Think you know me yet?

Sam, Tucker and Danny were sitting in Sam's basement.

"Are you sure man?"

"Yeah, it's been two years what changed?"

"Me braking two arms because of mom."

They went over the plan again, the next thursday was a talent show at Casper High.

"Ok, Tuck you're on the keyboard, Sam you're on base and I'm singing with a guitar. It's time for this to happen."

Thursday came quicly, it was time for the last act. Sam was wearing a silvery dress with black bats on it, Tucker had red shoes, dress pants and tie and a white dress shirt, Danny had black shoes, dress pants and tie and a white dress shirt, his Phantom half was wearing the same except reversed.

"Ok, it time for the last act, the ghostly band, The Phantoms!" there were loud claps, and they all walked on stage. They went to their places on the stage, Sam and Tucker started playing, Danny strummed his guitar.

"Think you know me yet?"

You see me as a hero

you see me as a villain

I am the school's lowest zero

I feel the worst pain.

You think my life is easy

you think I'm really cool

Teachers think I'm lazy

they think that's why I skip school

Think you know me yet?

Think you know me yet?

I lie, I barely sleep

I fight until I'm beat

Think you know me yet?

Think you know me yet?

I save my bullies hide

Only my friends stick by my side

My own parents hate half of me

want to rip me apart molecule by molecule

Oh, why will they not see?

I really fell like a fool

You want to know what happened

don't you? So maybe I'll just tell you

He struck a chord harshly Sam and Tycker stopped playing. Only Danny played the guitar.

Danny Fenton he was just fourteen

when his parents built a very strange machine

(he's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom)

When it didn't quite work his parents they just quit

but then Danny took a look inside of it

there was a great big flash everything just changed

his molecules got all re-arranged

(Danny Phantom, Phantom, Phantom)

Danny changed into Phantom

When he first woke up he realized

he had snow-white hair and glowing green eyes

he could walk through walls disappear and fly

he was much more unique than the other guys

it was then he knew what he had to do

he had to stop other ghosts that were coming through

he's here to fight for me and you!

The music stopped. Danny looked into his parents eyes, his mother was crying and his father looked like his brain crashed. He took his friends' hands and looked into the audience.

"Think you know me yet?"