United States of Hetalia

Since my (American) history class finally finished the World War 2 chapter, I felt the urge to write a million WW2 one-shots. But since I got reminded of this book that takes place in Denmark called 'Number the Stars', I felt like writing this first. I had to do some research first though. I don't own Hetalia.

The name means 'escape'. My Danish friend told me.


That's what this was.

Denmark and Germany had been at each other's throats since 4 in the morning, it was nearly 6.

Through the air, on the ground, in the sea.


Germany spotted Denmark out in the front lines of the battlefield.

With a grin and a white flag.

"What's the meaning of this, Denmark?" Germany shouted at the Dane.

"Exactly what it looks!" Denmark said. "I give up."

Germany glared. "You're not one to give up so easily, Denmark. What's the catch?"

He shook his head. "No catch."

As Germany lead Denmark to his side, the Dane turned back to his soldiers and mouthed two words to them.

Don't worry.

Four years later...

He was out by the docks. He was in his sailor uniform and the boat was ready.

Denmark was about to untie the rope still keeping the boat docked in his country when he heard dogs and a harsh voice behind him.

"Hey! You!"

Denmark nearly flinched at the butchering of his language.

'Geez, you'd think they'd learn how to say it better after all this time here.'

The dogs the German soldier had approached him. They looked angry, and their mouths were foaming. Denmark pulled out his handkerchief and pretended to cough. The dogs inched closer, sniffing the Dane.

Denmark smirked from behind his handkerchief. 'That's right... Take the bait, mutts.'

"We're here to examine your boats."

"Again, sir?" he asked in fake innocence.

The German's eyes narrowed. "Of course." He shoved past Denmark to examine the boat.

Denmark glared at him. "You won't find anything in there."

Sure enough, the soldier came out with nothing but a confused dog. "Very well, you're free to go."

One short boat ride later...

One the shore of Denmark was a tall man with glasses. He was staring out worriedly to the water until he saw the shape of Denmark's boat.

After the Dane docked, he stood over a certain floorboard and looked at Sweden.

"Did you bring the papers, Sweden?"

The other nodded.

"Right." He knocked on the floorboard. "Hey. It's safe. You can come out now."

A trapdoor sprung up in front of Denmark's feet and several people scrambled out.

One child paused and looked up at Denmark.

"Thank you, Mister."

Denmark felt a smile spread across his face.

'Now who would want this destroyed?'

*Headdesk* I swear, my muse just went and died in middle of writing this...

Brief explanations.

In World War 2 Denmark, the Danes tried to let the Jews escape to Sweden. But they were usually caught by German soldiers when the dogs would sniff out the people.

So the Danes had a trick where they would put drugs and rabbit's blood in a handkerchief so that whenever ship captains pulled it out, the dogs' noses would go bad and the Jews could escape to Nazi-free Sweden...

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