It was one of those days that had wanting Kushina pulling her hair out. Her son had once again done something impossible. Her darling wondering and often brat of a son had painted the Hokage monument in the early morning light. When her idiot of a son was suppose to be in school.

"Naruto!" Kushina yelled out to her son. "Get your ass to school now or I'll put a ban on ramen." That got the reaction that she had hoped for. Naruto was nothing but a dust cloud as he ran all the way back to school. As she watched her son leave she couldn't help but wonder how the hell he was able to do that.

"How the hell…" Kushina turned around and looked at Shizune. "I think it's about time we upped our security. Just imagine what would have happen if instead of Naruto that it was an enemy ninja." Shizune nodded. "One more thing, I'm going to give you early leave so that you can have an extra week for your honeymoon."

Shizune smiled that ran up to the red haired Hokage and hugged her. "Thank you Kushina!" She yelled happily. Kushina smile as the young woman left. Then she frowned, out of all the people who could have fallen in love with her it had to have been Kakashi.

Kushina turned back to the Monument. No one should have been able to do that, in just a few hours, even with shadow clones. Still she had to admit it was a good prank, she would still have to punish him for painting her head in red. "I hate tomatoes." She growled out.


Kushina Uzumaki: The Fifth Hokage
Book Two: Rise of Naruto, the Legendary Ninja
Chapter One: Naruto and the Rookie Nine.

Author Note: Sorry, I'm still working on a title. Enjoy the story anyways.


Twelve years ago, a legendary nine tails fox suddenly and without warning attacked Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. The ninja of this village had fought the fox unknown to them that it was being controlled by a masked man that had attacked not only the village but a young woman as well.

Seeing no other course to take a young man that was known as the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze had knocked out his beloved wife, and had sealed the fox inside his son. Later the young wife of the fourth Hokage became the fifth Hokage and over time defended not only her son, but also the village as well.

Now her son has grown ands will embrace his own legend. This is the Story of Naruto Uzumaki.

A sudden slap to his back woke him up from his writing. "Still dreaming huh loser?" Kiba Inuzuka asked as he grinned at Naruto, as the blond put away his writing he glared at Kiba. "Its better then being afraid of water flee bag." The blond shouted back. "I mean really Akamaru cleaner then you are."

Kiba glared at the blond and was about to punch his face in when he was stopped by another blond. "Not now you two." She said. "We have a test to take remember?" Naruto nodded at Ino. "She right dog breath. So go sit somewhere." Kiba growled at the blond and went to his seat. Ino turned to Naruto and placed her hands on her hips. "What?" Naruto asked.

"Quite picking on Kiba, Naru." She said. She sat down next to her friend and took his note book. "Hey!" Ino glared at him then went back to reading. "You should change the main character's name Naruto." Ino said. "Maybe change it to Ranma or something." Naruto gave her a look. "Or not. I'm just trying to help." Ino said as she gave him back his note book.

"Thanks, but I'm not planning to publish this." Naruto said as he had but it away. "Why not, Naruto you have a good talent for writing, and your drawings are amazing." Naruto smiled at her then turned away. "I have my reasons." Was all he said before Iruka had walked into the room.

"Another wild night with Ayame?" Naruto called out making the class laugh. Iruka blush a little. "Shut up or you're not invited to the wedding." He said. This caused Naruto and the class to blink. "It's about damn time Sensei." This caused the class to look at who said that. Hinata was hiding her face inside her jacket.

Iruka sighed. "Now as you all know today we will be doing the Genin selection exams." Iruka said. "For the next few days you will be taking part in a series of tests." Iruka said. "For the first test it's a written exam." The class gowned. "Aw, stuff it and get your pencils out."

For the next few hours the tests were given, the written tests were a series of the basics. Math, read, everything that a normal school would have taught. Naruto sat back after he had finished the last of the tests. He looked up at the clock, the day was almost over. He did have time so going over the booklet again Naruto had found a few mistakes, after changing them he got up and to Iruka shock was the second to last when turning in his work.

