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*-*Flinx Forever*-*

Wally smoothed his costume—a nice "The Flash" costume (made by his uncle)—as he stood outside the temporary home of Jinx. He held a bouquet of roses in an assortment of colors sure it was a Halloween party, but that didn't mean that he couldn't bring a gift for the hostess.

The roses were in every color on the spectrum but not yellow. Yellow meant friendship. Yellow meant "You're really awesome, in a platonic way". Yellow was not what Wally felt towards that pink haired villain on the other side of the door. He hesitantly knocked.

A muscular man in a superman costume opened the door.

"Hey bro! Come on in, you should see the hostess, you two to be a pair!" he seemed to yell, even though it was silent in the space between the outside. Wally blushed, thinking that this boy had noticed the intentions of the roses.

Wally walked in and saw what the guy had meant. There, in the middle of the room, was Jinx. She was wearing an impossible costume. Wally dropped his jaw and his roses. Jinx looked over and grinned. He grinned because she was wearing a charcoal dusted Kid Flash costume that Wally had left there last week.

Jinx moved over in a deliberately sexy walk, knowing that she was making Wally salivate. She had tailored the costume in all the right places, and even though it was a full body suit, she was obviously the hottest girl there.

"You left this here last weekend!" Jinx yelled for the whole party to hear. Wally blushed deeply and shuffled over to her and whispered to her.

"Why must you embarrass me? I knew that there was an ulterior motive for me being invited here."

She leaned in and kissed me, remarking, "I thought you might like it. Why would I embarrass my new boyfriend?"

Wally froze up. He had assumed that they we dating, but Jinx had never said the "BF" word.

For once, Wally thought rationally. He lived all the way in Keystone for Pete's sake! Sure, it was a short run for him, but didn't they say something about long distance relationships not working?

"Jinx, I'm not sure I'm ready for a serious relationship."

Jinx pouted in an adorable way and then whispered in his face, "But I love you Wally. I would never usually say that, but some chick gave me a drink that made me realize that I can't just block all these feelings!"

Wally frowned. He could smell whatever alcoholic drink that Jinx had consumed and in some corner of his mind he knew that he could just say "I love you too" and see where the night would lead them. Wally also knew that even though he was a teenage boy, he couldn't take advantage of his drunken girlfriend. Wally sighed as the superhero part of his brain over took the teenage boy part of his brain. He grabbed Jinx bridal style, kissed her on the lips, and then ran at the speed of light to Keystone City. By the time she had gotten there she was knocked out, drooling on his costume. Wally smiled as he laid her down in the guest bed. He kissed her head and closed the door.

He mumbled to himself as he trudged off towards his bedroom, "Oh the things I do for love."

*-*Flinx Forever*-*

A/N: Kk, so how'd y'all like it? I incorporated charcoal and Jinx wearing Wally's clothes together! So excited :D Btws, who has a deviart or a wattpad? I do! My deviart is NerdyFanChick, and my Wattpad is SillyMonster.

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