What if before the sealing of Kurama Kitsune (That's what I'm calling him so deal with it.) Minato Namikaze had done something that would have his beloved wife kill him if the sealing wasn't already going to do it? The answer is that he knocks her knock, takes Naruto and seals Kurama into his beloved son.

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There's going to be alot of sick people out there who think that Naruto and his MOTHER are going to fall in love with one other. I can tell you right now that if you think that, get off your computer right now and go get your brain washed.

Still here? Good. This story is a family story between a mother and her son, nothing more nothing less, However there has yet (as far as I know) where Kushina had replaced Minato as Hokage after he had sealed Kyubi (Or Kurama) into Naruto.

I willalso like to state that this will not be a Naruto/Hinata Story nor a Naruto/Sakura Story. There too many out there but as long their the same age or a year or two oler and if I can see it happening I will pair Naruto up with anyone I thing can work.

That being said I hope that your Like this story enough to come back.


Kushina Uzumaki, the Fifth Hokage.
Chapter One: Aftermath.

"Lady Hokage?" A young man asked as he entered the hospital room of Kushina Uzumaki and she held her baby for the first time since his birth a day ago. The twenty two year old red haired young woman looked up at the young man no more then maybe fifteen. The young woman sighed, she had yet to get used to the titled that her husband has passed on to her. Luckily she would have help in that matter when she appointed new advisers. "The Council wishes to see you." The young man said again as he sat next to her. Kushina looked at the young man.

"You can go and tell the Council to go fu…" She was cut off when her baby boy had started crying. As quickly as she could she had tried to quiet the baby down once more. A small chuckle was heard from the door to her room. Hiruzen Sarutobi had walked in and stood next to Kushina.

"You should be more careful what you say from now on young lady." The man who was once called the Professor said. He took a seat next to Kushina as he looked at the baby in his mother arms. Kushina however couldn't look at him. She looked away as she said a small. "I'm sorry."

Hiruzen looked at the young mother before him and smiled, it had saddened him greatly when he had lost his wife, but he couldn't blame her for something that she had no control over. "It's not your, nor is it Minato's fault that Biwako had died yesterday." He said softly.

"Ma'am, what about the council meeting?" The teen asked. Kushina wanted nothing more then to stuff a kunai up their…Kushina sighed and looked at the young man. "Tell them that I will hold a meeting in two days, I'm not cleared to leave the hospital yet." Kushina said. There was just so much to do.

"That never stopped you before." The teen said. Kushina glared at him as Hiruzen just laughed a little. "I don't heal as fast as I used to Kakashi, so stuff it." The young woman said. She laid down as she handed her baby to the teen now known as Kakashi. "Drop him and you'll be joining your father." She warned.

She turned her head to look at Hiruzen. "As for you, tell that asshole Danzo that, the next time he sends Root after my son again that I will kick his ass so hard that they will have to surgery remove it." Hiruzen nodded, he will deliver, after he talks to Kushina.

"I will." He said. "Now what about your new advisers?" He asked. Kushina turn her head to look at him. "I want you and sensei." She said tiredly. Hiruzen nodded. Getting Tsunade back was going to be hard though. As if reading his thoughts Kushina handed him a scroll. "Have that pervert deliver that to her." Kushina said. "Tell him that if he doesn't find her in the next few days, I'll ban his porn, hell I'll ban all porn from the village."

Hiruzen smiled, knowing that this would get his old student moving to find his team mate. Hiruzen looked at Kushina as she had finally fallen asleep. For now He was acting Hokage until Kushina was up and about again. Truth be told she should have died when the Kyubi was removed from her, but her bloodline and her chakra had kept her alive.

Slowly getting up Hiruzen had summoned one of his monkeys to deliver the message to Jiraiya and with the added message as well. Before he left he turned to look back. The baby who name was Naruto was asleep in Kakashi's arms. The teen that had just started training in Anbu had also fallen asleep. Hiruzen left them alone, he had a message to give to a one eyed bastard.


"Tsunade!" A woman with long blond haired turned around and growled. Coming up the road was with long white hair and an odd headband on his head. What had caught her attention though was the fact he looked like hell. When he had caught up to her what he said next had her blood run cold.

"Minato was killed in battle." Tsunade wanted to scream. She had lost her only child. Her apprentice looked at her as Tsunade had fallen to her knees. "Someone attacked Kushina just after she had given birth to her son." Jiraiya said.

Tsunade looked up tears in her eyes. She had lost her baby to that damn village, just like she had lost his father, and the uncle he had never known. "So is Kushina dead too?" Tsunade asked. Kushina was Tsunade's student, while not as good in medic ninjitsu, she was a terror in her own right during the war.

She was so young and she had a lot of promise, if only she had gone with her she would still be alive. However what Jiraiya said next had her head moving so fast Both Shizune and Jiraiya herd a cracking sound.

"No, Kushina's alive." Jiraiya said. "But get this, before he died Minato named Kushina Hokage." Tsunade eyes had widened. That was one of her dreams, but after Minato was named Hokage she had given that up in favoring her then boyfriend. Soon after she had beaten Minato after she found out she was pregnant, she had married him.

