***This is the original story written by me, Encyclopika, at . You may find very slight changes, but overall, the story is intact.***

Chap 1

When we were born, there was nothing but darkness for as far as the eye could see. In my dreams, I heard voices from the inky blackness. As I gained consciousness and the strength to open my eyes, I could see that I was the last to awaken. Floating in a tight circle, Arceus, with his sons, Dialga and Palkia, discussed their plans for a universe. The ability to create and the ability for that matter to change was all in our grasp, with Arceus, our father, calling the shots. As I drifted slowly towards the party, Arceus addressed me.

"Giratina! So, you've finally found the strength to awaken," he said, not quite condescending, but at the time, I knew no better. "We've already made plans. Unfortunately, your rule over antimatter is too unstable for my plans, so Palkia, our ruler of matter and space, shall aid me in creating a great and wide universe, as I've dreamt. And Dialga's rule of time will animate things, keeping it interesting and alive."

I looked at my so-called brothers. One was of a pearly white color, with pink designs decorating his body. His large, round shoulders sported large, mauve crystals, that I knew, harbored his powers. He stood upright on two, thick hind legs, and floated close to our father. By instinct, I knew him as the Palkia our father, Arceus, had mentioned. It was he who suggested to Arceus, "Then doesn't that make her useless?"

I gulped. Surely I did not want to be taken out of existence so quickly. However, before I could grovel for my life, my quieter brother spoke, "She could still be of use. I'm sure that all of your creating will leave no time for maintenance."

He was a diamond blue dragon, similar in height to my new found enemy, and stood proud on four strong legs. His body was decorated with steel, crystal-like protrusions, the one covering his wide chest holding his jewel of power. He faced me confidently, and gave me a quick, friendly smirk, giving me hope that I'd be spared.
However, Palkia, would not back down. "Maintenance will still leave her useless. She'll be sitting around with nothing to do for ages."

"And I, too, brother, for all eternity," Dialga quipped. "I merely need to exist for time to move forward."

"Dialga has a point, Palkia, stand down," Arceus said, wanting to end the argument as soon as possible. In all respect, he was itching to begin his act of all creation. He then turned to me, setting in stone my place in his grand design. "Your realm shall reside opposite of Palkia's, and you must be sure to keep everything in order based on my commands."

"I understand father," I finally spoke. "Thank you."

He then turned away from me, and floated above us, looking into the abyss. There were not yet any stars, any galaxies; just pure blackness. He began to speak softly, his mind whirling, I could tell.

"The universe, as I have deamt, will be equally balanced. Silent and dark, but beautiful." Arceus began. It was one of the few things he ever said that made me excited. Though I never found my role in the whole process as important as the creation of space or time, I managed to feel somewhat elated to have been given a role at all. It was all thanks to Dialga, and from that act of kindness, I began a foundation of fondness.
I am only stating the story as it was. There's no use in hiding what is already known in the minds of all who inhabit our creation. However, little did I know, at that time, that my future ahead would be quite treacherous.
As Arceus spoke to us of his plans, Palkia, the one who should really have been listening, glared at me. Possibly, he must have wanted the task of managing all of space by himself, for reasons I'm still unsure of. Although I felt his stare burn into the scales on my back, I did not let it faze me. I was too happy to be alive. I snuck past Palkia's glare and propped myself confidently next to Dialga, who must have also been feeling my same happiness and excitement. We didn't speak, but his bright red eyes met mine. I gave him a silent 'thank you' and turned back to Arceus as he rambled. I felt Palkia's glare lift from my notice.

"We have much to accomplish in the next few millennia," Arceus announced. "But for now, give me light!"

With that command, Palkia moved past us, ahead of Arceus, and began expanding space as we knew it. He first brought his hands together, creating a small, black, perfectly spherical ball of energy. Arceus moved toward him, unveiling his elemental plates, and pouring much of their energy into the sphere. It expanded with this power, but Palkia kept it contained until he could no longer hold it stable. Arceus sensed this.

"You may let it go," Arceus murmured, and backed away as Palkia threw the ball far into the darkness. With no sound at all, the sphere exploded. It was terribly bright, but for some time, nothing rushed at us. However, slowly, small, hot balls of light whizzed past us. As the seconds wore on, more complicated rocks and larger stars flew by, until finally, the universe slowed its expansion. However, the universe continued to be in motion. All around us stars formed into clusters and further into galaxies. The four of us watched as stars and planets began to pass us wildly in a tornado of light. We were being sucked into a galaxy as is spread all around.

"Quickly, Palkia, we must make a home realm," Arceus said.

Palkia nodded, and gathering spare dust, ice, and rocks from the debris flying about our heads, forming a planet we later called Earth. However, Palkia took his time perfecting it, and in the meantime, Arceus forged a legendary castle, for us to reside in and make important decisions for the coming millennia. Most humans do not know of its existence, for it fell out of use before man acquired legendary tales from common Pokemon. We collectively referred to the castle as The Universe, for it was our main place of business at the time. Over the ages, it became luxurious, but in the times of only four creators – Arceus, and his children, Dialga, Palkia, and I – it was simply just a mountain range floating just above the Earth's (then-forming) atmosphere.
It was only in the early stages of the universe and Earth that Arceus was this happy and eager to stay as one unit, working together in close proximity. However, as all Pokemon of today know my story, that just could not be for very long.