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On a plane to Los Angeles.

A voice was heard over the speakers on the plane troughwards Los Angeles on February 14th.

"Good morning everyone. This is your captain speaking.

Hope you had an opportunity to get a little rest. we also wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine`s Day. "

Holden Wilson was asleep in his seat.

The captain was heard over the speakers again.

"we've still got another six hours before we reach our final destination of Los Angeles...

Where the weather is expected to be warm and sunny after a three days of rain."

Holden squinted as the sun shined in on him from the plane window and hit his eyes.

He was dressed in a suit with a black vest and blue shirt.

Someone, most likely a stewardess had placed a blanket over him and the woman beside him.

Holden raised his right arm from the blanket and tried to reach the window and pull down the curtain.

He couldn't reach it, and the woman beside him was asleep on his shoulder.

So he then,while sticking out his tongue,lifted his left leg to try and reach it with his feet.

He almost had it,when the woman next to him woke up.

"what are you doing?"The woman said surprised.

"im sorry, i was just trying to close the window" he put his foot back on the floor.

Holden sat up properly in his chair.

"im sorry" She said.

"for leaning on my shoulder?" he replied.

He looked friendly at the red haired next to him.

She was a soldier.

He could tell by the uniform,she was wearing.

"on an 14 hour flight thats the least i can do" He said

She didnt reply.

A few minutes later it turns out her name is Kate.

She is a captain of the U. and in active duty.

There was a few seconds of silents.

"You have a loved one in L.A ?" Holden asked her, not if it was a husband or a special someone, but someone had to be the reason,she would be home for this day.

again Kate didnt answer, Holden took a deep breath.

"well I`m sure he will be happy to see you." Holden said.

Holden trought of Sean.

A week ago,he himself had a loved one in LA too.

They had had an argument and the outcome was that Holden had broke up with him.

He had seen Sean`s last football game and knew the media was going to be after him for a while.

He didnt know if it was the break up, that had influenced Sean `s game or not,but Holden felt sorry for him because of the game.

The thought of his once loved one made him look down on his hands,Holden bit his lower lip.

Kate only was in LA for one night, it turned out.

"fourteen-hour flight both ways just for one night, thats commitment " Holden looked at her smiled and nodded.

Again it made him think of Sean.

Commitment was,what he had been missing from the short blond haired ex boyfriend of his.

"your on facebook?"he then said with a smile.

Kate smiled & laughed.

She wasn't quite the talker,he thought to himself.


It was warm,that February morning in Malibu.
Sean Jackson were on his way home from his run on the beach.

The last few days of rain had stood in the way of his daily run on the beach, which lay directly in front of his house.

The rain had not affected Sean so much.
It had fitted fine with his mood for the last couple of days.

Sean ran through the sand up to his house by the sea.
He was only wearing a pair of black sweatpants and white jogging shoes.

Sean had disappeared into his own thoughts.

He didn't even looked at his neighbor,who were doing arobic with a few of her friends on arobic balls,when he ran by.

He began to slowed down as he reached his terrace.

Minutes later he walked out of the shower in his bathroom with a towel around him, he could hear his bedroom TV from there .

He heard the female news reporters words :

"With football season officially over,the only question is what will quarterback Sean Jackson do? "

He walked over to the sink and took his toothbrush.

Sean began to brush his teeth.

The voice was heard once again.

" a devastating loss in the championships game last week leaves his future in question."

A few seconds later, Sean spotted the second mug at the long basin, where Holden `s toothbrush still was remained.

" at age 35, hes one of the oldest quarterbacks in the league..."...

"35 wasnt old, and he wasnt that bad, he just had a really bad game" Sean trought .

His head had been somewhere else in the past week, and it had influenced on his playing skills.

But by now Sean had stopped to listening to the TV and reached out for Holden`s toothbrush.

Sean missed him alot but he was pretty sure that Holdnt wouldnt be coming back.

So he picked it up, looked at it and threw the purple toothbrush in the trash.

Sean went into the bedroom and looked at tv screen, the news reporter was still talking about him.

There was showing a footage of him signing autographs at practice two weeks ago, and the text down in the corner next to the channel's logo was : Sean Jackson retire?.

Sean walked closer to the tv and looked irritated at the screen .