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Sharp clip-clops echoed off of harshly sanitized tiles, that looked practically like glassy ivory, the floor reflecting a gently blurred image of the thin, green skinned, red uniformed being marching down the hall.

The metal parts of the black military boots always landed with a proud noise. Their owner was marching through the very center of the halls due to a mixture of a large-ego, and mild OCD, with his chin held high. Disgust seeped through the 'superior being's' attempt at a mask of indifference and disdain.


Everything here was blinding, sheer white.

White could be such a perfect color. It was almost pretty, so un-perverted, so new, fresh, clean, and full-of-potential; worth appreciation- even by the alien conqueror's standards.

But thanks to the human race's interference with ZIM'S battle, and more importantly, HIS property; the interferences that had caused visits to this... HORRIBLE white PLACE; he'd come to hate the color because of the association. White meant straitjackets. White meant padded rooms and therapy, drugs and brainwashing - BRAINWASHING HIS PROPERTY- which meant his own more subtle and sweeter; to the point where they seemed seductive; brainwashing methods, were run right over. Smoosh.

Nothing about these... Scenarios, really directly affected Zim. It was his own choice to even come to this guarded building. It was all his own choice here. Technically, with a certain nemesis out of the way, he should have been happy about it. He could get a lot more work done. Had he still had the un-empathetic, self-oriented ideals he'd first come to this planet with, he would have seen to it that Dib would go into that hospital to never come out! However, because of the way he'd come to think about that little 'primate', who this scenario DID affect, Zim loathed it all.

White meant Dib was dragged screaming by someone other then Zim, and locked away. Locked up where Zim had to ASK to get in and see him. ZIM! Made to ASK to get a chance to see what would- and in his mind already DID- belong to HIM!

Fools! They were STEALING! The one's who claimed it was for the boy's own good were the dumbest yet. They didn't know why he was like this.

If they wanted Dib to get better, they'd leave things as they were. Zim was the only one who could fix him because Zim was the only one who gave a care, who WANTED to fix him, who derived a feeling outlawed among his species, a strange joy, from comforting the boy during his breakdowns.

Surprise and shock in those last few ideas had tortured Zim when it had all started. Yes, Zim had nearly thrown up when he first felt the pain of sympathy and realized what it was.

It had begun not even a full year ago; the fraying of their normal routine. Things had changed as Dib grew older and seemed to soften; and grow more sad and less excitable; and they both got to know each other more.

Also, Zim had been labeled a defective at an irken empirical pak check. As hotly as he denied the very thought, the signs began to make themselves clearer and clearer as his 'condition' progressed. The errors were localized, just one or two things. And it went slowly. But it WAS happening. Parts of his pak were burning out.

Zim wasn't sure when, exactly, his emotional filter had finally snapped.

But it did.

And by chance, after that snapping occurred, Zim happened to find his enemy on a particularly bad day for Dib, in a state that should not have made a normal Irken react at all. Zim reacted. The sight and very fact, that Dib was horribly bruised and beaten to the point where he'd hid in the back of the library, because life had gotten too hard for him to hold back tears now and then... It caused Zim an unknown pain.

Eventually, Zim strayed far enough from their well-trodden path of battle, that he grew a strange understanding, and even respect, of how fragile the boy was. The comforting had started then. Zim kept it to mild things, just sitting near Dib and sharing civil conversations now and then... but... he began to form a plan out of it.

Of course he did. The mighty Zim could not allow any weakness in himself to go unchecked, without purpose, to remain a true 'weakness'.

He had a plan. It was a genius plan.

It would make things so much easier if the boy would just surrender though.


As Dib had grown so did his potential. Zim marveled at him, he really did.

He wanted him.

What did he want him as? His friend? Ally? Pet? Slave? He didn't actually know. In his mind, that didn't matter. If asked he'd probably shout 'EVERYTHING' and burst out laughing like the evil maniac he was.

He simply wanted the right to treat Dib as his, to call Dib his. His own.

Dib was like a young, primitive, dependent Irken, and Zim loved that. For the life of him though, he couldnt figure out why. He just knew it made Dib seem very desirable. He'd only recently come to see it fully, but the realization had been creeping up on him for over a year. When he finally landed on it, the realization, he made up a plan on the spot.

He went over said plan as he stomped through the hallway maze, looking for the door numbered 264.

