Title: N/A I couldn't come up with one
Author: ItsTotallyAwesome
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Puck/Kurt
Word count: 527
Summary: Kurt and Puck make out on a couch because I felt like writing it.
Warnings/Spoilers: Two guys making out... and grinding. Mature themes.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, Fox, Noah Puckerman or Kurt Hummel

"And you're watching America's Next Top Model…" The words came from the television speakers, but neither Kurt nor Puck was listening.

Puck was laid back on the couch, head resting on a cushion. Kurt was straddling Puck's hips, his lips attached to Puck's neck.

"Babe," Puck said breathlessly, his hands running up and down Kurt's thighs. Kurt moved his face up and crashed his lips into Puck's, hands gripping the tanned boys shoulders.

"mhmm?" he mumbled against Puck's lips.

"You… Taste… Delicious…" Kurt said between kisses. Puck smirked and then thrust his hips up, creating delicious friction. They both gasped into each other's mouths, and Puck swallowed the moan that Kurt let out immediately after.

Kurt moved his hips down onto his boyfriend' again, a little firmer than Puck had. His head flew back and he let out a moan low in his throat.

Puck smirked and moved Kurt so the smaller boy was only straddling one of his legs, and therefore had a leg between both of his own. Puck then pushed his hips up purposefully slow.

"Oh my god… Noah." Kurt breathed out, pushing down to meet his boyfriends hips.

"I love you." Noah whispered into Kurt's ear, gyrating his hips to accentuate his words.

"I love you too." Kurt breathed out. His hands had moved to Puck's chest. He tried to keep himself up and balanced but his whole body felt like it was made of jelly.

"Kurt… I know we've never… but I really want to know what you look like when you come." Puck's lips were close to Kurt's ear as he spoke. He grabbed the lobe in between his teeth and gave a light pull.

"Please… Noah." Kurt's eyes were heavy and he was wearing a soft smile. He looked utterly blissed out. He had begun to move more, grinding against Puck's leg, meeting the thrusts of his boyfriend.

"Come for me, Kurt. I want you to come just for me." Puck continued to say, attaching his lips to his boyfriends neck when said boyfriend threw his head back again.

Puck bucked up particularly hard, and at the same time bit softly into Kurt's pulse point. This had Kurt moaning loudly, and coming in his pants.

Puck came shortly after, the two of them staring into each other's eyes.

"I can't believe you managed to get me to do that. I ruined a perfectly good pair of boxer briefs." Kurt mocked annoyance.

"Oh, you'll get over it." Puck wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and squeezed him playfully. "Speaking of that, though… I might need to borrow some. I kind of… ruined these ones."

The boys smirked at each other and Kurt giggled before getting off of Puck and offering him a hand.

"Come one, let's go get cleaned up."

"But I don't wanna move!" Puck said petulantly.

"Fine, Noah. You stay on the couch." Kurt sauntered over to the staircase, but turned back to face Puck when he reached the foot of the stairs.

"I'll be in the shower if you need me."

Puck sat, jaw gaping for a few seconds, before sprinting off the couch and up the stairs.