Author's Note: Everything in this book is true! Or so says the moogles living in my boots!

Benjamin Franklin was LDS before it was cool. He used his time traveling electric kite to travel to the future and have a brief conversation with Joseph Smith. He then traveled back in time so he could be the first mormon!

Renowned curator, a renowned Jacques Saunière was renowned and worked for the renowned Eurostanian Museum of Renowned Art. So renowned was Jacques Saunière that his presence was even known to an albino monk.

"I'm going to murder you dude!" said the monk.

"Why the bloody tart does a sodding wanker suce as yourself want to bloody murder my bloody renowned self?"

"Because I'm both catholic and albino, so I'm double evil! dun dun dun!" said the monk evilly catholicly and albinoly and shoothing the renowned curator in his renowned bollocks.

Thinking quickly the renowned man named Jacques Saunière remembered that a certain foreshadowy dude was about to show up, and he wanted to say something to him. So, even though he was dying, he still used his last renowned ounce of strength to lay down in the shape of a pentagram, a difficult feat if one is not a starfish. "Exactly as planned!" he said once his message was complete. His ghost ran up to heaven and played Super Smash Bros. with Metatron.