It was perfect. Dib held such fire! He was strong, and quick, and oh-so-clever, and he aspired and dreamed of such greatness-

-But he had strong needs that his kind had never... And never WOULD, satisfy.

The lack of soothing for what Dib thirsted for was taking a harder toll the older he got and the longer he went without nurturing of his key desire in life;

For just one person to notice, to grow close to him, to care, and to touch him.

He could never remember being held, or any non-painful contact with another human being, aside from the incredibly rare pats on the head from his father. It just wasn't anywhere near enough.

No one would even LISTEN to him. The way he was being raised was inhuman and it was screwing with his head. No one with a need for loving care could last long in his state.

Zim watched the human painfully dying inside and it killed the invader and made him sick to see it.

Dib was a VERY socially dependent earthling, more so then most of his race. He needed attention horribly. He only got it from Zim, and even that wasn't enough, he needed more then an enemy... or... now that they were older... More then a frenemy.

Zim could use this. He could give Dib the care he needed, AND mold him into a magnificent force; not to mention the boy would just make such a lovely little pet. If only the human would surrender. Zim could fix Dib's mind for him! Zim wanted to, why couldn't Dib see that?

Zim would put effort into even making him HAPPY.

He just wanted Dib to be his.

Zim would give the earthling his care, and put Dib in his debt. The boy would become hopelessly addicted to the attention he'd craved so long, and he couldn't possibly fight it for long. Dib would surrender.

Zim would even allow hugs, and soft touches, to coax Dib into his possession.

Oh, how badly Zim wanted to see Dib melt from the superior, sweet caresses of ZIM. An incredibly strange desire for an Irken, but it was strong, and made him smirk deviously.

The invader hated to admit any of this, even to himself. It was forbidden for Irkens to feel fond of another being, especially a non-irken, but Zim was Zim. And Zim did whatever Zim wanted.

The alien kept counting the door numbers as he walked. Curse the endless hallways. Where was door number 264? He huffed, but within minutes was back to thinking and pondering.


It wasn't like the rest of the Irken empire would ever give a crap about his owning Dib and the alien's outlawed feelings. As long as Zim never bothered them again it seemed they'd be good, and their smallest invader had started to pick up on that, despite holding the thoughts down with denial of various kinds.

Added to everything else, Zim just got so incredibly lonely withought the big-headed monkey. He really needed Dib around to be happy.

So, to take care of the loneliness, and keep the boy from completely losing his mind, Zim had come to visit him in the mental hospital.

That was what the extra-terrestrial was doing right now, what all the feelings and everything else had lead up to.

Imbeciles! Locking Dib up here! They only destroyed all Zim's progress on fixing the mud-stink's damaged brain meats, and his plots to hint to Dib that he cared, so the starved-for-good-attention-and-love human smeet would practically beg Zim to make him his.

The scientists and doctors were ruining his plan! They didn't help anything!

If the situation got bad, Zim was going to stop humoring them and take matters into his own hands. This puny establishment couldn't withhold his territory from him. He ground his teeth.

264. There it was. Grinning, Zim gripped the handle, turned it, and slam-kicked the door open, his only thoughts on how grateful Dib would be that Zim came for him to waste his own, superior time, to talk to a lowly human and make the smeet feel better.

A blur of white stumbled backwards with a muffled yelp at the bang of the door. Dib hadn't been expecting anyone. The very idea of comprehension of such... 'sentient' things, was impossible in his current state, as the alien would soon see.

Zim had demanded to visit the 'child'; as he still insisted on calling him, disliking the sound of the word 'teen'; only to be told Dib couldn't have visitors at the moment.

Of course Zim never took 'no' for an answer, and had found the building poorly guarded against Irken invaders such as himself, trained so finding ways to sneak inside was a trivial matter.

Zim's eyes fell on Dib and his eager happiness to see his human turned to surprise, then slowly simmered into anger. Curse those therapists, and anyone else here charged with Dib's care, he was going to murder them...

The boy shook violently, his glasses were gone and Zim could see in his eyes something was horribly wrong. The alien's antenna smelled more fear in Dib's hormonal scent then he could ever remember smelling in ANYTHING.

Dib's coat, the big, black trench coat Dib treasured and almost protected ferociously, was gone, replaced with a straitjacket.

Dib in a straitjacket was normal.

