im sorry if this chapther & how Holden and Sean meet seems unrealistic or cheesy.

I have so difficult figuring out ideas to why they will broke up.

any ideas? please tell me or else i hope you will like what i end up writing in chapther 3 .

Again gramma and stuff are not my strongest side in writing.

The sun rises and sets every day just as life has its ups and downs, but there are always a new day tomorrow after yesterday's difficulties.

Sean thought to himself as he walked out on his balcony terrace that sunny February morning in 2011.

Sean looked at the place on the beach in front of his house where he had meet Holden for the first time.

There weren't many people on the beach that day.

He could just imagine how it had looked the year before when he had meet Holden and Kara down on the beach.

Sean had never been a big poet or philosopher but he (just as everybody else) knew that life wasn't simple even if people thought you had everything just because you had fame.

But fate or something so simple as running your daily run on the beach and meeting your publicist and closest friend Kara on that one run, can lead you to the person that you belong with.

That was what happened to Sean.

February 2010(one year earlier than the movie is set).

"Hey "Kara waved to Sean, who was running in her direction.

"I can't come to you "I hate valentine's day "party I'm sorry, I have to work tomorrow. But I promise I will come next year if I'm still single by then" Sean head the tall man with the short brown hair say just as he close enough to hear their conversation.

Not that Sean understood why Kara`s friend would be single, because he was quite handsome.

"Hey Kara" Sean greeted her, as he reaches her and her friend by the sea.

"I'm Sean," Sean friendly reached a hand out to the man beside Kara.

"I'm Holden" Holden took his hand and shook it. "your one of Kara`s friends?"

"Yes I am" Sean replied, the man did not know who he was, and Sean liked that.

"well I was nice meeting you Sean" Holden smiled, blond haired man was properly out of his league even if the guy was gay, but Holden couldn't deny that he wish he didn't have to leave and properly never meet Sean again.

"Nice meeting you to Holden "Sean smiled his most charming smile.

"Kara I have to get back to work, but I will talk with you later all right?"

"Sure I call you later"

Sean looked after Holden who walked up the beach and disappeared behind houses at the beach.

"Should I set you two up on a date?" Kara asked.

Sean turned his head again from where Holden had disappeared and looked shocked at Kara.

"Doesn't worry he is just like you, and he can keep a secret, I promise." Kara said and smiled at him.

Sean looked at her surprised

"Sure if he wants to" Sean said knowing Kara knew that Sean preferred to keep his personal life private.

Sean snapped out of his flashback.

Sean leaned his arms on the drums on his balcony just, as his neighbor asked him the same question for the thousand times.

For the thousand and one time, Sean just smiled friendly and came up with an excuse for why he couldn't (and not the real reason why he wouldn't want to come over to her house, trough she probably would stop asking then) come over for a swim.

Sean excuse today was that he had a lot going on, and truth be told he had, that and he was running out of will power, why wouldn't the woman just give up?

He took his cellphone out of his jeans pocket and dialed Kara's work number.

He had to talk to her about the media blitz that had begun on his career.

But Sean didn't know if he wanted to save his career or just retire, because Sean didn't became a professional football player for the money or the fame, he did it because he loved the game.

One thing he did know was that, he missed Holden and wanted to get him back.