This is my first Sanctuary Helen/Will fic so i hope you like it

Will and Helen had been stuck in Carentan for almost two weeks now and despite there constant work they were no closer to finding a way out. When it became clear that leaving was not as easy as it looked the barrier Will had erected to keep his feeling for Magnus under control began toweaken.

"Bloody Hell" Helen shouted as Will came in to the makeshift lab.
"Can I help? Do you need anything?"
"A computer, proper pen and paper, hell even a slide rule" she almost shouted at him.

Will placed a hand on her shoulder to cal her "what about a hug?" he offered. He didn't know why he had said that, it just sort of slipped out. He was ready to apologise when Helen spoke "Actually Will, that would be really nice" she put down the pen and stood.

Will wrapped his arms around her, Helen relaxed into his embraced and realised just how tense she had become"

"We will figure this out Helen" he said rubbing her back, Magnus looked at Will "I think that's one of the first times you've called me Helen"
"Is that alright?" he asked a little nervious.
"It is my name."
Will smiled at her "and it's a beautiful name to go with a beautiful lady"

The smile on Helens face slowly faded and she looked deep into Wills eyes, there was something there she hadn't seen before, or something she hadn't wanted to see before.

"We should get dinner" Will said breaking the silence but not his eye contact with Helen.

Helen nodded and stepped out of Wills embrace. Will, however was not so willing to loose contact, he offered Helen his hand which she gladly took and together they headed to dinner.

It was becoming clearer to Helen that Williams feelings for her were stronger than she had first thought. The surprise for her was that she welcomed these feelings and soon found herself returning them.

She had always had a soft spot for Will, that was one of thea reasons she had invited him to join The Sanctuary. She did have personal rules about relathionships with co-workers howver, she had lived long enough to know that it would only lead to heartbreak, usually hers. But, they weren't at the Sanctuary and who knew when they would get back there. Helen was well aware of the time restraints involved in solving the problem of the time dilation bubble, yet it was becoming harder to hide her feelings for Will. And if she was honest with herslef she didnt really want to hide anymore.

Perhaps she should just relax and let nature takes its cause? And if nature wanted her to be with Will who was she to go against nature.

The days soon turned in to week, the weeks in to months and everyday Will and Helen grew closer. It was on the eve of there 70th day there that it happened. Will went to get Helen from the lab as he usually did at this time of day, but today was different.

"You ready?" Will asked as he strolled up to Helens desk.
"I could eat" she said looking up to see will standing directly in front of her, flowers in his hand. "What did I do to deserve this?"
"Nothing" he said smiling.

Helen knew there was something Will wasn't telling her, but she'd let him have his fun. "Thank you for the flowers" she said taking them and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Is that all I get?"

Will pouted something he knew Helen could not resist. Helen shook her head, but smiled, and did what felt natural, she kissed him on the lips and waited for his response, which, of course was to kiss her back. "Happy Anniversary" he said.

"Really? Are we teenagers all of a sudden? Since when has 60 days together constituted an anniversary?"
"Since I am dating the most amazing woman I have ever met. Know, how about that dinner?"

Instead of going to the normal communal eating area Will escorted Helen to a secluded table and chairs laid with candles and flowers.

"This is beautiful, Will"

Will took her hand and escorted her to her chair "my lady" he said pulling a chair out for her.
Not that Helen didn't appreciate all this, and she did, but she still couldn't shake the feeling there was something he wasn't telling her.
The meal was wonderful, the best meal they had had since they had come to Carentan.
"Now I know something's wrong"
"Not wrong Helen" Will began "Right. Something feels so right when I'm with you. I don't know if we will ever get out of here, but I need to tell you, no, ask you something"
"We will get out of here Will, we have to"
"I know" he smiled "if anyone can do it Doctor Helen Magnus can" Will stood from his chair and removed a small package from his trouser pocket "Over the past couple for years you have shown me more things than I ever thought existed and for that I thank you." Will knelt at Helens side "Now let me show you how wonderful our live could be together. Helen, will you marry me?"

