"Thank you for helping me Kate" Helen said as Kate laced up her corset.
"That's ok"
"You may pull the laces tighter"
"You sure? You need to breath"
"I am quite sure, don't forget this was once my daily attire" Helen looked at herself in the full length mirror. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she last wore these items of clothing, but there was something comforting about them.

"If you say so" Kate gave the laces another pull "There, that's it" Kate tied the laces and stood back "I always wondered what was under those big dresses"
"And know you now" Helen said "I have to admit that I have not missed these bloomers at all"
"They're, um, certainly interesting" Kate giggled.
"You're turn" Helen said holding up another pair of very frilly undergarments
Kate pulled a funny face "Well, this entire theme was your idea" Helen added.
"And your not going to let me forget it are you?"

"Remind me to kill Kate after all this is over" Will said as he did up his waistcoat.
"Get in line mate; these long underpant, long jons or what ever the hell you call them are killing me"
"Thanks for being my best man"
"Not a problem dude, its my honour"
"I know this is hard for you"
"I got used to it a long time ago, besides I haven't seen Magnus smile this much in a long time."

The men continued to dress in silence.

"Are Tesla and Druitt going to be there?" Henry asked
"Don't know, I left that with Helen"
"Think they'll behave"
"They better"
"I've got your back dude"
"Thanks Henry, that means a lot"
"Beside we can always lock them in the SHU"
Will laughed "That's what Helen said"

John Druit and Nikola Tesla entered the formal dinning hall to discover they were two of only a select few guests invited to this wedding. There was nothing to say whos wedding it was but the room looked beautiful.

The chairs had been arranged so that there was an aisle down the middle. At the end was an arch covered in pale pink and white flowers. Satin bows hung from the aisle chairs and a harpist played softly in the corner. The room was flooded with candle light.

"Is it me or have we gone back in time a century or so?"
"Helen did always look good in a corset" Druitt added with a smile.
"You need to sit" said The Big Guy from behind them "and behave" he added with a grunt.

The two gentlemen took there seats and watched as Biggie took up position under the flower arch.

The harpist started to play the wedding march and the congregation stood. John and Nikola watched as Henry and William walked down the aisled dressed exactly like they had stepped out of the 1880's

John and Nikola watched as the two young men took there places at the front of the aisle.

Next to walk down the aisle was Kate in a stunning pale pink Victorian dress complete with bustle and small train.

"Always thought Kate and Will had a thing going" John whispered to Nikola.

Kate smiled at Will as she neared the end, he did look rather dashing in his Morning Coat. She took a step to her left and turned to face back down the aisle. Everybody gaze followed hers, except Druitts, he was looking Wills face there was a look of pride there, a look of a man in love.

"Don't think Kates the one getting married Johnny boy"

Dressed in a stunning ivory and gold Victorian dress, her hair curled and pinned back of her face with her Cathedral length veil cascading down her back Doctor Helen Magnus made her grand entrance.

She knew the room was filled with friends and family, but she only had eyes for one man.

It wasn't until Helen was at his side that John noticed, she was beautiful and for a second he saw the young Oxford student he had fallen in love with all those years ago.

Will extended his hand to her and she willingly took it never once loosing eye contact.

"When two souls find each other it is like a magnet pulling you closer to each other." Biggie began "Sometimes we need a nudge, sometimes we need a push, sometimes a time bubble but we must always trust in our hearts, for our hearts will never lead us wrong"

Helen handed her bouquet to Kate and took both of Wills hands in hers "William, you have been a part of my life for so long that I can not imagine my life without. Thank you for being patient with me, thank you for loving me and thank you for catching me when I fall" Helen smiled at Will, took the ring offered to her my Kate and slipped a ring on his finger. With her voice full of emotion she continued "As I promised you then I promise you now. I shall love you from now until the end of my days, no matter when that shall be"

"Helen, you have shown me more things than I ever thought possible. You have given me your respect and your heart. I promise to be there to catch you when ever you fall" Will took the ring from Henry, a exact copy of the one he had created in Carentan and slipped it on the Helens finger. "As I promised you then I promise you know, I shall love you from now until the end of my days"

Biggie took there joined hands in his "together as one and as one forever" he let go of there hands and looking at Will and simply said "kiss her"

Will smiled and once again kissed his wife to the cheers and wolf whistles of the congregation. The only one not to make a noise was John Druit who sat in shock at what he had just witnessed.

"Please join us in the library for a small reception" Helen said before she walked back down the aisle on Williams arm.

"You look very handsome" she whispered to him
"You know I used to fantasies about you in a corset"
"Really? Hope it lives up to the dream"
"In every single way"

Druit stepped out in to the aisle, stopping the couple from passing "Helen? What is this?"
"Isnt that obvious" Will answered
"I was talking to Helen"
"John, this it not the time or the place, please move out of the way"
He looked in her eyes, was that fear? Was she afraid of him "I wont hurt you" he said.
"That's not what I'm worried about" she said holding on tighter to Will
"You're afraid I'd hurt him?" he said, he took a deep breath "is he what you really want"
"And he makes you happy? Like we were once?"
"Its not that easy" and for her it wasn't. John was a part of her past, the man she had fallen in love with had died he was injected with the Source Blood. That was something she had come to terms with a long time ago. "What we had was special but that was such a long time ago, you need to let go"
"Please answer my question" He wasn't so much angry anymore as sad, really truly sad at the thought he and Helen would never be together. A thought that had kept him going for so long.
"Yes" she said "I am happy"

Druitt stepped closer to Will, gasped were heard, Henry and Biggie stepped closer to Will in case they were needed, but what John Druitt did next surprise everyone.

Offering William his hand he simply said "congratulations"
Will took his hand "thank you"
"But if you ever, ever, hurt her I will track you down and make you pay, painfully"
"I believe you" and he did.
"Thank you John" Helen said "will you join us for a drink?"
"Only if I may have a dance with the bride later?"
Helen looked at Will "I think that can be arranged"