"Good work class we're all done for the day." Iruka said. "Test grades will be given back to you tomorrow." Everyone got up and bowed to Iruka as he had left the room. Gathering his things Naruto looked around the room looking for Sasuke. "Oi, duck butt." Naruto called out.

"What the hell do you want Uzumaki?" Naruto growled. Ever since the Uchiha up rising and Fugaku's death Sasuke had started to hate Naruto, and his mother. "I was going to ask if you would like a spar, but you know what? Forget it." Naruto turned around and left. It was always like this Naruto would try to patch up their lost friendship but Sasuke would say something that would change his mind.

"Not my fault that his clan was a bunch of traitors." Naruto muttered to himself as he left the School grounds. Naruto stopped in his tracks. "Not all of them were traitors though." Naruto knew where he wanted to go. Making a sharp turn Naruto went to the one place that he wasn't really welcomed but was never hurt or thrown out.


"I'm coming already hold your damn horses." A voiced had yelled out. When the door opened Naruto could only blink at who it was. "I think you should put more cloths on Sis." Naruto said as he turned away. Anko blinked and looked down, she gave the young man a grin.

"So, what do you want kid?" Anko asked. Naruto turned to look at her and sighed. "Is Itachi home yet? I need a sparing partner." Anko shook her head. "Sorry kiddo, his mission was a little longer this time around." Naruto muttered something that caused Anko to look at him. "However I could use the exercise." Naruto glared at her.

"No, you're under orders to rest until the baby is born." Naruto said as he crossed his arms. "If anything happen to you or the baby Itachi would have my head." Naruto placed his hand on Anko's swollen stomach and closed his eyes. He could feel the baby's chakra. He could also tell that the baby was a…"Do you want to know what the sex is yet?" Naruto asked.

"Nope and I like to keep it that way." Anko said as she crossed her arms. Being cooped up in the house was bad enough. She didn't need her adopted little brother hovering over her like a mother hen. "Anyways why not ask that blond haired friend of your?" Anko asked.

"You mean Ino?" Naruto asked with a little blush. Anko smiled. "I think someone has a crush." Naruto stuck his tongue out at her. "It's not like that she's my friend." Anko wanted to laugh. "Sure kid, sure. Anyways your losing daylight so get going." Anko said and she walked back into her and Itachi's home. "And tell sensei that I said hi."

Naruto nodded as he left the house and thought about the two. Anko had stayed near Itachi's side when he was in a coma, Anko would talk about her job in the T&I department and stuff like that, and she also talked about her feelings for him as well. When Itachi woke up and had placed a hand on her chin and that was the start of their relationship, two years ago they had married and were now starting a family.

As Naruto was walking he kept thinking about what he wanted to do. Naruto at first wanted to become a Hokage sometime in the future, he had dreamt of being the best. However as Naruto looked around he could see the smiling faces of the villagers. From what he could understand since she became Hokage Konoha has thrived under Kushina's leadership.

"That still doesn't stop people from turning traitor." Naruto muttered to himself. A few days ago Naruto had captured Mizuki, one of Naruto's teachers. What the traitor had said had Kushina in an up roar. "I only wished that Master Orochimaru had finished the job, and killed the little demon." Naruto was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't know that he had walked into a barren Training field.

"I wonder." Naruto knelt down and placed both his hands on the ground and closed his eyes. Feel the throw of life in your surroundings and concentrate. That was what one of his senseis has told him. No sooner as he had done that that the barren field had started to grow grass.


"Ma'am." Kushina looked up. She hated paperwork as much as she hated the lovable idiot of a husband, okay so she didn't hate him, but she would kill him if was still alive. "The genin from Suna are here." Kushina blinked at that. She didn't expect them to be here so soon.

"Send them in Shizune and then go a head and take the rest of the day off." Shizune smiled and left to get the three genin. Kushina put aside the paperwork, why the hell did she have to do those again? As she was thinking this three teens had walked in.

The first one was the same age as her son, like her he had red hair, green eyes and a kanji on the left side of his forehead for love. Next to him was either a cat with make-up or the kid just got out of bed and put the make on. The next person was probable the eldest from what Kushina understood. She had blond hair tired up into four pony tails.

