The Hell's Angels are Earth's last defence in case YHVH decides to invade. It will be the most epic game of Yu-Gi-Oh! EVER!

"Ditch him!" shouted Langdon running away along with Thegirl. The albino monk was alone again. He lifted his hand to his mouth and spoke into his power ring.
"H, this is S.O.S. executive J." he said. "Langdon's a moron but we need that Macguffin... It's that golden egg right?"
"Honestly," said a female voice through the ring. "I don't know, Metatron never specified..."

"I'll get it anyway. First I need to report back to Pope Aro to confirm that he is indeed in Eurostan."
"Hurry," said H. "The state of our sanity depends on removing all of the plot holes in this world. And after the Bella Swan thing, we have a lot of work ahead of us."

"I know," said J. "...I mean 'dun dun dun'."

"Yes, keep up the act. He needs to think you' actually are evil." said Jacques Saunière approaching J from the library.