For the first time in a long time Helen was speechless. There was so many things she could say; I don't date co-workers (although technically thats what they had been doing of late), I can spend my life with you but you can't spend yours with me (although she could change that with source blood, if she wanted to), what would the others say, what about Abby, the list of excuses, and answeres was endless but looking into Wills eyes there was only one thing she could say.

"Don't sound so surprised" she laughed.
"This is for you" he said handing her the small box. "Its not a lot, but it's the best I can do at the moment"
Helen unwrapped the green leaf tied with a flower "its beautiful Will, do I have to put it on myself?"
"I can do that" he lifted the intricate ring and placed it on her left hand.

Will had spent the last two days making this engagement ring for Helen. He had found a small decretive pebble and polished it until it gleamed like a precious stone. Next he had taken several pieces of wire, too small to be useful for anything, and intertwined them to hold the stone.

"It's getting late we should probably get some sleep" Will said standing up and offering Helen his hand.
"Why Doctor Zimmerman are you trying to get me into bed?" Helen said smiling.
"Always" he smiling back at her.

They walked hand in hand to the main street of Carentan to see most of the village waiting for them.
"So?" Ravi asked.
Will held up Helens hand so everyone could see the ring. Everyone cheered and congratulated the happy couple.

It had only been a couple of weeks since there engagement but both Helen and Will wanted to get married sooner rather than later. There relationship had grown and blossomed here and it seemed right that the wedding take place here.

As the eldest person in the village Ravi was to perform the ceremony. The villagers had worked hard to make a suit for Will, well it was more of a slightly smarter pair of trouser, shirt and a waistcoat. Helens dress was ivory and simply decorated with fresh flowers. The ceremony itself was simple and to the point.

"We are gathered her today to join in marriage this man and this woman" Ravi began "marriage should not be undertaken in to light, and knowing you both as I do I know you would have thought about this decision. I am proud to perform this ceremony for you both" He looked at Helen "Do you Helen Magnus take William Zimmerman as your wedding husband?"
"I do" Helen replied, smiling at Will,
"William, do you take Helen as you wife?"
"I do" he replied with a smile so wide it hurt his cheeks.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife" Ravi said to the applause of everyone present "you may kiss the bride"
"gladly" Will said placing a kiss on Helens lips that was filled with promise and passion.

A month had passed since there simple wedding and things were back to normal, well as normal as things got in Carentan. Will and Helen continued to work on how to break the time buble and Will continued to make sure Helen ate. The only real difference was that Helen actually took a break to eat and went to bed with her new husband instead of working all night.

Then that day came they had waited 263 days for. It was time to go home. Ravi came to get them "there's a crowd in the street, I told them you would speak to them"
"Alright, we'll go through the basement" Helen replied. The villagers were not happy with breaking the time bubble, after all they would all die. Not die exactly just cease to exist.

Will and Magnus headed to a safe place ready to activate the device, only to be interrupted by Ravi with the villages following close behind. Josie was pointing a gun at them and Will could tell by the anger in her eyes that she would use it.

"Josie don't do this" Will begged
"Who the hell are you to say who lives and who dies?"

Will could understand her pain, but to save the lives of billions of people this had to be done. He looked down at Helen, at his wife, without Carentan they would not be married but the entire world depended on the breaking this bubble so Helen did the only logical thing, she pushed the button.

What happened next was a bit of a blur, Helen heard the shot, saw Ravi move, saw Will move then saw blinding white light.

Helen awoke in a hospital bed, she turned to see Will in a bed to her left, he had been awake a while.
"We made it" Will said, happy to be home but a little sad at loosing the live he had created with Helen.
Helen looked to her right "Ravi didn't" Will added, knowing what Helen was thinking.
"Anyone else?"
Will shook his head "after the reset we were found in a field. Kate said something about an airstrike that was called off at the last second, but, I was still pretty groggy, I could've dreamt that."