Perhaps not perfectly normal by common standards, but somehow Zim had gotten used to these kinds of things, they only ever irritated him mildly anymore. The icing on the cake, however, the part that drove Zim over the wall, into real anger, not just annoyance, was the gag on the boy. No one but Zim gagged Dib. Ever. Others had done so once or twice, but it made the Irken twitch, and he never failed to step in and do something at that point; especially if Dib failed to get it off himself.

Why was he gagged anyway? Did they just not care this much? Was he screaming to be let out and they just got tired of it and decided to GAG him? Probably.

No one treated his Dib like this! At least, they did, but Zim refused to allow such things.

Oohhhh! Those filthy, wretched...

The way Dib was looking at him, shaking, hardly seeming to recognize him, so full of fear, a whimper scratching in his throat, pupils shrunk, eyes horribly wide, irises darkened, not shiny gold like normal...He was really bad this time.


Zim just stared for a while. He had not expected this and had gone blank, arms at his sides, limply. Large, rather confused indigo-grey contacts stared back at wide, blood-brown eyes. When the alien finally began to think, he didn't even CARE in that moment to find out why Dib was like this. Anger dominated.

Zim refused to humor the dirt monkeys any longer. He would not ALLOW his property to remain under whatever obscene conditions had victimized him here in this stupid 'mental institution'.

A part of Zim was even frightened; of what kinds of things they may have done to his poor Dib. What horrors had they forced on him? The alien was panicked, not really wanting to find out. Chances were, NOTHING had been done to Dib, but even that would be a problem. With nothing to do and no one to talk to, the poor obsessive-compulsive human would practically implode.

For a while the formerly proud, green creature just stood there in the doorway, watching Dib who sat quivering in the plain, white room with padded walls; his cell; staring fearfully, suspiciously back, gagged and restrained.

When Zim at last stepped into the room, expression firm, the boy immediately tried to struggle and kick his way backwards, away from the one approaching him, the scent of Dib's terror increasing, and noises like squeaks muffled by the cloth tied over his mouth. Dib whined as Zim knelt close to him, shaking his head vigorously, whimpering what sounded like 'no no no no no no!' He kept making his best, valiant little efforts to get away but was failing miserably, weakly.

Zim sighed as he felt that pain in his chest again. Dumb emotions. He knew it wouldn't go away until Dib was calmed and in a better state.

The stench of insanity in the room was enough to make Zim revolted. It was like something rotting, decaying, wearing away. Like poisoned flesh when the cells begin attacking the body, not to mention drugs. The filthies here were probably giving Dib pills to force his cooperation...

"Curse them! Zim should have thought of that..." The invader pouted, before turning full attention back to Dib.

Yes, the alien's little toy soldier was in a very bad way.

"Human! look at your master."

Instead the human jumped when he heard Zim's commanding tone and kicked out defensively. With a snarl Zim grabbed his feet before they could hit him and pulled. Dib lost balance as he was jerked toward his 'visitor' and fell onto his back with a high squeak. Zim leapt up in a moment, pouncing to sit on top of Dib's chest and pin his prey.

Stupid crazy-house caretaker humans! Dib had kicked out at Zim, and was acting all insaney! Look! Dib was probably getting worse by the minute in here! Attention would make him better- NOT SOLITARY CONFINEMENT IN AN EMPTY, PADDED CELL WITH NO WINDOWS!

Clawed, green digits, hidden under black gloves, grabbed the human's chin, forcing the weakened male to give Zim eye contact, at which Dib whimpered, but didn't fight very well. Zim thought the earth-monkey seemed thinner then normal. It was clear his energy was at an all-time-low.

"Worm baby, it's me! I am Zim!"

The young human struggled for only a few more thrashes before collapsing weakly to lay quivering under his self-proclaimed 'master', who was still sitting on his ribcage. Dib shivered, and stared, breathing funny, and Zim's expression turned to concern.

Dib's eyes focused on Zim's face, and the boy paused, calming down if only just a little. His eyes widened slowly as he stared at the E.T. After a couple moments Zim could smell a sudden shock of heavy relief in Dib's hormones. From behind his gag the human murmured something softly that sounded intelligent, and Zim quickly leaned forward to untie the offending cloth and toss it away. If the boy could think enough to understand speech, and wasn't struggling, there was no real reason to restrain him like this. Gently yet defensively, trying to appear dignified somehow, Zim got off, brushing himself off, and Dib cautiously sat up, eyes on his visitor, irises brightening, so much desperate emotion portrayed. Zim raised a hairless, green eyebrow.