"Okay, I'm going to get straight to the point." Kushina said in her Hokage mode. "Over the last few years my spies have been keep an eye on Suna." The three from Suna didn't even flinch. "The Idea behind the exchange program is to help other nations with problems of getting missions." The young girl raised her eyebrows. "Half the money that you make here will be going to Suna."

The kid in the make up just looked at her. "That doesn't sound fair at all, the only missions wroth it would be C-ranked and above." Kushina nodded. "Yes, that's why the three of you well be split up. That way you'll be making more money to help Suna."

The kid with red hair looked at her, Kushina could tell something was wrong with him. "Why are you helping us?" He asked. Kushina didn't like the way that he had talked. "Konoha had made big mistakes in the past when it came to helping our allies." Kushina said. "I want to try this new program and in all honesty Suna is the first village we will be trying this with." Kushina said.

"That seems fair, but wouldn't Konoha suffer from the lost of funds?" Kushina smiled at the young woman. Then the red haired Hokage shook her head. "It's not as big of a problem as you may think." She said. It was the truth too, Konoha was making so much more money now that anyone had thought possible from one village.

"The details of the teams that you will be on will take place in a few days." Kushina said handing them a few sheets of paper. "For now fill these out, you will still be aloud to wear your Suna headbands though." The three had nodded at this. They where will to do anything to help their village. However the girl was worried about her brother.


"That makes about as much sense as Ino stuffing her bra." Kiba said as he looked at Naruto. The blond gave Kiba a look. "How would you know that Ino stuffs her bra?" The blond asked. Kiba smiled. "She has a bad habit of leaving her window open." Kiba said Akamaru barked something and then jumped into Naruto's arms.

"Kiba, My room is on the second floor, No one is able to see it from the street." Kiba heard from behind him. That's was when Kiba felt the most potent Killer Intent that he could ever feel. The second would have to be from his mother and sister. "Aw crap, please tell me she's not behind me." Kiba said.

Naruto gave him a 'sorry man, you're on your own' look and ran away. Five seconds later the sound of someone beating on another could be heard from the hallways. Iruka had walked in when the noise had quite down. "I do not want to know." He said as he saw Kiba had gotten beaten with an inch of his life.

"Kiba, Go see Tsunade and get your butt back here or you fail."


"So he does have it?" Kushina asked as she looked over a file. "Has Jiraiya reported in?" Kakashi just shook his head. "Not yet ma'am." That was when he felt it. Oh shit, Jiraiya you better get here soon.
Kushina's hair was flying around looking like she had nine tails.

"Jiraiya, you pervert!" She yelled and then punched the ground where she knew Jiraiya was laying down looking up her skirt. Kakashi looked away as he heard the sound of flesh meeting flesh and the sound of his favorite author getting the snot beaten out of him.

A Few seconds later Jiraiya, Tsunade and Kakashi was in a meeting discussing about the young red haired boy. "So he has Shukaku does he?" Tsunade asked. Kushina and Jiraiya nodded. "According to this pervert's report, it's also unstable." Jiraiya gave her a hurt look. "I think it might be the seal, according to my spies in Suna, it was an old woman name Chiyo that did the…..Are you okay Kushina?" The old Pervert asked.

Kushina had nearly fallen out of her chair laughing when she had heard the name. "Hahaha! No wonder the sealing is so fucked up." Kushina was holding her sides as she was laughing confusing everyone in the room. "Chiyo couldn't make a good seal if it came up and bit her in the ass." After a few second Kushina was able to control herself and look at everyone.

"Jiraiya I need to see that young man as soon as possible please call him in." She then turned to Kakashi. "Kakashi, I need you to keep his sibling busy I'm sure that you can do that?" The Silver haired Jounin nodded his head. "Good, now everyone but Tsunade get out, I need to finish some paper work." As Kakashi and Jiraiya left Kushina was seeing red. "Use the door next time!" The young woman yelled out.