Helen signed, there was so many things running round her brain right now.
"They had a million questions but I told them to let you sleep"
"Thank you" she signed looking at the man that she had married just over a month ago, or was that minuets ago, or at all?
"But now we need to get to work, something or someone is behind what happened in Carentan, I feel it in my gut"
"You're not blaming you're self are you?" Will asked a little angry that Helen had seemed to have forgotten about 'them'.
"Unit I know differently"
Will nodded slightly he felt for her "we will get to the bottom of this"
"Will? Are you alright"
"I'm fine, nothing a little extra sleep wont cure" he said trying to smile.
"You know what I mean"
Will looked at her then "I know what you mean and I'm not sure"
"Oh" she said looking at the twin rings on her finger "Do you want these back?"
"No!" He almost shouted at her "unless you want to give them back?"

Helen tapped the edge of her bed to encourage Will to sit next to her, Helen took his hand in her "I will always remember the day you gave them to me and I will always treasure them, I'm very proud of what we did"
Will began to smile then "So does that mean we pick up were we left of?" he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Helen began to lean forward so that she could once again kiss her husband, but the knock on the door interrupted them.

"Oh my God Will, are you alright? What happened? They told me you were in hospital? Are you alright" Abby babbled as she rushed towards Will.
"Abby? Hi, what are you doing here?"
"Kate phoned, said you been admitted for a concussion. What happened?" That's when she actually noticed Magnus was holding his hand "Doctor Magnus are you alright?"
Helen tried to smile "Yes thank you, a little tired but I'm fine, thank you for asking"
Will squeezed Helens hand before standing to look at Abby "Lets go for a walk"
"Okay" Abby said.

Helen fell back on the bed immediately after Abby and Will left the room. She'd not realised how much she needed him, until the prospect of loosing him was presented to her.

"I'm so glad you're safe" Abby said trying to hold Williams hand.
Will folded his hands across his chest "me to" he smiled "but there are things we need to talk about.
"Sounds serious"
"It is" Will said "and I'm not sure were to start"
"From the beginning?" Abby smiled "what happened in Carentan?"
"You know what The Sanctuary does?" Will asked, Aby nodded "well this was a little different, Helen and I got caught in a time bubble"
"Helen? Since when do you call Doctor Magnus Helen?" Abby was getting worried.

Will subconsciously began playing with the ring on his figure "The time there moved faster than it did on the outside, one day here is, was one year there"

"Oh" Abby said as realisation struck her "Does that have something to do with that ring?" Tears began to fill her eyes
"That's why you call her Helen know isn't it?"
"How long were you in there?"
"For me, for us, it was just over 260 days"

The tears fell down her cheeks "I'm not surprised really, ever since I have known you and Magnus I knew there was something going one"
"But that's is Abby, there wasn't, not until we went to Carentan, then something changed and we…"
"You found each other" Abby finished "I'm not angry Will, honesty. Just sad that what we had has to end, take care alright?"
"I'm sorry things turned out like this"
"Me to"

Will embraced Abby one last time before she turned and walked out his live. Will took a deep breath and headed back to his room, to Helen, to his wife and to his future

Will took a deep breath before opening the door

"Were have you been" Kate said "doctor says you and The Doc can go home"
"Really?" he said looking at Helen.
"I might have had a little something to do with it" Helen said, despite the fact that she was a doctor and had spend many a night working in hospitals she hated being a patient.
Will just smiled he couldn't wait to get back to The Sanctuary back his bed.
"Magnus says Abby was here? Were she go" Henry asked.
"Bit of a long story" he said looking at Helen who suddenly seemed very said "We sort of broke up"
"Oh dude, I'm sorry" Henry said.
"That's ok, it was for the best"
"Really?" Helen asked a little more cheerfully that she should "You two seemed good together" she said trying to sound disappointed but unable to hide the smile that crept across her face.
"Really" Will smiled back at her "can't help the way I feel"

Kate and Henry left the room so that Helen and Will could get dressed ready to head home.

