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T for some cursing.

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Daddy, Daddy

You remember

when you were little

playing with your older sisters

in your \garden/



breathe out

100 *golden* tongues of F^I^R^E

{one for each head}

and you would =shriek=

and g i g g l e

and :;hide;: behind the older girls

Everyday you would climb


the steep, rocky p-a-t-h

to the barren mountaintop

where your daddy holds up the sky

and you'd w#a#t#c#h



mass press down on him

as he struggled to keep it away

from the


and you would


*daddydaddy put down the sky and play with me*

and he would


and explain that


and you would ask why?

and he would say


and you wanted to KILL the gods for making your daddy suffer

{because when it came to your daddy hurting, immortal didn't mean shit}

And then you grew older

and you v*o*w*e*d

that oneday you would free daddy

of his curse

you visited him l-e-s-s though





just kept getting heavier

and it made daddy cranky and irritable

and when you tried to talk to him like you used to

he R*O*A*R*E*D

and spit vile curses at you

and you



tears s~w~i~m~m~i~n~g in your eyes

but you can't cry


if your sisters saw you

they would t^o^r^m^e^n^t you


*daddydaddy why do you hate me*

and he'd scream it at you that you were



and the reason he was under the damn sky in the first place

[Later on you learned that you weren't, he just wanted someone to blame,

but that couldn't erase centuries of hating yourself for hurting your daddy]

but all you wanted was for him to say


but all you got was anger and hate and bitterness

And you grew resentful

{why did daddy love your sisters more than you?}

what were they that you weren't

because by now you looked identical

and you were the one who always visited him

who tolerated his violent outbreaks and raging

and you'd tell him all of your accomplishments

the first time ladon let you scratch his head

when he finally let you feed him

when you killed the lamb yourself

all the stories you learned (and in each one the gods were the bad guys)

but you didn't tell him because you still loved him

you told him because you wanted to prove to him that

you. weren't.


and your talk of taking revenge on the gods




she thinks they did the right thing



daddy really did seem crazy

and then your safelittleworld



he came to your beautiful garden

[which didn't seem so beautiful compared to him]

because he was sososososo h|a|n|d|s|o|m|e

and he talked to you like you were an


not like daddy or your sisters

and you





for him right away


and you thought you were *inlove*


he promised you that he'd help you escape and marry you

so that you'll never want your daddy's acceptance again

and all you have to do is help him

and you're so *inlove*

that you a_g_r_e_e almost immediately

and so you make a plan

and he e,x,e,c,u,t,e,s it


and now daddy's back under the sky

and your hero has his prize

and you're both racing out of the garden before



and you reached the exit


but he was


and you were


?where's your hero?

the one that promised he'd take you away

and he didn't return

and daddy was bellowing curses towards


and his son

and his damn traitor daughter

and then your sisters have materialized in front of you

and they've banished you

and you're c;r;y;i;n;g

sososososo hard


your name's been wiped away from history

and no one will know of you

and now you're all


and you're crying over him and daddy

*daddydaddy don't make me go away i only wanted you to love me*

and you could hear him in your head


and he told you


And all of sudden she's there

looking 12 years old

and she explains her little immortal posse

and you realize maybe not all the gods are bad if she, too, recognizes that


and so you join

and you rise up through the ranks

and now you're her faithful l~i~e~u~t~e~n~a~n~t

with a *fancysilvertiara*

and you try to forget but you can't

so you create a new family

a family that

loves you and is

proud of you

and time speeds up

[time always goes by fast for immortals]

oh, and languages change and you just can't keep up

and then you meet the other boy


he says his name is

you've heard of him

{of course you have; who hasn't? He was suspected to be the child of the prophecy after all!

but then the daughter of zeus came back and now everyone's confused}

and when you see



you want to shout out that you were right about boys and she was wrong

{how's love working out for you now, grace?}

but you restrain yourself

because her bestfriend

[the hopeful]

just went flying off a cliff and is gone now

and everyone's mad at Percy

(he deserves it though, cause he's a boy)

but you do see the look of anguish on his face as he screams for them to look for the girl

and you know

she'll never join the hunters

but you'll take



because she's a powerful demigod,

even if she hasn't been claimed yet

then Lady Artemis leaves

and you're heading off to that


and time speeds up

you arrive

and whoop their asses in capture the flag

and you have that d~r~e~a~m

[more like nightmare]

and Apollo's stupid -mummy- pays you a visit

and all you register is

"titan's curse" and "perish by a parent's hand"

and you


this will be your last quest

but you lead it anyways


you need to find Artemis

and you select your companions

{and you can't let the boy come, because you've seen his sword,

and you know you can't fight next to it}

but fate just loves to torture so

of course

he was d+e+s+t+i+n+e+d

to come on it

and now every time you see his bronze blade arc through the air

you feel a million little shards of ice

fly into your h.e.a.r.t

and you'll fight alongside him

but you refuse to be happy about it

and he says 'the general' was in the museum

but he can't be

because daddy's holding up the sky

and now


is d#e#a#d

and you feel guilty because you pushed too hard

asking her to go on this quest with you


the buy is torn-up too

he believes he should have dies instead

and you think maybe he should have

but at the same time you're kind of glad he lived


maybe he isn't as bad as the other heroes

but he's still male

(and so you have to hate him)

and time slows down because you're home again

of course you're sisters are hardly welcoming

and your little dragon isn't so loving

and a titan palace is forming on the mountain top

but it's home

and you're almost happy

but then you're


lunges at your



and you have to save them

so you take the hit instead

and your side is









and you can f#e#e#l the p-o-i-s-o-n

working it's way into your blood

and you're weakening

but you


up the well-worn path

{worn by your footsteps from centuries past}

and daddy is up there

but he's not holding up the sky

Artemis is

and for the first time ever

you feel h^a^t^r^e^d

for daddy

and then two others appear

{the traitor and Percy Jackson's friend,

the w*a*n*n*a*b*e}

and you realize the traitor is the one

who bound Artemis and forced her to

take the sky

and then you see


face and it's ashen grey

and this is


the boy she knew

[but you knew it was in him, because it was in all boys]

and then the daughter of Zeus is flying at him

screaming insults

and it's




and daddy comes at you

but Percy Jackson is in front of you

and he's blocked the blow

[and you don't know what surprised you more;

daddy trying to hit you or a boy trying to protect you]

and time speeds up and Percy's under the sky

and Artemis is flying at daddy repeatedly

and you step in to protect her


your arrow hits daddy

and everything's blurry now


daddy hit you

and the poison's still burning

and daddy hit you

and you hit your head hard

because daddy hit you

you watch as


[the traitor]

falls off the mountain



looks devastated as he falls

and Percy has put daddy back under the sky

and the poison of Ladon

and the poison of daddy not loving you

{why daddy? why?}

has wormed it's way into your heart

and everything's black

and you're


and you hear Artemis whispering condolences

into your ear

and you still can't see people

but everything makes sense now

[it must be because you're on Hades' door]

and you want to tell


that he will be the prophecy child, the hero

(and a good one at that, not like H^E^R^C^U^L^E^S)

and you k-n-o-w that


will take your place

{L#U#K#E C#A#S#T#E#L#L#A#N has shattered her h.e.a.r.t. into

a m~i~l~l~i~o~n pieces}

and you k-n-o-w that


can't choose

[and you want to tell her that percy loves her and luke doesn't]

and you know you're


{because the stars are *shining* bright in your =eyes=



{because now all you can think of is daddy

and even after all he did; even after he killed you;

you still /forgive/ him

and you still want to k-n-o-w

*daddydaddy why don't you love me, too?*}


{and you melt into the stars}

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