"Tsunade, I know how much you like working at the hospital but I need you to take on a team again." Tsunade raised an eye brow. Several files was pushed her way. "I want you to train a medical team again." Tsunade picked up the files and read them as Kushina started reading over some reports and signing what ever needed to be signed.

"I see, you have three promising students here, but how will I be able to train them when they are out in the field?" Kushina didn't look up. "I only want you to train them when they are not working with their teams." Kushina said as she took off her reading glasses. "The most promising is Sakura Haruno." Kushina said as she pulled out Sakura's file.

"From what we know she comes from a civilian background, however a blood test shows that she also has Uzumaki DNA." Tsunade raised an eye brow at that. "I know it's so low that she no where near related though. Anyways during a test she had proven to have the best in over all Chakra control."

Tsunade read over Sakura's file again. Her charts where off the scale in Chakra control and her reserves high enough that she could train in her style. "You would only get two students though, Hinata had proven to be better when it came to herbs ointment much…" Kushina didn't say any more. Hinata mother had passed away a few years ago.

"I see." Tsunade said. "Okay I'll take them on as apprentices, but only after their team training." Kushina smiled at her sensei. "Okay, and thanks Sensei, now get out of here so I can finish this damn thing." Kushina said giving the paper work a look that could kill.


"Okay listen up." Everyone turned to Iruka. "This part of the test is going to be a tournament like setting." Everyone looked at him. "When I call your name you can pick anyone that you wish to fight." Everyone grinned at that. "Its winner takes all so if you win, you can pick someone else. The longer that you stay in the fight the higher your grade will be."

Almost everyone was looking at two people. Sakura and the Sasuke fan club was looking at the young Uchiha, all the while the other half of the class was looking at Naruto Uzumaki, the son of the fifth Hokage. Both sides were wondering which two of the young men were the most powerful.

Iruka looked at the clip broad and called out the first name. After awhile of this Kiba was finally up. After winning his match though he gave a grin to Naruto. "Uzumaki, get your ass up here." Kiba shouted out. Iruka sighed, this was going to be a long day. Naruto stood up and Ino took his hand.

"Go easy on him." She said. "Remember, he has not been though the training that you had." Kiba was looking at something like it was his watch. "Come on, you can leave your girlfriend for a few minutes." Kiba whined. Naruto gave him a look. "Can it dog breath, and for the record, she my friend." Naruto jumped up and on to the plat form and took the stance of the Fox Style.

Kiba took the stance of his family style. "They almost look the same." Sakura said. Ino turned to look at her friend. "Some what, the fox style realize more on speed then anything else. It's still a new style and rumor has it that it had beaten Orochimaru's own Snake style." Everyone looked at Ino. It wasn't a rumor, Ino had heard her father talking about Kushina's fox style and how it had not only beaten Orochimaru, but also how Kushina pretty much handed Fugaku his ass.

"Kiba Inuzuka vs. Naruto Uzumaki. Taijutsu only gentlemen." Iruka said as he looked at the two. "Ready? Fight!" With that Iruka jumped out of the way just as Kiba ran at Naruto. Kiba pulled his fist back but before he could throw it, Naruto ducked down and slide in between Kiba's legs and after getting up grabbed the dog boy's fist with a hook of his arm and body slammed the young man down.

Naruto then pinned Kiba to the floor by grabbing his arm and locking it in place behind his back. "Give up?" The blond asked. "Damn you Naruto." Kiba yelled as he hit the ground. "Winner, Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka said. "Sensei, would be possible if I wait a little bit?" Naruto said. "I want everyone to get a chance at a good score." There was that grin again. Iruka nodded in understanding.

Naruto was not only trained by Kushina, but by Anbu, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and by god only knows. Naruto was well balance in all fields, by fighting in this muck tournament Naruto was going to end up beating everyone in class. "Fine but you have to call up two people." Iruka said. Naruto nodded.

"Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka." The two gave him a look. While the two were friends they had a rivalry to see which fan club was better. The Uzumaki fan club was not only a fan club for Naruto but also for His mother and Nagato Uzumaki as well. Sakura was head of the Sasuke fan club.

