and queens kill their princesses, "No, I want to stay here with my aunts," but my aunts are fairies, floating at the foot of my bed. I'm so scared and confused. I cringe into my covers more deeply.

"We are your aunts. We even made you a new dress for going to your real home," says Aunt Merryweather comfortingly, the blue dress from the kitchen floats in as she waves her wand.

I'm so scared. It's a fairy dress; it will do something terrible to me. Like making me dance myself to death or crush the breath out of me.

"I don't want to put it on." I say, petrified, which sounds so petulant.

"Stop this nonsense, child. It is time for you to go home to your real parents. We are running out of time." Aunt Flora flutters near me.

I'm so scared, but I nod; scared that the fairies will do something even worse to me then I can imagine. I stand up from my bed, shaking.

"Now, take off your clothes, so we can put you in your nice new dress, dear," says Fauna the fairy, gently, who I used to love to cuddle with.

I don't want to take my clothes off in front of the fairies. I'm so scared of the fairies, but I try to comply. They were my aunts once; maybe they loved me enough not to hurt me. My fingers are weak and shaking, I can't undo the lacing on my black corset.

"Oh, bother, that is going to take too long. Here, let me help." Flora the fairy says kindly. With a wave of her wand my clothes going flying off and put themselves neatly away in my dresser.

I cover myself with my hands. I hadn't been afraid of my aunts, but these fairies are terrifying.

"Now for the dress." Another wave and by unseen forces, my hands are lifted over my head, I'm lifted off of the floor, I feel so utterly helpless, and the blue dress slithers over me and shoes go on my feet. I'm so scared, my bowels feel weak, what are they going to do to me next? In what terrible way are they going to hurt me next?

I stand shivering in the nice, warm dress that hugs me perfectly. I see Lily, my poppet, my friend, on my dresser next to me. I haven't played with her for some time, but she was more like me then these fairies are, she wouldn't hurt me and she likes me too.

I begin to lift my hand for her, but the fairy that had been Aunt Flora took my hand and said, "Come, we must get you to the castle before your young man arrives. Oh, this is terrible. Why did you ever speak to him?"

I didn't want to. I tried not to, but he captured my heart like a spider captures a fly with its web.

The fairy that had been Aunt Flora pulls me from my room, and down the stairs to the kitchen. They make a cloak appear out of thin air and it settles around my head and shoulders. I'm so scared of it, would it choke me to death or crush my head like in the old fairy tales my aunts used to tell me?

They drag me outside and we turn. I see my cake, my beautiful birthday cake that my loving aunts made for me on the table, the candles burned down and the wax dripped down the sides. It looked so sad.

I didn't even get to taste my birthday cake.

Then, the terrible fairy that had been Aunt Flora, waved her wand and the windows and doors slammed shut; sealing me off from the happy life that had once been mine. My heart quails against the power they are showing me they have over me.

"Come, we must get away quickly and be very quiet so no one hears us."

Quiet? I always obeyed Aunt Flora, because I loved her and all of them and this terrible fairy looked like her. I can't call my forest friends, my real friends? I can't even tell my friends good-bye. Is there nothing left for me? The unicorns could have protected me, if I could have danced for them. The wolves live too far away to hear from here, too.

These fairies have taken everything from me. Is there anything left to me? I am nothing before them and I am a lie.

The stories my beloved aunts had told me had told of fairies and witches inflicting pain with red hot shoes and crushing corsets and thorns; of kings and queens killing and eating their princesses. Why won't these fairies just kill me? It would hurt less then what they are doing to me.

The stories had talked of heart-wrenching pain.

I had never understood what that meant.

Now I did.

My heart felt like it had been wrenched from my chest.

My limbs were weak, like my bones had been torn from them, I could only walk slowly, and my knees are so weak, as the fairies flit from tree to tree.

My soul felt crushed like the red and gold leaves underfoot in the fall.

The stories never described how terrible that felt.

The stories never described the hatred that those feelings could kindle.

I don't want to feel like this.

As the tears dripped down my lowered and covered face as those terrible fairies took me away from my beloved forest, my friends and my home.

I don't want to be a princess.

I wish I had a prince to protect me, like in the stories. I'd be safe, like in the forest, if I only had a prince, but my true love is just a woodsman, and he doesn't know where I'll be. I never even told him my name, the name I used to have, at least.

I don't even have my name anymore. Who am I?

What am I? I don't want to be a princess. Princesses are so weak; I wasn't weak was I? So many of them die in the stories. I don't want to die.

I don't have a crown, I still look ordinary; a crown would be a death sentence. Maybe they won't notice me being a princess if I don't have a crown, I hope, I pray.

It couldn't get any worse, could it?


The fairies flit from tree to tree, constantly on the lookout for danger from without. So Maleficent wouldn't find the Princess Aurora and accomplish her curse.

But they left too early and were looking the wrong way for the real danger to the Princess Aurora.

~ End of Chapter 001

Author's Note: Why would Briar Rose start crying like the world was coming to an end, when her aunts tell her she was really a princess with parents and a kingdom? Why could she cry when she got her crown? What was happening inside of her mind? Something had to be happening we the audience couldn't see. Then she faced Maleficent and lost. Sure, she was rescued but how could she be have a happy ending after all that?

I am going to make sure she is healed so she can have her happy ending!