"You know I really am sorry about you and Abby" Helen said, she really had liked Abby.
"I know and I appreciate it, but I don't think my wife would like me having a girlfriend" he said smilling.
"I can honestly say that she really won't have liked it"

They spent the next few minuets getting dressed in silence.

"Were do we go from here?" Will asked as they were about to leave.
"Home, Will that's were"
Will sat on one of the beds "I want to make this work, I want to live up to those vows I made to you, but I need your help Helen, I cant do this alone"
Helen sat next to him and held his hand "I know, me to. But it's not like it was in France we have others to think about here"
"I know"
"I can see two ways of doing things"
"Option A"
"The first option would be to walk out of here hand in hand and see how long it takes that lot out there to work things out. Show them how much we care for each other"
Will liked that option "so that would mean we move in together?"
Helen smiled "yes"
"So you would move to my quarters?" Will said testing his theory.
"you would move to mine, its much bigger and i have slighly more persessions than you"
WIll just smilled, he had an idea thats what she would say "Option B?"
"Option B would be to start from the beginning, let the others see our relationship evolve" Helen said, not her favourite option.
"It would be less of a shock to them that way"
"it would"
"I don't want to start from the beginning, it took being trapped in a time bubble with you to get this far and I don't particularly want to do that again"
"Good point" Helen said smiling "so option A it is"

Meanwhile outside in the corridor "Did you notice the ring on Wills finger?" Kate asked.

"Can't say I did" Henry replied "I did notice one on Magnus though"
"Really? Think it means anything?"
"Don't know"
"What finger is Magnus wearing her ring?" Kate asked
"Ring finger, left hand"
"Same as Wills"
"Could just be a coincidence"
"Suppose" Kate said "Do you think they'll ever tell us what happened?"

The door opened then and out walked Magnus and Will, Will was carrying both his and Magnus' bag.

"Let's get you too checked out of this place, shall we?" Henry said.
"Now that sounds like a plan" Will replied "where's Biggie?"
"Waiting downstairs in the van" Kate replied "couldn't really bring him in here now could we?"
"Good point" Helen said "do you mind if you take our bags down while we check out, we'll meet you at the van"
Will handed the bags to Henry "thanks dude"

The parties went there separate ways for now at least.

"I think they know" William said "I can see it in Henrys face, he knows something is different"

Helen gave his hand a pull, forcing them to stop, she placed a hand on his cheek "stop worrying, you'll get wrinkles"
"He's my friend Helen, I don't want to loose that"
"I know and I am sure that he and everyone else will be happy for us"

They shared a smile before finishing the short walk to the nurse's station.

"You do know if you were anyone else I would insist on you staying in over night" Doctor Reid said addressing his two patients.
"Thank you Doctor and we appreciate it" Helen said
"Just sign these and you're free to go"

The ride from the hospital to the Sanctuary was filled with question.
"So guys" Henry began "What's it like to be back?"
"Honestly? It is a little strange, its amazing how quickly you adapt to a life without technology" Helen replied "It was a much simpler life"
"It certainly was" Will said catching Helens eye.
"Sounds like your going to miss it" Kate said
"In a way I will, although I am looking forward to a good shower, plumbing wasn't really one of Carentan strong points"
Helen laughed "a good bath would be nice"

Biggie turned of the engine and everyone climbed out the van, Helen stumbled and automatically reached for Will.
"You okay?" he asked her
"Fine, just a little dizzy."
"You sure you shouldn't still be hospital?"
"Stop worrying"
Will whispered in her ear "its sort of my job now" he said, this made Helen smile.
"You two relax, I'll make dinner, see you all in the dinning room one hour" Biggie said as he took the bags and headed inside The Sanctuary.

