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Last time on Cliff Diving:

I take her hand in mine and pull her closer.

"I won't let him hurt you. I can promise you that." I almost whispered to her as I caress her cheek in my palm and she leans into it.

"Thank you Sam." She says once again and I swear she glanced down at my lips.

Should I?

YESS! We've been unsure about everything until this moment. DOOO IT!

I hesitated.


Looking into her eyes I knew with all my being, even if I didn't have the wolf, I would want to kiss her. Glancing briefly down at her lips I leaned in ever so's now or never.

Bella's POV

Oh my goodness. I thought my mind on overdrive. I stood there in front of Sam frozen.

Is this really going to happen? I was getting nervous as I felt Sam's hand on my waist, pulling me in towards his body. Looking up, Sam who was a good foot over me was now leaning over and glancing down at my lips and back to my eyes. Asking.

He's giving me a choice.

My hands moved on their own over Sam's chest until it reached the back of his neck. I took a deep shaky breath pulling closer as I was already at the tip of my tippy toes. Tilting my head a little I pulled him to me until his lips made contact with mine.

God. I thought shivering his lips were warm and full. Sam pulled me tight against him almost lifting me off the ground. We kissed like this for a few moments in a sinless embrace, until my supply of oxygen was diminishing.

Pulling away from his lips I gasped for air and Sam's warm breath was fanning over my face.

"Wow." He said drawing in a sharp breath. I smiled and pulled away slowly, wanting to stay like this and just be here with Sam, but his stomach made a big grumble.

"Let's feed you." I whispered and a grin pulled at his kissable lips.

"That sounds good, I have sandwich stuff." Sam says grabbing my hand and walk down the stairs to the kitchen.

Sam's POV

"You know, I think this is the best sandwich I've ever had." I tell her taking big bites our of my lunch. We lay out on the couch not paying any attention to the movie that was on.

"Thanks." She said her checks tainted red. She took small bites from her sandwich while I devoured both of mine. Looking at the clock I saw that it read 12:30.

"I have to leave soon." I said forlornly.

This time she looked at the clock and sighed, "You're right."

"It won't take long." I told her grabbing both of our paper plates and throwing it in the trash. "Let me just change my clothes." Running up the stairs I through on my tattered jeans and bright yellow t-shirt and grabbing my phone, keys and wallet. I come back down and see Bella laying on the sofa and watching Hulu.

"I'll be home before 6, and we can grab something to eat after your interview if you want?"

"Sure that sounds great!" She says looking up at me, coming around the couch I kissed her on her cheek.

"I'll see you later." With that I jumped in my truck heading to the library not even a 10-minute drive.

Parking the truck in the parking lot, I looked around to see no ones watchful eyes. Walking into the forest I strip my clothes leaving them deep in the woods and shift.

There was no one on patrol I thought giving myself a second to make sure there were no extra thoughts in my head. Before doing a quick sniff around the Rez I slowed down when I was getting close to the treaty line. On the other side stood a Cold One making my hackles stand up on my back.

"Thank you for coming Sam."

"Edward." I say.

Bella POV

"Hello." My dad says picking up the phone after two rings.

"Hey Dad."

"Bells how's La Push?" He asks.

"Great how's Billy doing? You guys didn't raise any of your blood pressure did you?" I joke but partially serious.

"Of course not we had a healthy breakfast, an alright lunch, and not so great dinner." I could almost see what the house looked like. Chinese boxes on the table, pizza boxes with half eaten crusts...

"So..." He said.

"What is it dad?"

"Edward showed his face here." Charlie said his voice not so joyful anymore. "He asked for you."

"What'd you say?" I asked. I knew he would try to come visit me. I thought.

"He wanted to know where you were and I told him you were on the Rez with Jacob...but I can see on caller id that you aren't there."

"I'm still on the Rez," I reassure him. "I'm at Sam's, Rachel and Rebecca are home. And Rebecca's family is coming in later tonight. So it would have been a full house. I'll only be at Sam's for a few days before coming home."

"He didn't seem to fond about that. But that is keeping him away from you. So stay as long as you want."

We stayed silent for a moment.

"You're mother called."

"She did?"

"She wanted to congratulate you for finishing high school and tells me to tell you she wouldn't be able to make it to your graduation ceremony since Phil had a big game against…umm who knows and who cares." In Charlie's voice I can hear a little but of jealousness.

"That's alright as long as you and the boys are here, I'll be happy."

"You sure you don't want a party?" He asked about the millionth time this month.

"I'm sure dad." I sigh.

"It's not too late to set something up. It's only next week."

"I don't like the spotlight you know that dad." I complain.

"Alright alright," he laughs. "No party."

"I got a job." I told him out of the blue.

"That's great! Where?"

"At the mall in Port Angeles."

"That's an hour drive are you sure?"

"Yeah it's fine, besides I get a discount."

"That's great. I wouldn't be expecting you to sign up for the Police Academy any time soon, now would I?" He jokes.

"No you wouldn't. So I just wanted to remind you about the bonfire for the girls and Sue's kids are back, and make sure the house is clean, and Billy with his family tomorrow."

"Yes of course, we'll be there." He says irritated that I make him feel like a kid needing directions every minute.

"I'll see tomorrow then dad."

"Okay sounds good. Bye Bella." We both hung up the phone and I decided on taking a nap.

Sam's POV

"What is so important that only I could come to this secret meeting?" I asked him.

"I see that Isabelle is on the Rez." He said.

"Yes she is." I said trying to push back all my thoughts hoping he wouldn't get a glimpse of anything.

"Well tell her I'll be waiting for her at home. She must know it's not safe for her here."

"Like you're any better?" I growl.

"I am in control of my...beast." He finishes calmly. "Sure some of us aren't, but I am."

Yeah right.

"You do know that I can read your thoughts, don't you?" He smiles smugly.

I shrug on wanting to get answers at this meeting. "Why are you back?"

"For Isabelle." Gosh why does he have to call her that? "A promise was made to out higher authority, and that promise must be fulfilled soon. My mate-"

"She isn't yours." I declare wanting to rip those sparkly body parts into pieces.

"She's not?" He asks quizzically. I could feel him trying to press into mind, searching.

"Get out of my head leech." I demand.

"The promise must be kept." He insists almost frightened.

"What promise?"

"That's for me to know and you and your mutts to find out." With that the vampire vanished but not his unappealing stench. Shifting I make my way back to the school.

What promise is he talking about?

Does Bella know?

He cannot turn her, that'll be violating the treaty! She is not his she's OURS! My wolf was agitated.

He won't we will make sure of it. I say trying to console the wolf.

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