"What did you say Dib? Zim didn't hear you before."

The boy just stared as though in wonder.


Amber-honey eyes grew shiny and wet, his mouth was slightly open almost panting. Black eyebrows drew together and upward in an intense look of fear and... so much BAD human emotions. He was still shaking horribly. Zim felt so very sick at the sight and smell. It hurt. It made him feel like Dib looked.

From the expression he was getting from the earthling, Zim would almost think the boy was ready to cry.

Zim had no idea how to respond, sitting near the worm-baby, watching this, but that urge to comfort the human, an urge that had plagued him since the beginning of his third year on earth, was rearing its insistent head like a wild horse.


What happened next was something Zim could never have foreseen. Of course he'd hoped for any sign of Dib's surrender for a long time, dreamed of the day of his victory for so long, but he'd thought he was a long way from that. He certainly hadn't thought it would be quite like this. He'd been expecting something less sudden, drastic, and clear- less... outright surrender.


The boy's face changed quickly into a look of such pure, fiery, intensity and pain. Before Zim could react, the shaking body had thrown itself onto him and Dib was sobbing in agony, wailing, shoulders heaving as he tried to breath, face pressing hard into the alien's chest. Dib couldn't cling to him because he was restrained by the straitjacket, but he sure would if he could.

He was crying, not only in front of Zim but into the conqueror's uniform. He never let Zim see him cry. Never let his supposedly unfeeling enemy see him weak.

Zim had let out a loud screamy noise at the unplanned attack, but now, he didn't move away, he just stared at his smeet of a nemesis who was making himself about as vulnerable as he could possibly get, as he lay there how he'd been pushed back by Dib crashing into him. To say the least, Zim was surprised and confused.

Dib must have been... Perhaps seeking comfort? Clearly he saw Zim as someone he could trust- and as such he must have been more desperate then ever! TRUSTING ZIM? Yep. He'd lost it... Or maybe... Zim's plan had started to work...

Zim thought it was more likely from this reaction and everything that the boy was just desperate.

Dib started to talk and Zim cocked his head and tried to listen and understand through the crying.

"I don't wanna go back! Please! I don't... I don't wanna go back! I want to destroy it! I want it to go away! Don't let them pull me back in! I don't wanna go back! I hate it!"

Zim stared in empathy and mild terror. What was Dib babbling about?



This was so unlike him. He would never, never beg like this. It was almost... Awkward to Zim. This didn't seem like the real Dib.

Dib was writhing, collapsed, face buried in the red cloth of Irken uniform. Zim's disguised eyes widened, antenna flinching back when the boy started screaming like a torture victim, pleading. Zim made up his mind with ferocious strength, and his expression became set and decided, eyes narrowing.

It didn't even matter what they did to Dib, even if they even did anything at all. The 'mental doctors' would be punished, and Zim would not leave his little toy soldier in their hands a moment longer.


Zim wanted very badly to know what the h*** had been done to his Dib-pet of course, but questions could be asked once they were safe. He got the feeling, from the way Dib was shrieking and collapsed on him, begging his mortal enemy for escape, that Dib had reached a state very far from sanity. It was possible Zim had only a short time limit to pull him back before permanent damage was caused.

How was he supposed to drag a wailing smeet out of this 'hospital' without drawing attention though? He couldn't blow his cover!

"Dib-human! Shush!"

After a moment's thought, the irken tried petting his human's hair, as they both sat in Dib's cell. Zim was feeling mildly smug with his freedom to touch his human. Punches and kicks just weren't the same. He'd always found the thought of petting Dib... or more accurately... To put his thoughts into clear, blatant earth terms... 'Feeling him up', to be quite appealing. He'd never really gotten to touch him much before though, so this seemed strangely nice.

Also, he wanted to see Dib's reaction to being touched.

He knew Dib wanted it very badly.

Touch like this was supposed to be calming. He needed the boy to shut up. So it seemed like a good time for running his fingers through the human's messy hair.

To Zim's great disappointment, Dib gave no recognition to the touch at all, and just kept sobbing. He was babbling and stuttering the same sort of things he'd said before, all Zim managed to really understand was that the boy was beyond terrified, and wanted out of this place. And something about being dragged in somewhere?

