A Certain Mystical Esper

Author's Note: As crappy as the prologue sounds, the story actually follows main canon as closely as possible, and this self insert that I'm introducing makes little if any change to main canon and major events. I know it sounds like another Gary Stu OC and even when I'm reading it as I type it I feel incredibly stupid. But trust me, the story gets better, with introduced plot points via a first person's view on the events that take place during the storyline.


Child Errors. That's what they called us. Children of parents who had simply abandoned them in Academy City. My parents were killed in an accident, or at least that was what I was told.

Taken into an average school with a subsidy program, I was taught just like any other average boy out there. Until the SYSTEM scan. At three different system scans I read cards, moved needles and even moved the heat of the water from one glass to another without actually moving or teleporting the cups. After the scan,

I could not use these abilities at all.

It was only when I entered middle school that my ability was recognised and given a name, "Proximity Trace".

The ability to passively mimic and copy other Esper's abilities when I am within their AIM diffusion field range. SYSTEM scans became a lot more interesting after that.

For my SYSTEM scan I would be placed in the same room with a random Esper, and ask me to mimic their ability. It was actually more fun than other people's scans as no two scans were ever the same.

However, my ability was never recorded in the Bank, only a side note was attached highlighting my "special" circumstances and thus I was given a level 2 rank with no ability name or description. But I am not 100% sure that has not been updated, after all it has been a few weeks since I hacked the Bank.

It was when I turned 15 and entered high school that I realized that some of the residual abilities that I had practiced more often tended to stay. That's when my life started to change.