Henry and Kate wondered of to do what ever things they needed to do, which left Will alone with Magnus.

"You sure you're all right? You do look a little pale"
"Complements will get you everywhere" she said sarcastically "its just a little stomach cramp, I'll be fine, nothing a good meal, and a hot bath and a good night sleep won't fix"

They walked together, hand in hand through the halls of the great building. It never failed to impress Will that he got to live here in a building with so much history.

Helen had another dizzy spell, but this time she fainted. Will scooped her up into his arms and rushed her to the infirmary. Thankfully he passed Henry on the way who was more than willing to help find out what was wrong with The Doc.

Helen stirred from her unconscious state to see four worried faces before her.

"You fainted" Biggie said almost laughing.
"I do not faint"
"You do now" said Henry "just be grateful Will caught you"
Helen smiled at Will
"I ran some blood tests" Wil said "you should see this" Will said handing her a clip board with her results on it. The emotion in his voice did not go unnoticed by Helen.

Helen took the clipboard and reviewed the results, twice. She placed a hand on her stomach and looked at will "I'm sorry, I didn't know"
"It's not your faults, I never even thought about it"
"Why would you? It hadn't occurred to me either, but it doesn't mean it can't happen again, if you wanted it to?"
Will stepped even closer to her "I'd never even thought about it, not until just now, but only if its what you want as well"
Helen thought about it for a moment "yes, I think it is" she smiled.

Will wrapped his arms around his wife and placed a soft kiss in her thick dark hair.

"Will someone tell me what the hell is going on here" a very confused Kate said.

Will sat on the bed next to Helen, holding her hand "its very simple really" Helen began "You see Will and I got married, its been a little over four weeks for us and while we were in Carentan I became pregnant" her voice becan to shake "but I didn't realise that until just now. These results show that I have lost the baby"

"oh Magnus I'm sorry" Kate said sound truly sorry for her boss and friend. "Wait a minuet, did you say you got married?"
Helen looked at Will, it was his turn to answer "We were working so hard to get back, to break the time bubble that we hardly saw anyone else, to start with anyway. Then we began to relax a bit more and we grew closer"

"I'd say"
"Sorry Doc" Henry replied "go on with the story Will"
"As I was saying we grew closer and things changed between us, not sure when exactly but it felt right so one evening I proposed"
"and I accepted" Helen added with a smile
"Well then, I guess congratulations?" Kate seemed happy for them, Henry on the other had not so much.
"Why? You had Abby, why would you do this to me" He said before storming out the room
"Henry wait" will shouted as he ran after his friend.

Helen, Biggie and Kate could do nothing but watch the scene unfold on the other side of the glass.

"Henry please, talk to me"
"I don't think I can Will, you know what Magnus means to me"
"I didn't think you thought of Helen like that?"
"Since when have you called her Helen?" Henry felt odd saying her first name, it had always been Magnus of Doc.

Will was getting angry now, and he didn't want to be angry at his friend, it wasn't his fault "Since I told her I loved her, since I married her" Will took a deep breath "why can't you be happy for me, for us?"
Henry looked at Magnus through the glass, even from this distance he could tell she was upset with them arguing "She's been like a mother to be man, she's always been there for me"
"I get it, I really do. She saved me as well you know." Will smiled at his wife "she really is an incredible woman, don't you think she deserves to be happy?"
Henry thought for a moment, Magnus had gone through a lot in the past few years and if any one deserved happiness it was her "yes she does, I just never thought it would be with you"

"Me neither dude, me neither"
"You know the worst thing about this?" Henry said "I owe the Big Guy $20"
"Excuse me?"
Henry began to laugh "shortly after you started working here Biggie started a sweep stake on how long it would take you and Magnus to hook up"
"So you're not really angry that Helen and I are together it's the fact you lost a bet?"
Henry looked sheepish "No? Listen dude I want Magnus to me happy and if you're the one that does that fine, just keep things professional in public alright?"