Kid Flash stood outside of the Hive headquarters. He was holding a single rose that he was about to run up to Jinx's room. He was just about to vibrate his molecules though the door when Jinx stormed out of the door, eyes lit up like time square at Christmas.

Shut up and let me tell you that I love you.

You can't be serious!

Jinx rubbed her eyes, and when she looked up at a very surprised and concerned Kid Flash, they were all red and puffy. He thought that she would've called her teammates, but she just grabbed the rose and cut it into pieces with her powers.

"I never want to see a rose again!"

I'm getting sick of you telling me I don't!

You really don't.

KF widened his eyes at this, knowing that she secretly loved the many roses that he snuck in. He looked at her with caution and asked, "What's wrong baby doll, you know you can tell your favorite speedster!"

You wouldn't know.

Just let it go.

Kid Flash expected a slap, but instead Jinx started sobbing and hugged him.

"They, kicked, me, out!" she managed between sobs.

Kid Flash was not really surprised. Her teammates were bound to find out that she had some what helped the Titans during the whole "Brotherhood of Evil" thing. He hugged her tight to his chest, enjoying the warmth of her body.

On and on, this desert town of Middleton, will let us down.

So take my hand, let's try our luck with California,

After the sobbing stopped, she looked up at him with moist eyes, and said quietly, "Wally, ever since that one time I let you go, you've been trying to help me get away from this… and I," she paused to take a deep breath, "I have been nothing but mean to you. I'm so sorry."

Can I say I love you?

Please don't.

Kid Flash smiled and whispered back, "its okay."

He hugged her tightly to him and lifted her up so he was carrying her.

"Hold on," he whispered happily.

And you love me too?

And it's nothing you can prove.

Jinx held on and instantly they were off in some park. According to the sign, they were in Keystone Central Park. She looked up to Kid Flash and saw a playful glint in those brilliant blue eyes. She instantly felt remorse for all the evil plots she had helped that team of idiots produce.

Say you do!

I don't.

"Flash," She started as Kid Flash grinned, "I have been the worst person in the world. How could you keep being nice to me?" she laid down beside him on the grass.

You will.

I won't!

As far as you know!

"Well Jinxy, I can see the good in everyone, even a supposedly evil teenage girl. It makes me all the more lovable!"

You're no help.

What if my heart belongs to someone else?

I don't believe you.

"Yeah, it sure does." Jinx was staring off into space

Wally couldn't believe it. She had just accidentally called him "lovable" and didn't scoff or say it sarcastically or anything!

Good cause it's not true,

And by the way I love you too!

He couldn't turn a prime situation like this up.

"So, I guess I'm cute too?"

"Yep," replied Jinx dreamily

On and on, this desert town of Middleton, will let us down.

"And a good friend, right?"

"An absolutely awesome one, Speedster."

So take my hand, let's try our luck with California!

KF sat up with an idea, "In fact, I dare say that I could be a good boyfriend, correct?"

Jinx moved her head into his lap so that she could look up at him, "Any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend."

On and on, the movie screen will play our lives out on the screen.

Kid Flash grinned happily, "And you love me beyond all reason."

"And I lo-" Jinx sat up abruptly, hitting Kid Flash's head as he was gazing down at her.

When wishing stars stop coming true,

She turned away from him and the looked back and glared, "No, flasher, I do not love you."

I'll still wish for you!

Kid Flash grinned as she stood and walked away, "Sure you don't Jinxy, sure you don't."

*-*Flinx Forever*-*

A/N: I know, OCC Jinx, but I think that Wally was pretty much in character. Hope you liked it. The song was "Shut up, I love you" by Save the Arcade. Look it up on YouTube while your on the computer!