This is a story about Sam imprinting on Bella when he is cliff diving. When Bella is with Jacob she freaks out when she sees Embry and the other boys jumping off the cliff. When Sam runs and jumps he sees Jacob then Bella. When he is about to jump off the cliff he looks at Bella one more time then imprints. What happens next? Give it a shot please. My first posted fan-fiction.

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Sam's POV

"Hey Sam." The boys say as they enter my house without even knocking.

"Yes make yourselves at home. Kick your feet up on the table, raid my fridge. Mi casa es su casa." I say sarcastically.

"Don't mind if I do." Paul says trailing in dirt behind him and sitting on my sofa.

"So what are we doing today?" Embry asks, opening a brand new bag of Barbecue Lay chips.

"How 'bout cliff diving? We haven't done that in a while." Jared suggests.

They all looked at me like I had to give them the okay. "Hey I'm Alpha not your mothers."

"Alright lets go." Paul says getting impatient. Jared turns off my TV, Embry closes the bag of chips, and we are out the door.

"Come on! Let me go!" Embry shouts as Jared and Paul have him by the arms and legs swinging him high in the air.

"You're too chicken to jump so we're helping you." Jared laughs.

"Guys knock it off. I tell the boys half heartedly." as my lips from a smile.

"One." They say together as Embry shouts his protests.

"Two." Jared and Paul have Embry hair in the air almost letting him go making Embry scream like a girl.

"Three!" They shout.

And release him into the air. I could hear him screaming all the way till he hit the water.

"You guys are such children." I laugh as I run and jump off the cliff doing a perfect dive.

"Oh sorry yeah show us up." I could hear Paul say. But watch this. I look up to see him do 2 flips in the air and finish with a dive.

"I believe that earns a 9.5." Embry says.

When I got up there he was acting like an announcer.

"Hey look Vampire Girl is here." Jared says and we see Bella and Jacob in the car.

"Give her a break." Embry says. "She is really a nice girl once you get to know her." And with that he jumped off the cliff with a yip.

Bella's POV

"Oh my god! Embry!" I screech as I stomped on the breaks and getting out of the truck." Embry he jumped off the fricken cliff! What is wrong with that boy?" I shout turning to Jacob who was absolutely calm.

"Bella chill. Embry's just cliff diving. It's a recreational thing here in La Push." Jacob assures me.

"Jumping of a cliff doesn't look recreational. It's more like suicidal." I point out.

"Usually we jump from the lower rocks down there." He says pointing way down at the bottom.

"But Sam and his gang." Now pointing at a man almost with copper skin and black cropped hair. From far away he looked small but I bet he was talk like Jacob. Maybe even taller.

"That's Jared." He says pointing to the one with a reddish brown colored skin and cropped hair.

"Then that is Paul. You should watch out for him he has a temper." He warns. Paul like the other boys had a nice tan and also cropped hair.

"Jacob. These kids look like men now. What happened to their long hair?" I ask as I flick his hair.

"Well they are all 17 like me. But Sam is 20. For there hair, well one day Sam disappeared for a whole month and the next time we saw him he cut his hair and looked like that. Soon Jared followed, then Paul. Now Embry. Every time I see Sam he looks at me like he's waiting for me to be with him." I turn to look at Jacob and his face was full of sorrow.

"Its okay Jacob. You'll get you friends back." I tell him.

"I know. But I'm not gonna cut my hair to be back with him." He jokes and I just shake my head.

We watch them for a few more minutes and see that Sam was getting ready to jump.

"Come on Sam last one. Lets see you beat Paul." I heard Embry yell but barely.

He started to run and looked up to see Jacob and taking him in. He seemed to just notice me and kept funnng towards the cliff. Sam stared at me and I stared back and I felt a pull towards him. I knew he felt it too as he stared at me some more. When we were lost into each others eyes he forgot to jump and simply ran off the cliff.

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