Tsunade smiled finally something good was happening. Then a scroll was handed to her. "What the?" Tsunade opened the letter and her eyes widened. It only said a few words but she had gotten the message.

Tsunade Sensei,
I need you back at the village Please.


Tsunade looked at Shizune who smiled and gave the older woman a small nod. Getting up, Tsunade looked at the two of them. "Let's go home." Tsunade said. She had failed a lot of people in her life. Her brother, her lover and father of their child, her grandfather and grand uncle. However she will not fail her student and daughter-in-law, and most of all her grandson.


Two days later.
Council meeting hall.

The room was in a buzz. The meeting had yet to start and already tempers were flying. On one side of the room was the civilian council. They had yelled at anyone they could think of that the child known as Naruto Uzumaki should be put to death.

On the other side of the room were the Shinobi of the village. "So you want to kill a new born child just because you think he's the Kyubi?" Tsume Inuzuka yelled at a pink haired woman. "I don't think I know he's the Kyubi reborn." The woman had argued back. Tsume crossed her arms.

"There's a difference between a scroll and kunai you dumb bitch." Tsume cursed at her. "Makes me wonder who the real monsters are." He was looking at all members of the civilian side. Just before things could get out of more hands the door were slammed opened and Danzo came falling in the room to land on his face.

"Next time you talk to me like that you old fool, I'll have you killed." Kushina said as she walked into the room. Two days has done wonders for the young woman as she walked into the room. She was wearing a red and black kimono top with the Uzumaki symbol on the left side, her Konoha head band which she had not worn in a long time thinks to her being in Anbu was a crossed her now slim waist to act as a belt.

She wore the standard black ninja pants and black steal toed boots that came to her knees, she had on black figureless gloves with metal panting on the back of them. A Katana was across her back and pouches were hooked up to the belt.

"Listen up and listen well you stupid fucks." Kushina said as she sat down in her seat. "If anyone ever touches, tries any thing funny, or tries to kill him, I will execute you myself, do you understand?" Kushina asked as she looked at the civilian council. Kushina was leaking killer chakra all over the place.

However like in all meeting there was just that one fool in the coward that had to put in his two cents. "You can't do that." He said. "Why are you even Hokage in the first place, outsider?" The fool found out the hard way why Kushina was Hokage when she had flashed, yes she flashed before the fool and held him by the neck.

"I'm Hokage because that was the last wish, which Minato had wanted." Kushina said before she slammed the old man down. "I'm no more an outsider then you are a ninja. I have fought long and hard beside most of the people in this room, I have bled along side them as we fought to protect your worthless asses." Kushina made her way back to her seat.

"I am Kushina Uzumaki, the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato." Kushina said with a hard look in her eyes. "As of right now people there are going to be some changes, both for the good and maybe a little for the bad, it all depends on who you ask." Kushina then looked at everyone. "Believe it!"

To be continued…

Do to alot of blacklash from the fans I deleted the story, but I still see a story here. So I went back changed Kushina's age to the canon age of her being 22. I also deleted the Idea of Match Kushina up with someone else. and after reading the reviews I have to admit that I fucked up.

You the readers are right, Kushina would never try to find someone else. So for now I'll just decide who I'm going to pair Naruto up with. BY the way The reason it's says Naruto & Kushina isn't because they are going to be paired up, GET YOUR MINDS CLEANED!

This story has NO INCEST! And other thing This will NOT be a YOAI I don't care if Mitoko (?) and Kushina are friends, Unless I decide to make Sasuke a girl they will be only FRIENDS. Do I make myself care? Good. As Before let me know what you all think about my protry of Kushina.

Is she over the top? Too dark or did I get her just right? Now the following list are thing that you should know about the story.

1: Tsunade is Naruto Grandmother in this story. I know this has been done by both my self and by others.

2: Kushina a mystery to me, I only know about some of her past thanks to both Manga and Anime. The reason she was called an outsider was because that was what the children had called her back in her days at the academy.

3: Kushina is going though a lot of stress right now, she had lost her husband and Danzo is bugging her to let him train Naruto. This will change more as the story goes on and she will become the sweet young woman we meet during chapters 498-503.

4: The Idea for Kushina to become Hokage was decided after I read "Mom's red hair." In it she had screamed out that she will become Hokage one day. I figured that since Minato became Hokage first she had set aside that dream in favor of supporting instead.

5: Tsunade haven't told anyone about giving birth to a baby. The only ones that know are Jiraiya, Dan, Orochimaru and her sensei Hiruzen. She had to give the baby up because she was needed on the battle field. It was a move that she had regretted dearly.

6: as you can tell Kushina not going to be a push over in this story, she'll become a Hokage like no other and she will be hated, loved and feared by her village. However she will protect the people of Konoha just like any other Hokage.

Well there you go. I hope that the chages I made were the right choices. Again I will not be Pairing Kushina up with anyone and that this will NOT be a Naruto/Sasuke or a Naruto/Kushina Love story. The reason it's marked as naruto and Kushina is because they are the main characters, that's all. He will also not be paired up with Hinata.

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