Dib was rocking slightly, breathing funny and whimpering. There was no doubt in Zim's mind now that his pet had crossed the line into full insanity this time. Dib had had emotional breakdowns and seizures before, but this was beyond that.

They needed to get to Zim's base. Soon.

"Dib-thing! Zim demands you be silent!"

Dib jumped a bit, but gave no other sign he'd heard Zim, still leaning into the Irken, sobs turning into whiny, gasping noises, mixed with paranoid babbling.

Well, Irkens were TRAINED to have to do things the hard way. No big problem.

Zim ceased running his finger's through the male's soft head-fur, and slipped both arms under Dib's, standing and picking him up with ease.

Dib's loud, responding yelp, so close to the alien's face, made Zim flinch and hiss softly, antenna twitching in irritation.

"I said SILENCE!"

Dib whined at being yelled at, still looking petrified with tears on his face, but quickly resumed his drunk-like mumbling.

Zim walked out into the hall, holding the protesting human against himself, dragging him since Dib made no effort to walk, legs limp and sliding annoyingly on the floor.

The irken thought that, given Dib's current level of discooperation, he'd wait to remove the straitjacket. He had no interest in the earthling thrashing around and hitting him.

So, Zim entered his key 'missions' for the day into his pak as escaping the mental facility with his human, both of them in one, er, two pieces... or ...something...

Hopefully that goal would be a little bit easier then they looked at current.

What was he worried about though? He was Zim after all. Everything would be fiiiiiinnnee...


How did the boy wind up here again? Zim tried to think back the two or three days it had been since the young human had been dragged out of school by the white-coats, screaming and twitching.

As Zim started dragging his pet down the hall, Dib was limp, leaning into him, and incessantly muttering and crying out. For Pete's sake, he was going to get the attention of every guard in the building... If there were any at all.


Zim really couldn't remember what had happened. He must not have been present when the male cracked. The human was probably having a little emotional breakdown, and disrupted the class.

Filthy, unworthy slugs! Locking up what Zim OWNED over such a little thing... Terrifying Dib with their 'therapies'. It made the Irken grit his teeth.

"Zim demands your SILENCE dirt-baby!"

Ignoring the demand, the boy kept mewling and squirming about, as Zim was trying to walk down a hall with him. It was driving the alien nuts, at the same time though, it gave him more of the agonized, sick feeling- seeing Dib like this. The boy had really lost it this time. He wouldn't stop twitching!

Ahh, well. Having to fix the boy's mind once in a while was a small price to pay for such a pretty, yet excitingly dangerous pet. And now that Dib had lost his mind and become so dependent, Zim would just take him back to his base, get Dib to be his. Easily.

The alien felt a flurry of zealousness at the idea of finally claiming Dib and grinned madly. It would be so simple now!

Out in the hall now, Zim's boots clicked against the tile just like when he'd been coming in. Antenna hidden under fake hair twitched, listening and smelling for the nasty 'caretaker' humans. Just let them TRY to take his Dib as if they had any say. They would learn the wrath of ZIM!


It had been almost two minutes now that they'd been walking uneventfully, and Zim's guard was still up, expecting to be caught taking Dib out at any moment. He was nervous, and his 'prize' was doing nothing to help, still just being half-dragged.

Suddenly the alien's formerly struggling captive froze up, tence, eyes going unnaturally wide, gasping before his throat locked up. Dib's stiffened body slumped against Zim in silence as the Irken was trying to carry him, and Zim startled at all the strangeness. Dib stopped breathing, and started twitching and making gaging noises.

With a confused, and efforted grunt, the alien held onto him tightly as his human went completely limp with a last whimper of terror.

"What the- DIB HUMAN I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! UP! GET UP HUMAN! CEASE THIS! I KNOW YOU CAN! WILL YOU JUST CALM DOWN AND TRY TO... Ehhhh...Get your... brain-meats back in place... or... Eh... Oh come on! Just concentrate! Something!"

What was Dib doing NOW? Some other insane-thing? Zim grew worried at the look on his face though.

"Mh... Zi-Zi-im...Donle... Ih... gan..."

One ghostly pale hand clutched the soft red uniform in a death grip, before the boy's eyes slipped shut, everything in him stopping.

Only faint breaths lifted his chest, and when the paranoid Irken felt for a pulse, he found a softened one that was completely unsatisfying to his fears. The earthling appeared to be sleeping, but Zim didn't like the looks of it all one bit.