The two got up and made their way to the plat form. When they were told to go they went. Ino won when she back handed Sakura across the face and then put her knee in the pink hair girl's stomach. "That what makes the two fan clubs different." Ino whispered into Sakura's ear. "The Uzumaki fan club trains their mind and bodies while the Sasuke Fan club works on rumors." She then let her friend fall to the ground.

That's how most of the new matches went, Ino would call a member from the Sasuke fan club and make quick work of them. When there was no one left of that club she would call members of the Uzumaki fan club. That's where Iruka saw the real skills. The Uzumaki fan club had lasted the longest in the fights. Not only that but they had show a level of skills that shouldn't have been seen in students.

Ino Winning streak had ended when she went up against Hinata, Hinata lost two rounds later to Shino who family had only once trained with their bugs, since he had meet Naruto though he had started train in Taijutsu as well. Sadly though when Shino had called Shikamaru though Shino lost to him. Shikamaru though only stayed in long enough to rake in enough point that he would graduate.

This aloud Kiba to get other should and he only then lost to Sasuke. Sasuke was staring at the only other member left. Naruto glared at Sasuke, Sasuke glared at Naruto. "Get up here, son of a murderer." That was when the class had heard a growl. "What did you say?" Naruto yelled. Sasuke glared back at Naruto. "You heard me."

Naruto had it. Sasuke was once his friend but after His mother had gone and saved the village from the Uchiha clan Sasuke had changed. "Your mother killed my father. You know this and everyone else knows this." Naruto started growling some more. "Your father was going to start a war in Konoha!" Naruto yelled back. "You and all but twenty members of your family where nothing but traitors!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke didn't hear anymore as he ran at Naruto.

Iruka watched on in horror as The Hokage's son and Sasuke went at it. He know he had to stop them but how, Naruto and Sasuke were at a level of skills all their own. Iruka signal from the Anbu guard that had been Watching Naruto after all these years when they came down they told him what had been said and the Anbu ran into the fight to stop it.

However they didn't reach in time as Naruto jumped kicked Sasuke so hard that he went flying off the plat form and landed hard on his back. Naruto landed after him. His fist was raised, however what surprised everyone was that three blades had popped out of the gloves that he was wearing.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and had noticed that his eyes were red and slanted like a cats. His birth marks had darkened as well. "Naruto!" Ino yelled grabbing his arm before he could do something he would regret later. Naruto was breathing hard, he took one last look at Sasuke, who had looked back at him with more hatred. Naruto got off of him and left to join the others.

"Damn thing still need work." Naruto said as he took off his jacket and gloves. A device of some kind was strapped to his arm, it held his blades in place. Ino sat next to him and rubbed his back. "It's not true you know." Ino said. "Your mother did what she had to, to protect not only you but the village." Naruto looked at her. "She did what she believe what was right."


"I need someone to keep an eye on him then." Kushina said as she read the report. "Naruto doesn't understand the power that he holds." Nagato Kushina's cousin said. "The Rinnegan could easily control him if he's not careful." Kushina looked up at him.

"That's why I'm pointing you has his Jounin instructor." Kushina said. "There's only two more days before they graduate, and I need to make sure that the Graduation test this year is ready." Nagato, his wife Konan and Yahiko all nodded. "I will do my best, cousin."

As the three left Kushina read the report in front of her. Unknown to her son, Naruto had released some killer intent which had caused Iruka to freeze up. She didn't know if she should be angry with her son, or proud of him for protecting her honor as Hokage. She then read over Sasuke's file. She could fell a headache coming on.

"I hope the little bastard isn't turning traitor." Kushina said. "That's the last thing we need right now, another Uchiha traitor." Kushina sighed. She wished that things could have gone differently, but they didn't Mikoto was still in her coma and Itachi was out looking for Shisui. Sure Itachi would come back every now and again to check on his wife, and unborn child but he would leave again after a few days.

With a sigh, Kushina turned off the lights as she walked out the door. She had a twelve year old son to talk to, hopeful she can also get him to clean up the Hokage Monument as well.

To be continued…

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