I am Meghan.

A/N: This chapter is from Meghan's, Bonnie's older sister, point of view. Although the chapters make it look like Bonnie was in jail a little over six days, I actually imagined Bonnie's stay to be more like a week and a half (about 9 nights). According to my math, Bonnie could have been jailed as long as 14 nights. What this translates to is that I can go back and add another chapter between "The 5th Day" and "The Last Day" if ideas for more ramblings/misadventures for Bonnie to have strike me. Again, reader input in how to improve my writing, or ideas for future chapters are greatly appreciated.

In short, I am grateful to those who read and review.

A year ago, they arrested my little sister, Bonnie, on the charge of failing to comply with the mutant registration act. When I heard the news, I wanted to drop everything to come see her. It was Bonnie herself, over the phone, who convinced to that I shouldn't compromise my career, so I waited until I could get some time off. The DNA test result resolved things relatively quickly, and we didn't even know Bonnie was in jail until a couple of days late thanks to technological difficulties with Mom and Dad's home phone. That's why I didn't see her till after she had been released from prison. I spent the night with her that night. I am used to my sister sleeping sound enough to sleep though a train wreck, so I was unnerved when I found her eyes staring at the ceiling when I went to bed, to find her eyes fixated on that same point on the ceiling the next morning. She insists that her sleep cycles were just screwed up by her irregular sleep patterns in jail. I think, scratch that, I know it was something more than that. My sibling had changed.

She went to counseling for about a month, which I think helped some. I think the real turning point is when she finally found out what happened to Natalie. It may sound weird, because after she found out Natalie died during that uprising about a year and a half ago, she did grieve, hard. Still is grieving, I think, but somewhere in that she is starting to pick up the pieces enough to where she can move on. She finally started practicing her Reiki thing again, which is good. She has a lot of ground to make up, since she lost a lot of her self-confidence. I hope she can get back up to speed. I don't entirely understand her, or my mom, for that matter, but however it is they do their stuff, they are good.

It would be a shame to see that talent hidden from the world.